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Wake Up

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What does one do when they sleep? They dream.

Dream- ‘a series of images in the mind.’

Images-‘thoughts and ideas, and a physical likeness made visible.’

When you are living your life, isn’t it comprised of

‘thoughts, ideas and visible physical things?

So your ‘dreams’ and your ‘awake’ life are just alike.

Like the ‘sleeper’, the one ‘awake’  believes the ‘mental images’ are real and present. But are they?

Maybe not, for thousands of years ago a man named Paul wrote to the people saying.


  He told the people to wake from their sleep.

Did Paul know something different about  sleeping  than we do?

Looking at the word ‘sleep’ you find it means,

‘having mental pictures of something not real and present.’

Sleep means, ‘not aware.

So the question is, why did Paul tell us to ‘wake up?

If ‘wake’ means, ‘being aware’ what did Paul want us to be aware of?

Was it being ‘aware’ that our appearances of things in this world, were really nothing real and present, but were in fact, us only seeing our mental images, as we sleep?


Could this be what Paul meant?

Maybe, because  if it is true that God is ALL

Then there is NOT God and Man.


Because in reality, we do not live out here in this world.


Our only ‘being’ is God

Because All Is God

That means there is not God and Man

Man ‘sleeps’ and believes he is ‘awake’. But in order to really be ‘awake’ man must first    ‘wake up from his long held beliefs of God and man that he has been taught from man.


If you want to ‘wake up’ and find a real you and a real God





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‘Wisdom is the principal thing’ proverbs

Principal means, ‘most important.’

Why is ‘wisdom’ the most important thing for me to get?

Lets find out.

Wisdom is, ‘knowledge,’ and ‘knowledge’ is  ‘good judgment.

If wisdom is ‘good judgment,’ that  would mean if I am ‘judging’ anyone or anything other than good… I am not using my ‘wisdom,’ my ‘knowledge’ or my ‘good judgment.’

Wisdom being ‘knowledge, and ‘knowledge’  is, ‘interruption,’ which means to,‘clarify the meaning’.

That means whenever I am judging anyone or anything as not good.
I should use my ‘wisdom’ my ‘knowledge,’ which means I have to ‘re-interrupt’ what I’m judging as not good.

How, by ‘clarifying the meaning,’ of what I’m judging.
Clarify means, ‘free of impurities.’

Since ‘impure’ means, ‘mixing,’ that tells me, I have to use my ‘wisdom’ my ‘knowledge’ and my ‘good judgment’ and take time to rid my mind of mixing good and bad thoughts.

And I can because ‘wisdom’ also means the
‘ability to apply, to use what you have acquired mentally.’

And since ‘wisdom’ is a ‘ mental grasp,’ which means the
‘ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, and understanding ‘
I then can ‘interrupt’ my mental grasp’ and judge with my ‘wisdom’ that it is true, that


So I will



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Jesus Said


What did  Jesus mean?

Did Jesus  NOT want us  to look to him for God?

Maybe because  why else would he have said that?

And why  did Jesus say

If I Do Not Go Away?

Maybe he had to go away because the people were believing he was God. Maybe he had to go away because the people were believing he was doing the miracles. Maybe he simply had to go away because the people were not ‘understanding’ what he was telling them.

Most likely,  because we were told that.

And they understood none of these things:  neither knew they the things which were spoken.’

And maybe Jesus had to go away because the people were asking him things instead of asking God.


It  clearly states


 About things that concern you. God did not say ask Jesus.



And Jesus WAS in this world.

Maybe not of it…but he was IN it.


What is in us, that’s GREATER than anyone in this world?


And that HE is your inner Spirit.

That’s exactly what is in your Bible.


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Where To Look

Religious leaders call for the peace in the middle east
Why does everyone look to man, man who wrote the Bible? Man, who organized a thing called religion to suit his needs and  to teach  us ‘their’ understanding, which in most cases really doesn’t do much good when you really need help.
And why would anyone want to trust anything man tells us about God, when it has been clearly stated


If we are not to ‘trust’ or ‘ask’ man things of God, who are we to ask, in order to understand God?
How about your own Spirit


Is your Spirit  the one you go to for your understanding?
If not, WHY?
 WHY…when you have been clearly told if you want to know anything about God, all you have to do is to go
And ask your ‘Spirit’

But wait….you first have to know  what your SPIRIT is?


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Be Perfect


Are you ‘perfect? Am I? How would we know… if we do not fully understand what it means, to be, ‘perfect.’

So, lets investigate the word….dedective28

 Perfect means,  ‘undivided.’

Divided is to, ‘separate into parts.’

 Is your life ‘separate into parts’ of good and bad?

It could not be if


Perfect is ‘pure’. Pure is ‘not mixing.’

The only way to ‘not mixing’ so you can  be  ‘perfect’ is to keep your thoughts on God.


How often is your mind ‘stayed‘ on God so you will have

‘perfect peace’

Perfect is, ‘complete.’  So, are you, ‘complete?

Or are you ‘missing’ something?

But what could you possibly be missing if


Perfect means, ‘finished and perfected in all details.’ Are you? Or do you think you need to add or fix something in your body or your life, that God forgot to do?

We were ‘finished’ in the beginning. And we were ‘finished’ completely ‘good’ with all we need.

So the question is, now that you understand what being ‘perfect‘ means …what will you do to make yourself ‘perfect?

How about KNOWING-You ALREADY are

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Are You Real


What are in the things in this world John was talking about? Did John believed like those before him, that mans reality was not a real reality?

Probably, because he also said


It’s interesting to known that the Latin meaning for ‘idol’ is-

 ‘That Which Is Seen’

And what is that is ‘seen’?

Things that have ‘forms.’

Things that are known as  ‘appearances.’

And what did John say about ‘appearances’?


Was John trying to tell us that we are not really here and our body composed of flesh and blood is not who or what we are? Did John as those before him, believe man is a shadow?


What is a ‘shadow?

 ‘ An Imperfect Imitation Of Something.’

Are we being told that we are only ‘imitations’ of something?



Do we ‘deceive’ ourselves?

We do if we do not know

An ‘imitation’ is NOT the REAL thing.

So then, did those wise Bible men know that ‘man’ and all the ‘things’ in this world….


Sometimes It’s Hard To Think Outside The Box


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The Lie

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What is the ‘creature’ man ‘worships and obeys?

A ‘creature’ which means,  ‘anything that ministers to man’s comforts’, so yes, man does turn from the God within to worship things that make him comfortable in this world. And yes man does ‘worship and serve‘ himself first.

The ‘truth’ is, we do worship the ‘creatures,’ our ‘desires’ of this world.

And what is the ‘truth’ of God?

The ‘truth’ is,

God is the ‘first and only‘ Creator/Cause.

The ‘truth’ is, without God, nothing is.

The ‘truth’ is God does not know evil, because He called EVERYTHING He made GOOD.

 The ‘truth’ is, there is not evil…if God made ‘everything’ good.

So nothing can change any TRUTH of God into a lie.Period.

The ‘lie’ is,

God did not make all things.

The ‘lie’ is that God  never made ‘everything’ all good.

And the ‘lie’ is, God will punish us if we disobey.

Why would God punish the man he called ‘very good?

The ‘lie’ is, God can be found in books, or religions, or through man. God can ONLY be found ‘within you.’


One of the biggest of all ‘lies’ is that evil is something real, caused by  a devil, and God had no power or no desire  to stop it .

The biggest ‘lie’ is,  there is another cause beside God, and ‘it’ created evil. But how can this be true if God is the ‘first’ and ‘only’ Creator/Cause, and God created everything Good?

The ‘lie’ is we have  to wait until we die to ‘see’ and ‘know’ God face to face.

It is a ‘lie’ because,

2-corinthians-6-vs-2Not when we die, but right now.

Are you trying to ‘turn the truth of God into a ‘lie’ by putting your creature ‘desires‘ first?

And isn’t that what we all do, satisfy our ‘desires.’ Just think about it.

That ‘truth’ is, there is only the ‘first’ God and HE alone will fill all your ‘desires,‘ and once God fulfills a ‘desire‘, you never have to have that ‘desire’ again, for whatever God gives, is forever.

And it’s only your ‘belief’ in another Cause  than God, that keeps your ‘desires’  coming and going.


If you KNOW the ‘truth’ about you and God,


From all YOUR  ‘desires.’

And you will no longer be a ‘creature’


You are NOT the ‘creature,‘ you are Gods perfect ‘image and likeness.



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picture_1973 1960 ‘cloned’ frog.

800px-Cyprinus_carpio - Copy


1963   ‘cloned ‘  carp


th 1996  Dolly ‘cloned’ sheep.

gene1997  Gene a ‘cloned’ Cow

622x350  2001 CC, ‘cloned’ Cat

onishi_pig 2000  Xena,   ‘cloned’ pig.

ap_kashmir_india_cloned_goat_ss_thg_120314_wblog  2001 Megan. ‘cloned’ goat.’

030801g  2003 Gem ‘cloned’ mule.’

dog_clone1 2005-Snuppy, ‘cloned’ dog.

1244435260015_1244435260015_r  2005  Garima, ‘cloned’ water buffalo.

History of ‘cloning.

AND…Clones can reproduce…just like human clones.

Below are a few

Coned   Goats    Cloned Buffalos   Cloned Dogs

Eric Schon, a molecular biologist at New York’s Columbia University, believes the creation of cloned babies could be two to five years away. “If it can be done, it will be done,” he said. “The moment it could be done in sheep and mice and cows, it was only a matter of time for human cloning.”  

tetramed 1999   Tetra, ‘cloned’ monkey.

Since monkeys are our closest relatives, their cloning can easily lead to human cloning.




Let ‘US’ make man in  ‘OUR’ likeness.



The ‘US’ the Creators used a part of man to make another one. Sounds  like ‘cloning’ to me.

Something to at least think about. Why?

Because God is suppose to be ‘ONE’

Not    ‘US’    and not   ‘OUR’

Is it possible…..Could it be….



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