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Not just good, but very good. Is this what you believe? Or do you believe what you read in Genesis 2:5 where you are told that God could not find his first Man.

‘There was no man to till the ground.’

Where was the first Male and Female that had already been created in Gods image and whom God called very good? Why could God not find, the Male and Female that he created? Where did they go?

Since it seems God lost his first Male and Female,  he has to start all over and create them again. According to the second creation, yes God did have to start over and so this time God did not make man in his image and likeness,  instead, man was made from

Dust Blowing

Dust? Dust means, ‘something of no worth.‘

Seems God no longer wanted his man to be made in his image and likeness. So this time he created man  from ‘something of no worth.’

It seems God also lost his first FEMALE, so  God decides not only to NOT make man in his likeness, he now decides his female should not be made in his image and likeness either, nor  made like the man made of dust.



So now we have a Male made of ‘dust’ and a Female made of a ‘rib’.

Interesting that a meaning for ‘rib’ is a ‘hoax,’ and a ‘hoax’ is a ‘fraud.’ Is it possible this man of ‘dust’ and woman of a ‘rib’, are ‘frauds?

If this story were true, man would have one less ‘rib’ than woman, but this is not true. Both male and female have the same amount of ‘ribs.’ 24 ribs each.

Dust also means, ‘confused.’

I guess God knew that because this  man  made of ‘dust, made of something of no worth’ and who was created ‘confused’ and ate from the tree, he was not the man he wanted. Nor did God want  the woman who was made from a ‘rib.’

This God did not want any part of this worthless, confused  man and the woman who was a ‘fraud,’ and he decides they should be punished and sent away.

‘Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow’

And then man is told

‘For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return’.

Don’t you want to return to God?

If you do, there is a way.

It is to

Awake you that sleep for you are not make from something of no worth’.

Awake, become aware of the real you, made in Gods own image and likeness.

Awake, you are NOT  the man of dust.

Just remember, NO WHERE in the Bible does it say God woke the man made of dust from his sleep.

So the question is, do YOU want to wake up? Do you want to be aware of the YOU God  created in his image and likeness, and who he was pleased with? Or do you want stay asleep and live as the man of dust and the woman of a rib?

Awake means to ‘be aware.’

Aware that


Do you want to be one of the MANY who do become aware that you are NOT the man of dust or the woman from a rib?



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I Am The Vine


Instead of just reading  Bible passages,  believing and accepting the handed down meanings for them, you can choose meanings that feel right for you at your present understanding.

Let it be YOUR understanding interpret the word meanings, and you will find that now, the passages do make sense.

So get a ‘dictionary, pen and paper’ and choose your own meanings for words.

So…this is my understanding of this passage.


Dictionary meaning for ‘vine’ the ‘stem.’

                     ‘the main body and what supports’

Who or what is the ‘I’ that is the ‘vine and main body who supports the branches?

How about the ‘spirit,’ because


According to the dictionary a ‘spirit’ is a


Is the ‘spirit’ the ‘I’?


For me, YES.


I Am the Vine. The’ Inner Life Force’ of its branches.


We are the ‘branches.’

According to dictionary

Branches are

‘developed from a principle source.’

What is the ‘principle source’ of  anything?

God, also known as Spirit.

The Spirit, which is the

Inner Intelligent Life Force

is the

Principle Source of its branches, US

 As ‘branches’  we are connected to  the

Inner Intelligent Life Force.

Also remember

To ‘abide’ means

‘conform,’ no ‘complaints,’ be in agreement with,’ to ‘wait patiently’


To ‘comply’ with all Gods ways.

Do you ‘abide’ with God?




Dictionary meaning for ‘fruit’



without me

Why, because


Wake Up

a924040bedb40e65327c490694572d4a - Copy

What does one do when they sleep? They dream.

Dream- ‘a series of images in the mind.’

Images-‘thoughts and ideas, and a physical likeness made visible.’

When you are living your life, isn’t it comprised of

‘thoughts, ideas and visible physical things?

So your ‘dreams’ and your ‘awake’ life are just alike.

Like the ‘sleeper’, the one ‘awake’  believes the ‘mental images’ are real and present. But are they?

Maybe not, for thousands of years ago a man named Paul wrote to the people saying.


  He told the people to wake from their sleep.

Did Paul know something different about  sleeping  than we do?

Looking at the word ‘sleep’ you find it means,

‘having mental pictures of something not real and present.’

Sleep means, ‘not aware.

So the question is, why did Paul tell us to ‘wake up?

If ‘wake’ means, ‘being aware’ what did Paul want us to be aware of?

Was it being ‘aware’ that our appearances of things in this world, were really nothing real and present, but were in fact, us only seeing our mental images, as we sleep?


Could this be what Paul meant?

Maybe, because  if it is true that God is ALL

Then there is NOT God and Man.


Because in reality, we do not live out here in this world.


Our only ‘being’ is God

Because All Is God

That means there is not God and Man

Man ‘sleeps’ and believes he is ‘awake’. But in order to really be ‘awake’ man must first    ‘wake up from his long held beliefs of God and man that he has been taught from man.


If you want to ‘wake up’ and find a real you and a real God





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picture_1973 1960 ‘cloned’ frog.

800px-Cyprinus_carpio - Copy


1963   ‘cloned ‘  carp


th 1996  Dolly ‘cloned’ sheep.

gene1997  Gene a ‘cloned’ Cow

622x350  2001 CC, ‘cloned’ Cat

onishi_pig 2000  Xena,   ‘cloned’ pig.

ap_kashmir_india_cloned_goat_ss_thg_120314_wblog  2001 Megan. ‘cloned’ goat.’

030801g  2003 Gem ‘cloned’ mule.’

dog_clone1 2005-Snuppy, ‘cloned’ dog.

1244435260015_1244435260015_r  2005  Garima, ‘cloned’ water buffalo.

History of ‘cloning.

AND…Clones can reproduce…just like human clones.

Below are a few

Coned   Goats    Cloned Buffalos   Cloned Dogs

Eric Schon, a molecular biologist at New York’s Columbia University, believes the creation of cloned babies could be two to five years away. “If it can be done, it will be done,” he said. “The moment it could be done in sheep and mice and cows, it was only a matter of time for human cloning.”  

tetramed 1999   Tetra, ‘cloned’ monkey.

Since monkeys are our closest relatives, their cloning can easily lead to human cloning.




Let ‘US’ make man in  ‘OUR’ likeness.



The ‘US’ the Creators used a part of man to make another one. Sounds  like ‘cloning’ to me.

Something to at least think about. Why?

Because God is suppose to be ‘ONE’

Not    ‘US’    and not   ‘OUR’

Is it possible…..Could it be….



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What was Paul really saying when he wrote this?

The present reading of the Bible has been translated so many times that you can not be sure it means what the words really are to mean. Also because words have many different meanings.

When the Bible writings were translated, it is likely the translator chose his personal meaning for certain words, meanings that could have been different than Paul’s.

For example, awake is to, ‘be aware.’ Did Paul want his followers to be ‘aware’ of something? If so, what?

When Paul speaks of someone sleeping, was he referring to someone asleep in a bed or did he really mean he wanted the followers to be ‘aware’? Possibly, because sleep means, ‘not being aware.’

When Paul said, ‘arise‘, what did he mean since ‘arise’ can mean to, ‘notice.’ Not just getting up from sleep, but to actually ‘notice’ something. If Paul meant for the people to ‘notice’ something, what was it?

And when Paul wrote to ‘wake the dead‘, was he speaking of those buried in the ground? Maybe not because the word ‘dead’ also has different meanings, one of which is ‘not being aware.’ Could that have the word he originally used? Most likely because it follows in line with the other words meanings.

When Paul spoke of ‘light‘, what did he mean? If a meaning for ‘light’ is, ‘understanding,’ did Paul originally use the word ‘understanding?

Was that the meaning Paul had in his mind before his words were changed during one of the many translations over the centuries?

If the word ‘understanding’ is, ‘personal interpretation,’ then Paul may have been saying find your own ‘understanding’ of the truth of God and not someone else’s. And where would you find your own personal interpretations?It should always be your own ‘personal interpretation’ of what words mean…to you. The world forgets as it reads the Bible, they are reading the ‘personal interpretations‘ of someone else.

Let the true meanings come from within YOU.

Try reading a sentence from your Bible and then use a dictionary and find the words you want to better understand and you, choose a meaning that makes the passage have clear meaning, because most Bible passages are not as clear as they could be. You will surely be surprised.


Looking For Something Different




Religions believe God is All Knowing.

There is nothing God did not, and does not know.

Religions believe God is ALL Good.

Not some good, but all Good.

If true, then why do most religions believe all ‘suffering’ is part of the curse that God pronounced upon mankind after Adam and Eve disobeyed.

Then think, if ‘godly’, means, ‘conforming to the laws and wishes of God,’ then if you do ‘conform’ you will suffer ‘persecution.’ Persecution means to, ‘ to cause suffering, torture and torment.’ Makes you want to be ‘conform’? Doesn’t it?

So what’s the point in ‘conforming  to Gods laws and God’s wishes’, if all you get back is ‘suffering, torture and torment’? What sense does that make?


If you knew in advance that something terrible would happen to one of your children, would you not prevent it? Would you ever allow your child to sufferer? For anyone? For anything? Would you? Even if you if you thought you could help the world through your own child’s ‘suffering, torture and torment’.

God, the all Knowing, would have to have known what would happen to Jesus. God would also know that the ‘suffering’ of Jesus would be in vain. And it was in vain. Why? Because over 2000 years later, the man of earth is no better than he was in Jesus’ time. Think about it. What has changed in 2000 years? What has changed. The world is no better off morality or spiritually than it was when Jesus was alive. Is it?

Maybe the God you worship is not the real God. Because the REAL God is of purer eyes than to behold evil.



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What Did Jesus Believe About The Devil

the image of the devil

What did Jesus tell us about the Devil, also known as, a Dragon, Satan, Lucifer and many more names since the beginning of religion…and before.

So…what did Jesus say about…Not your religion. But what did Jesus tell us about the Devil.

First, did Jesus understand that the name devil is also known as a ‘dragon’ and a dragon is a creature of mythology which consists of imaginary or fictitious things or person’ and are handed down traditional, legendary stories, usually concerning some being or event, without a determinable basis of fact?


adam and eve religion albrecht d�rer

And did Jesus understand a dragon is also known  as a ‘serpent?’ And did Jesus think it was stupid for the Devil/ Satan to have to turn himself into a snake so he could tempt Eve? If he was able to do that…why didn’t he just make her eat the apple? Yes, it’s so stupid.

Did Jesus believe the devil, known by any name was never real. That the DEVIL was and is a LIE?  He must have, because Jesus told us that the devil ..“is the father of all lies and the truth did not abide in him.” That must mean that whatever the devil says is a lie, for he speaks only lies.

Why would Jesus call the devil a liar if he was not one? A lie and a liar are something NOT true. That means the devil himself is not true… Cannot be true because he is a lie and a liar…..therefore he cannot exist and if he does not exist then neither can all that he supposedly causes.

The Devil was and is…a liar. Nothing is true about him. He, It is a myth. Period. And the only place this Devil which deceives the whole world  exist…is in your belief only. In your acceptance of a LIAR being real and as powerful as God.

Yes, Jesus did his best to tell us that the devil never was true. He was a liar and all he said was lies. The Devil was and is…a liar. Nothing is true about him.NOTHING for He is a handed down MYTH. Period


Think how Jesus must have felt when he said,

I tell you the truth, but you don’t believe me.’

So…who are you going to listen to?   Your religion, or to Jesus?





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What Do You Remember


First Isaiah tells us, we should not remember anything from the past. He tells us not to even consider anything we have been taught from the past. Why? And what was it that Isaiah did not want us to remember, and why?

Lets go see if we can find out.

Looking at the word, ‘former,’ we find it means the ‘outward appearances.‘   ‘Former’ also means, ‘ a human being.’   

Was Isaiah trying to tell us that we are not to remember all that we have been taught  about the ‘outward appearances of us…the human beings?

Maybe, because it seems Isaiah could have known a few of the meanings for the word ‘appearance.’ Like an ‘appearance‘ is a  ‘pretense,’ and a  ‘pretense ‘is afalse claim.‘ Something appearing real, but is not.  And ‘appearance’ means, ‘semblance,’ which is also something unreal.’

It seems Isaiah wanted us to understand everything  we have been taught about ‘human beings’ that is real….is NOT REAL.  And as ‘human beings‘ we do not understand who and what we are?  Nor does the ‘human being’ understand the  place we all live in.

Was Isaiah wanting  us not to remember the ‘former’ things, because the ‘former’ things we have been taught, were taught by the offspring of  man . Not God? Is this what Isaiah meant?Possibly, because later Jesus himself told us the same thing. Did Isaiah and Jesus NOT want us to remember the things we have learned from man? Because man really knows nothing? Because he has yet to get his understanding?

Okay, now things change. First Isaiah tells us not to remember…Now he tells us to

Remember Sticky Note Clip ArtREMEMBER the former things of old:‘  Oh…didn’t Isaiah say NOT to remember the things of old? So why is he now saying to…remember them? That doesn’t make any sense.  So which one are we to do?

Let’s keep investigating.

3338710223_a1ba090d11_m - Copy    Going back to the dictionary  to the word ‘former,‘ we find another meaning….and it is, ‘first.’  Seems maybe  Isaiah must of been saying that we should always ‘ remember‘ that God was first. First before any creation of any kind.

It seems Isaiah wants us to keep ‘remembering‘   when God was finished with His  Creation…He was pleased with his ‘first’ and only creation. And then he rested.

Is that what you ‘remember? Or do you ‘remember the things of  old? Things like the ‘human being’  who   believes the all good God can or would create sin, disease and death. And he would have had to cause them…if they exist…for He is the only Cause of all things. The ‘human being’ who wonders why God lets him suffer so much. The ‘human being’ who begs God for help…and never gets it.

Yes…we are to forget the ‘old former‘ things we have been taught about us, the ‘human being’ and his God….because we have been taught wrong.

https://i0.wp.com/clipart.christiansunite.com/1397904061/Bible_Characters_Clipart/Adam_and_Eve_Clipart/Adam_and_Eve004.jpg          Yes, it seems Isaiah wanted us to NOT to think of the 2nd creation, the creation made of ‘outer appearances’ where the ‘human beings’ think  they exist outside of Gods realm.Outside of Consciousness. It is in Genesis 2…you find the man made of dust…not Gods ‘first’ man.

So it seems   Isiah wanted us to REMEMBER the 1st Creation.  And  to ‘REMEMBER that what God ‘first‘ created…nothing could ever change it.  And to REMEMBER the only Creation that God created and  HE was pleased with it.

Genesis 1:31 by NaturallySimple

Makes sense to me.

CLOSE you eyes and listen to Video.

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The Gospel of Mary

File:Gospel of Mary.jpg

What was found with the other Gnostic Gospels, were two fragments of The Gospel of Mary. And it  came as a complete surprise to the world. And like the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary differs from the New Testament.

Let’s  do some investigating and see what we  we can  find.

First we find some really good examples of the differences  between Marys  accounts of Jesus, than in the New Testament.

How about…’after Jesus told the disciples to go out and preach, they were not happy like they are in Matthew‘s account. In the Gospel of May you read, ‘…they weep, fearing for their lives.

Jesus praised her because of all the disciples, she alone  understood  his teachings and told her he would “complete her” in the mysteries of the Divine. And when Peter wanted her to leave them  because she was a woman, Jesus defended her. The men of ancient times, up to the present, believe they are somehow superior.

In the Gospel of Mary you find that Jesus tells us that it is not your sins that are the problem, it is not having  understanding . Sin is from people not understanding that God is within themselves. Man does not understand so he spends his time outside in the world and seems to love and desire earthly things more than spiritual.


The writings tell you that Jesus said that it  was not his suffering and death that would led to the path of  eternal life.’ That’s sure not what the Church teaches.

Jesus  warns them against those who teach of spirituality as an external concept rather than as an internal one.  Well, do not the religious leaders tell you all the things you must do first, before you can find God?  Thou shall not is the theme of the religious world.  Jesus didn’t teach that.

In Mary you are told that Jesus said, the only way to salvation is to forget the deceptive world of earthy passions.

In the Mary Magdalene account of Jesus, Jesus said, “salvation is not something that comes from an external saviour,”  HIM. No, Jesus said, “One has to seek salvation within.”

mary magdalene and jesus photo: Me and my Woman jesus-mary-magdalene.jpg  You are told Mary Magdalene was the constant, close companion of Jesus. One  of the disciples speaks of how Jesus would kiss Mary Magdalene, often on the mouth. Peter said to Mary, “Sister, we know that Jesus loved you more than the rest of women.’

Then Mary wept and said to Peter, “My brother Peter, what do you think? Do you think that I thought this up myself in my heart, or that I am lying about Jesus? Levi answered and said to Peter, “Peter, you have always been hot – tempered. Now I see you contending against the woman like the adversaries. But if Jesus made her worthy, who are you indeed to reject her? Surely Jesus knows her very well. That is why He loved her more than us.

  In Mary’s writings you find Jesus teaches them that  all things, whether material or spiritual all come from the same source.   And what is that source? The God/Consciousness within you. No Consciousness, no experience.

Want to see the writings? 

The Gospel of Mary

So….could it be that  thousands of years ago, women had a big part in the Church? And as the Rulers, not the christians, the fighting for powder men, decided they were not going to be part of the new Church?  Notice in the video, you have women at a Supper with Jesus….painted long before any one else. Leonardo da Vinci????  So….could it be that way thousands of years ago, women had a big part in the Church?

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Bible Giants

There were Giants in the earth in those days.”

Found in the Bible you are told stories regarding the Anakim and their “degenerated” offspring called the children of Anakh. ANAKIMS were the people of ANAK , an ancestor of the Anakim, a tribe of Giants.

Throughout the  Bible you find many stories of Giants. So if you believe the Bible, then you believe in Giants.

 ‘And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.’

  ‘Whither shall we go up? our brethren have discouraged our heart, saying, the people are greater and taller than we; the cities are great and walled up to heaven; and moreover we have seen the sons of the Anakims there’.

  ‘For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon? nine cubits was the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man’. This bed is 6 feet wide, 14 feet long and King Og’s height is estimated at least 12 feet.

  A people great and tall, the children of the Anakims, whom thou knowest, and of whom thou hast heard say, Who can stand before the children of Anak.”

Joshua 14; Judges i. 20; and Numbers 33 – The Hebrew spies said they were mere grass-hoppers in comparison with these giants’

Throughout the Bible you find Giants. So if you believe the Bible, then you believe in Giants. Think about that.


Were there Giants in the ancient times? Well if you believe the Bible, then you believe in Giant

Either you believe your  or you don’t.

If you don’t believe the Bible, your proof is found in ancient remains of Giants, remains found literally all over the world.

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