‘Wisdom is the principal thing’ proverbs

Principal means, ‘most important.’

Why is ‘wisdom’ the most important thing for me to get?

Lets find out.

Wisdom is, ‘knowledge,’ and ‘knowledge’ is  ‘good judgment.

If wisdom is ‘good judgment,’ that  would mean if I am ‘judging’ anyone or anything other than good… I am not using my ‘wisdom,’ my ‘knowledge’ or my ‘good judgment.’

Wisdom being ‘knowledge, and ‘knowledge’  is, ‘interruption,’ which means to,‘clarify the meaning’.

That means whenever I am judging anyone or anything as not good.
I should use my ‘wisdom’ my ‘knowledge,’ which means I have to ‘re-interrupt’ what I’m judging as not good.

How, by ‘clarifying the meaning,’ of what I’m judging.
Clarify means, ‘free of impurities.’

Since ‘impure’ means, ‘mixing,’ that tells me, I have to use my ‘wisdom’ my ‘knowledge’ and my ‘good judgment’ and take time to rid my mind of mixing good and bad thoughts.

And I can because ‘wisdom’ also means the
‘ability to apply, to use what you have acquired mentally.’

And since ‘wisdom’ is a ‘ mental grasp,’ which means the
‘ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, and understanding ‘
I then can ‘interrupt’ my mental grasp’ and judge with my ‘wisdom’ that it is true, that


So I will



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Jesus Said


What did  Jesus mean?

Did Jesus  NOT want us  to look to him for God?

Maybe because  why else would he have said that?

And why  did Jesus say

If I Do Not Go Away?

Maybe he had to go away because the people were believing he was God. Maybe he had to go away because the people were believing he was doing the miracles. Maybe he simply had to go away because the people were not ‘understanding’ what he was telling them.

Most likely,  because we were told that.

And they understood none of these things:  neither knew they the things which were spoken.’

And maybe Jesus had to go away because the people were asking him things instead of asking God.


It  clearly states


 About things that concern you. God did not say ask Jesus.



And Jesus WAS in this world.

Maybe not of it…but he was IN it.


What is in us, that’s GREATER than anyone in this world?


And that HE is your inner Spirit.

That’s exactly what is in your Bible.


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A Dream

0052And What Does Man Do When He Sleeps


5492971031_5655380b8c_zLast night I had a dream. While in my dream, I never even thought that it was not something real… for to me, I was really experiencing it as part of my life. Part of my reality. No one could tell me I was only dreaming.

Then when I woke this morning, I was now NOT dreaming.

But I must be,

Because NO WHERE does the Bible say God woke Adam. And if we are all a part of Adam (which I don’t believe) we are a part of Adams dreams. Dreams we call, ‘dreams’ and ‘dreams’ we call life.

And maybe that is why we are told to


Isn’t that saying that YES man is asleep? It must or why would be told to wake up?

Are we being told to ‘be aware’ that the sleeping man of dust is not the real us? And that as man sleeps,  man ‘dreams’ he has a life in a body of dust.

And if he  ‘awakens’ which means to ‘be aware.’

Then the ‘light’ which is ‘understanding’

Man would then fully ‘understand’


Not in a sleeping mans dreams.

If my so called dream world, that seems so real, and is not…who’s to say, this RIGHT NOW that I’m experiencing, is not just a dream world also?



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Are We A Dream

https://i2.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b6/Jeremiah_lamenting.jpg/469px-Jeremiah_lamenting.jpgAncient Jeremiah like other ancient writers does his best  to tell  man, reality is not what has been programmed into you.

Jeremiah wrote, “Do not listen to your dreams.” He says do not listen to the “…dreams which YOU have caused to dream.”    What did Jeremiah mean? Lets find out…

dedective28 by  investigating some meanings for the word dream.


A dream is a ‘series of images being absorbed in thought.’ And you are ‘absorbed’ when you give, ‘full attention.’ Think about your dreams, are they not real to you… as you dream? While in your ‘dream’, no one could convince you it was not reality? Your dream has your ‘full attention,’…and it is your NOW reality… and has no substance  is not and present outside of your mind. It just seems to be.

 A ‘dream’ is defined as a ‘deception.’ That means you are being ‘deceived,’ which means you  are being ‘mislead by false appearances’ that you mistake for reality. When  in fact the dreams, the false appearances have no substance. 

Appearance means, the ‘outward impressions. ‘Impressions’ are, ‘effects produced in the mind.’It is from the dreams you have caused, that produces the outward impressions, Impressions you take as something real and present.

The dream is not reality,  and modern Einstein  understood this when he told us, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Do I think life is a sleeping dream?

Do I?  Yes.

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