I Am The Vine


Instead of just reading  Bible passages,  believing and accepting the handed down meanings for them, you can choose meanings that feel right for you at your present understanding.

Let it be YOUR understanding interpret the word meanings, and you will find that now, the passages do make sense.

So get a ‘dictionary, pen and paper’ and choose your own meanings for words.

So…this is my understanding of this passage.


Dictionary meaning for ‘vine’ the ‘stem.’

                     ‘the main body and what supports’

Who or what is the ‘I’ that is the ‘vine and main body who supports the branches?

How about the ‘spirit,’ because


According to the dictionary a ‘spirit’ is a


Is the ‘spirit’ the ‘I’?


For me, YES.


I Am the Vine. The’ Inner Life Force’ of its branches.


We are the ‘branches.’

According to dictionary

Branches are

‘developed from a principle source.’

What is the ‘principle source’ of  anything?

God, also known as Spirit.

The Spirit, which is the

Inner Intelligent Life Force

is the

Principle Source of its branches, US

 As ‘branches’  we are connected to  the

Inner Intelligent Life Force.

Also remember

To ‘abide’ means

‘conform,’ no ‘complaints,’ be in agreement with,’ to ‘wait patiently’


To ‘comply’ with all Gods ways.

Do you ‘abide’ with God?




Dictionary meaning for ‘fruit’



without me

Why, because




picture_1973 1960 ‘cloned’ frog.

800px-Cyprinus_carpio - Copy


1963   ‘cloned ‘  carp


th 1996  Dolly ‘cloned’ sheep.

gene1997  Gene a ‘cloned’ Cow

622x350  2001 CC, ‘cloned’ Cat

onishi_pig 2000  Xena,   ‘cloned’ pig.

ap_kashmir_india_cloned_goat_ss_thg_120314_wblog  2001 Megan. ‘cloned’ goat.’

030801g  2003 Gem ‘cloned’ mule.’

dog_clone1 2005-Snuppy, ‘cloned’ dog.

1244435260015_1244435260015_r  2005  Garima, ‘cloned’ water buffalo.

History of ‘cloning.

AND…Clones can reproduce…just like human clones.

Below are a few

Coned   Goats    Cloned Buffalos   Cloned Dogs

Eric Schon, a molecular biologist at New York’s Columbia University, believes the creation of cloned babies could be two to five years away. “If it can be done, it will be done,” he said. “The moment it could be done in sheep and mice and cows, it was only a matter of time for human cloning.”  

tetramed 1999   Tetra, ‘cloned’ monkey.

Since monkeys are our closest relatives, their cloning can easily lead to human cloning.




Let ‘US’ make man in  ‘OUR’ likeness.



The ‘US’ the Creators used a part of man to make another one. Sounds  like ‘cloning’ to me.

Something to at least think about. Why?

Because God is suppose to be ‘ONE’

Not    ‘US’    and not   ‘OUR’

Is it possible…..Could it be….



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“What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”

Word Origin  for  Temple=region on either side of the forehead in human beings.’ Isn’t that where my consciousness is?

Is the ‘temple’ my own consciousness located within me? Is my consciousness me and not my body? And I don’t exist in this world, but in my consciousness?

That says, your body is God’s Temple that holds the Spirit of God.

That means God is IN your body and God IS your body.

That saying clearly says, your ‘body’ is Gods body.

Do you worship your body as the ‘temple’ of God, or do you worship your body as something separate and apart from God?
Is your ‘temple, your body’ aging, diseased, in pain, too fat, too thin, ect, ect?

If so, then so is God, since He is the body.
God is the real body, not your fleshly body.

“Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, while we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord:”

Close your eyes as you listen.

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Over 2 thousand years ago Jerusalem set up a hill. There was an area that was on the southern side of the city that was used  to dispose of the cities filth and garage. It was all thrown into this area.

This area was first a burial site from as early as the seventh until the fifth century BCE. It was also an area where children were sacrificed and bodies of executed criminals where dumped, and that is why a fire was kept constantly burning there.

It was a real place. It was in a valley called Hinnon. The Hebrew name Hinnom when translated in to Greek is gehenna, from which the word and concept of HELL originated.

Hinnon…HELL…the city dump eventually became known as a place where the 2nd God sent sinners for everlasting punishment and as time went on HELL became known as the place for sinners.

Todays concept of ‘hell’ began as something man created and then over the centuries, ‘hell’ became associated with God. God really had nothing to do with any ‘hell’ place.  Did you know that?

Hell as it became known was known as a place “down there” where the wicked would eventually be cast into the flames for ever lasing punishment.

The threat of being cast into ‘ hell’ was used by theWooden_church  leaders to keep the people in fear so they would better be able to control the masses.

You can even image a parent saying to the children, ‘if you are not good you will be sent to hell.‘ Hell, now as then, was never a real place… other than a DUMP.

Mankind is so, so easy to be led by those in charge that he agreed that a city dump could be re defined as a place for sinners. A place in the earth that God sends those who do not follow the


Think about that. You have been taught that HELL is a burning place Fire_2     ‘down there.’  Well yes… ‘hell’ WAS a place ‘down there’,  but it was only a  DUMP.  A DUMP.   Hell was NEVER something other. Hell was and is NOT  a place of everlasting punishment from an All Loving God.

It’s almost comical how man will buy into anything that his religion tells him…because he thinks the religious leaders know more. Even though they can not PROVE there is a HELL, they teach it.

So did God create hell for sinners?  NO. There was only a city dump….created by MAN.

Did you know this about  HELL?


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