Second God

The Angry, Hateful God


The First God Was A Good God

But the second God found in Genesis 2 is very different.

The Second  God

Let’s take a look at this God we are told is so good and who loves all his creation, the God we are taught to love. We go to our churches and are taught about God. We read our Bibles and are told what the passages mean, by the Church Leaders, all based on their understanding, understanding that makes no sense at all. NONE.

Slowly read the following Bible passage, as I find this statement of  ancient Paul to be very revealing, and wonder why the religions ignore it.

Ancient Paul asked, “Who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator?  A meaning for ‘creature’ is ‘person.’ Did ancient Paul believe that the persons behind the  Religions and the Churches, are the ones who changed the truth of God into a lie?

t seems Paul believed, they became vain in their imaginations and they became fools, and because they did not know the real God, they changed God, to be like themselves, and began to worship the creature, the human being more than the creator.


 Paul believed, “When they knew God, they glorified him NOT as God,   but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.”
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man 

Can it be said any plainer… Man created the God in the Bible. Man didn’t know the Real God, so man invented a God and this God is just like man.

As you read on, you will find that the second god man worships, is really a man made God. Not a real God. You decide if you like this man made God the religions tell you is the real God.

Let us now do some real investigating into the second god, the god we are told about in the Bible. The  second god we are told created us, and we are taught is a real God and he had all the characteristics of man.  Like man, this god used fear, punishment or reward to control his creation.

This second god is also defined as ‘a man, godlike,’ who accounts for some who believe they are god like. This god is made in the image and likeness of man. In all ways. If you doubt this, read your Bible and there is no way anyone can disagree. This second god is who the religions teach us about, but somehow forget, or just ignore  to explain all the horrible, horrible things he did to his creation. And if you really read closely, this god may be only a bad man.

It was the ancient Leaders who were vain, and it was they who decided what god would be like. To repeat, this god is the god who has been handed down through the centuries and is the god modern man worships. This second god we are taught to worship and obey is a changeable god, and sometimes a god who appears as an angry uncaring god. He is a god that does not protect his creation at all times, and from the very beginning this god has played favorites.

Some of his creation he created good, healthy, happy and successful, while others he created evil, sick and poor. He is a god that loves  all things bad and seems to do his best to keep the hatred among men continue.

Again, this god that has been handed to the world, is a god created by the ancient men,  and I believe they did so to have more power and control.

This god is ‘not’ the real God and is ‘not’ the real first cause of all things. Again, think about this as you read, for this  second  god is the god of the religions.The god we are to worship  and love.

This second god takes much pride in his evil man like ways.

This second God tells us

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

Mans God says


The Bible tells us…” Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before the LORD, which he commanded them not. And there went out fire from the LORD, and devoured them, and they died before the LORD.” Why would a real God want to kill two people for doing something?

This is a good one…

“And it came to pass, when Pharaoh would hardly let us go, that the LORD kill  all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man.

And according to ancient Jeremiah this second god had no problem ordering the killing of his people. This is what Jeremiah tells us about this god that we are told is a good God. This second god said, “Waste and utterly destroy them, said the Lord, and do according to all that I have commanded thee.”    This god, this supposedly all good god wants to destroy what he is said to have created.

This man create god tells you “If your own full brother does not yield or listens nor look with pity upon him to spare or shield him, but kill him.   This god is exactly like man and has no problem killing people that disobey him. Sounds like a lot of men then and now.

It seems ancient wise King David thought this second  god of the fathers was like a ‘man’ when he said, “Then the Lord awaken as one out of sleep, and like a mighty man that shouts by reason of wine.”

This is the  God that man is taught to love and honor.

True, for there is no mention of the First God after Genesis 1 .

Think about that.

Glad this God is NOT my God.

My God is the same God Jesus had and it sure wasn’t the Bible Man Make God.

Sad but it takes deep investigating to find and know the First God-the Real God



I Am The Vine


Instead of just reading  Bible passages,  believing and accepting the handed down meanings for them, you can choose meanings that feel right for you at your present understanding.

Let it be YOUR understanding interpret the word meanings, and you will find that now, the passages do make sense.

So get a ‘dictionary, pen and paper’ and choose your own meanings for words.

So…this is my understanding of this passage.


Dictionary meaning for ‘vine’ the ‘stem.’

                     ‘the main body and what supports’

Who or what is the ‘I’ that is the ‘vine and main body who supports the branches?

How about the ‘spirit,’ because


According to the dictionary a ‘spirit’ is a


Is the ‘spirit’ the ‘I’?


For me, YES.


I Am the Vine. The’ Inner Life Force’ of its branches.


We are the ‘branches.’

According to dictionary

Branches are

‘developed from a principle source.’

What is the ‘principle source’ of  anything?

God, also known as Spirit.

The Spirit, which is the

Inner Intelligent Life Force

is the

Principle Source of its branches, US

 As ‘branches’  we are connected to  the

Inner Intelligent Life Force.

Also remember

To ‘abide’ means

‘conform,’ no ‘complaints,’ be in agreement with,’ to ‘wait patiently’


To ‘comply’ with all Gods ways.

Do you ‘abide’ with God?




Dictionary meaning for ‘fruit’



without me

Why, because




Since its ‘sons’ we can assume that includes us all. We are all God’s ‘sons.’

As ‘sons’ we are told to ‘ask’ God about things that ‘concerns’ us.

Do we?

Or do we ask  of everyone else about things that concern us?If you are having needs, home, health, job, transportation, it really doesn’t matter what the need, do you ‘ask’ God to help in anyway? If so, why? Isn’t God suppose to be the all ‘knowing? So he already would know about what ‘concerns’ you.

Do you think you have to ‘ask’ for help, if HE already knows? And in most cases, even if you ‘ask’ you won’t get help. Ever wonder why?

Well just maybe you don’t understand the word ‘ask’.

So how about  ‘ask’ means to-

request information.’

Is that what you do when you need help with something that ‘concerns’ you, ‘request information?’ Or do you ‘ask’ for things, ways to get rid of your problems?

You are to ‘request information’ about things that ‘concern’ you, not  ‘ask’ for help with your problems, because…

  Information is,

knowledge  concerning a particular  circumstance.’

You want to know the truth about the ‘ particular  circumstance,’ not what the ‘circumstance’ informs you, but what God tells you.

You are going to ‘request information‘ right from God, about your ‘circumstance’. You do want the true ‘information’ about all things.

 So you begin by  saying,




In order to know the ‘truth’  about what ‘concerns’ you,  are told to   ‘be still,’ and to ‘listen’

And you will be ‘informed’ that…  


And if ‘one,’ then you can not really be having problems, for God could not, and if you are ‘one with God’, then neither could you. IF you believe and understand what ‘one’ means.

One means…

Being a single entity’

Wouldn’t that mean that whatever you experience, so is God?  That is, if you and God are ‘one’ and…

 ‘being a single entity ?

Think now, if you are ‘one’ with God, who or what is  the ‘you’ with a ‘circumstance’ ?

It really doesn’t matter what the need is that ‘concerns’, you are going to God for ‘information’ about the ‘truth’ of all things. And what is the ‘truth’ of all things?


Either this is 100% ‘true’ or it’s not.


Are you going to ‘ask’ God for the


about ‘

 Being ONE ?


Not about the ‘circumstances’?




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the Stable


       There is no room in the inn for Jesus to be born. Why?
Maybe because an ‘inn’ means a ‘public place‘. A place of the this world. An ‘inn’ is used to house the people of this world.

And even before he was born, Jesus knew he was ‘not of this world.’ The ‘inn’ was too full of handed down human beliefs for truth to be born there. So Jesus was born in a stable.

A stable is a, ’place for domestic animals.’ A meaning for ‘domestic,‘ is the ‘household.’ The family. The ‘stable’ represents the ‘household’ of God. Those who wanted to know God.

And a meaning for ‘animal is, ‘relating to the physical as distant from the spiritual.’

Jesus had to be born in a ‘stable’ because that is where the ‘domestic, the ‘house hold’ were, and since the ‘stable’ housed ‘animals, or the physical’ and since all human hood is ‘physical’ what a better place for Jesus to be born, since he came to show us, the ‘animal, the physical’ man the truth.

The ‘inn’ was full of the people who were to busy to realize that they were ‘animals.’ Thus preventing them from ever understanding God.

Yes, it’s weird, but so is all the Bible.


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Do you spend a lot of time with your Bible, trying to get knowledge about God…but are never able to come to the real knowledge of the truths, so that you can prove them? Well you are not alone.

Most likely you, like most, think you have the knowledge….But do you? Because we can not know God without the real KNOWLEDGE. And what is  the ‘knowledge’ that we need in order to prove what we are told?

We first need to understand what the meaning of knowledge is.

So lets   dedective28          investigate that word .

Knowledge means, ‘knowing, facts and truths from INVESTIGATION.’

So…are the ‘facts and truths’ you know…from your own ‘investigations? Because Job was told by God, that there are those who preach to us, but they have no facts, no knowledge of the the truths they tell you.

Yes, we are told that a lot of the leaders of our religions mean well…but they do not have the knowledge…the real facts   of God or the truths about God.

Solomon told us to get away from the foolish men and women who teach us our KNOWLEDGE…IF…if they can not PROVE what they teach us…because they do not have real KNOWLEDGEif they do not PROVE it.

Does the KNOWLEDGE  you now have do you any good, other than maybe making you feel better that you are trying to know Him aright? Has any of your knowledge been able to heal you, give you a better healthier, longer, safer, loving world? And most important has your present knowledge brought you face to face with God?

Probably no, because Jesus tells us that the KNOWLEDGE, the facts and truths are hid WITHIN us.   Within, and are not found in this realm…Not found in  a BOOK? A MAN? A Belief? So if your KNOWLEDGE is from anyone or anything in this world, then be assured you do not have the KNOWLEDGE nor the FACTS nor the TRUTHS…at least that’s what King Solomon tells us.

So with that said…if you really want KNOWLEDGE, the FACTS and the TRUTH about God…ASK GOD. Why ask man for what does he know? Just go WITHIN and ask God personally…and you will be given the real KNOWLEDGE. The real FACTS and the real TRUTH… Straight from  GOD.


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Resist Not Evil

6181428039_828440b8cf_mJesus told us NOT  To Resist Evil.  Why would anyone, NOT want to resist anything  evil? But according to Jesus…we are NOT to resist anything evil.

Maybe its time to investigate and see what Jesus may have really been saying.

Looking at a meaning for ‘evil,‘ we find it means, ‘bad,’ which means, ‘incorrect’ which means, ‘untrue, and contrary to facts.’

  And according to my dictionary, ‘evil’ also means…’human ignorance.’ So was Jesus telling us that evil, the bad stuff was because of our ignorance and not according to facts?

Ignorance means, ‘lack of understanding.’ As we know, all through the Bible we are told to get understanding.

So was Jesus trying to tell us that the UNDERSTANDING the FACTS about  God would prove there is NO evil…NO bad to resist? And due to  our wisdom of things… all we know is WRONG?

And was Jesus telling us that it was pointless to resist the evil…the bad, because the only cause of it was our human ignorance, which means, ‘lack of knowledge’ …about  God? Yes we know of God…but we sure don’t UNDERSTAND Him. …AND

Understand is to ‘accept as an agreed fact.’ The agreed FACT is…God is All. The agreed FACT is…God is the ONLY CAUSE The agreed FACT is… ALL GOD MADE WAS AND IS… GOOD.

So think now… Was Jesus really saying, don’t resist any of the ‘evils, the bad’… because its untrue? And doesn’t follow the FACTS?

Probably, because the FACTS are …God created EVERYTHING… The FACT is…God was then PLEASED… And the FACT is… God called EVERYTHING VERY GOOD.     Not just Good….But VERY GOOD. Those are FACTS. Good…not bad.

That would mean…the evils…the bad…is untrue and not according to those FACTS.

To get you FACTS …go within to your Spirit  and  be rid of your human ignorance once and for all.


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The Bible plainly tells me not to judge. I am not to judge anything that I see, hear, or feel. Do I?

Yes, I do judge.

I am also plainly told to ‘judge righteously.’ But how can I judge the evils of my world…righteously?   How am I to learn and do  ‘righteousness’?

The only way to learn is from others. Will it be enough if I  learn from others?   Will what I have been taught by others…be enough for me to learn my  ‘righteousness?

NOPE, it is not enough, at least according to Matthew, for he said I would need to know MORE than those who taught me.


Wow…according to the passage, I will not get my  ‘righteousness’, if I obey what I have taught.

Well…if I am not to follow the ways I have been taught, what am I  to do? Just how do I learn  ‘righteousness’ so I can judge righteously?

dedective28 It’s investigating time. Where’s my dictionary?

If I am to learn something, what does ‘ learn’ mean?

Oh… it means, ‘acquainted with.’

Guess that means in order for me to have my’ righteousness‘ so I can ‘judge righteously,’ I will need to be ‘acquainted’ with IT.

If acquainted means, ‘aware,’ then I will have to be...being ‘aware.’ But aware of what?

Of thinking before I judge?

‘Righteous is  ‘possessing  the source  of all cause’…And also, ‘residing in’

That means as long as I am being ‘aware’ that I  reside in  God/Consciousness… I have my ‘righteousness’.

And since God  is the first and only cause, I would have to get my  ‘righteousness’ straight from God, not man.

Daily  I must  ‘reside’ in the Consciousness of God.…all the time.

Can I?

Or will I reside in the ways of the world that I have been taught by man?

Righteousness is to be ‘pure.’

Pure  means  ‘not mixed’.

So to have ‘righteousness’, I can not be mixing my human negative judging thoughts with

Gods, all good ones.

It is my job not to  lack the  ‘pure righteous’ thoughts and not let the person, place or thing that is trying to get my attention cause me to  mix my thoughts. Mixing causes impurity.

So then if I want ‘judge righteously’, then my mouth must only be used for praise.

Praise means ‘expressing approval.’

Do I only express ‘approval’ all day long?

No. Why not if that’s what I am told to do?


How about you?

Are you GOOD all the time by

  ‘judging righteously’


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Is God Omnipresent


How well do you know  God? Did you know  God is referred to as ‘omnipresent‘? At least that’s how ancient  David felt about his God. ‘Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence…’  AND  If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.’

David could not get away from his God, no matter where he went. What else could David have meant? That no matter where is was, his Consciousness was there?  Sounds like David really did believe his God was ‘omnipresent.’ Doesn’t it?

Do you believe that  God is Omnipresent? Do you know what ‘omnipresent’ means? Really means?

Maybe we should do some dedective28 investigating with the help of a dictionary.

Okay, we find a meaning for Omnipresent which means,

‘present everywhere at the same time.’

Since Omnipresent is ‘present everywhere at the same time’, that would mean God is ‘present in all places… at the same time.


If God is ‘present in all places at the same time‘…then does that mean the entire world, universe is GOD?

So….is  God ‘present in all places at the same time? Or are there places where other things are present? Does it seem strange that if God is ‘present in all places at the same time’, that there are so many horrible things going on? In those places where God is…being present fill all space?

Do you believe God is being ‘present everywhere at the same time’?  If so, why? And if so, how do you account for the ‘other things’ being present?   How can God  be, ‘present everywhere at the same time,’ if there is bad existing. There is no way to make sense of God being ‘present everywhere at the same time’ and having bad there too. Why? Because God is ‘of purer eyes to behold evil.‘    Think about that.

 It doesn’t make any sense, does it? Obviously God could not be in ‘all places at the same time’ and have anything bad going on. Could HE?

 But wait…Lets stop and see what the Bible has to say.

First Habakkuk said, the kingdom of God comes not with observation.’    That would mean you will never see the ‘kingdom, the world where God is‘ being present at all times.’  So stop looking out here for some unknown god to appear. Not going to happen. In my opinion. So then, were should we all look?

Right where Jesus said… ’My kingdom is NOT of this world.’ If Jesus’ world was NOT of this world, and he and his Father were one, where were they one? If not of this world?  If you believe Jesus, then you would have to believe God is NOT in this world. God is NOT ‘being present everywhere at once‘…in this world.

 So where is the Kingdom, where is the world, where is that place where God is ‘ present everywhere at the same time’? Where is a place that everything is God …Being everything?  Right where Jesus said.

Jesus knew and he told us, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.’ Now think very carefully…..what do you find within you? You find Consciousness.

Is Gods kingdom, Consciousness? It well could be because God does fill all space. And so does Consciousness . And in Consciousness, God is ‘being every where at once. 

And since there are no forms in Consciousness, then God would not be seeing any evils. Again, you may find …that does make sense.


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Do You Desire Truth In Your Inner Parts  David asked, “Do you desire truth in you inner parts? If you do, do you even know where and what  your inner parts are?

According to David, you’ll not find your inner parts through any man. No,  David  said, man can  not find the truth that  consists of wisdom and understanding   in the land of the living...If we are to desire truth in our inner parts, where are your inner parts, if they in not in the land of the living?  If not were we are living,  then where? David told us it would be through God, that we would find the place.

What are our, inner parts?

dedective28 So as usual, with the help of the dictionary, lets see what David could have meant.First we need to understand some meanings of words.

Did David know that desire means, within reach?   And that  truth  is something that you are  able to verify and prove. And that  inner means,  pertaining to  consciousness . And did David also know  the word, parts, means,  essential.

David must have thought  that it was possible to  prove that there is a God?  Not simply  believe, but to be able to  prove, God was something real.

 Did David want you to know that you could only find a real, provable God, within your own mind?  Within the inner parts of you own Consciousness is the place for you to find the TRUTH about God? Is that what David was saying? God is  within you.

Is your God  within reach?  Can you prove  your God is real? Do you believe the truth of God is  found ‘within your inner parts? Or do you believe your religion has God? Or that you can find God in the mind of your preachers? Or in books? Or tapes?

The God you know is the God you have been taught to know.     Minister_shoutsTaught  from handed down beliefs. Beliefs you can not prove.

The the real God can only be found in your inner parts. You can not find a God within your reach, or find a God that you are able to  prove  is real, if you go anywhere, except within your own inner parts. No matter how spiritual they are.

David had wisdom and understanding that he had found within his own inner parts. The Real God?     Real, which means,  not merely supposed but is a  provable  God.

Really what good is a God if the God is not  within your own reach?  And what good is some God that you can’t  prove  is even real?

If real  means,  aware then David must have meant, are you ready to become aware  of God? Aware, which is  thinking. And the only place you can think is within your inner parts? Within your own mind.

Your journey is for you to go ‘within’ your own inner parts, your own Consciousness and find a God that you can  prove is real and within your reach... not just some god  you have been told is real.

Do you desire truth in your inner parts? If so, are you ready to drop the god of your fathers, that unknown god to whom you have ignorantly worshiped. Ignorantly because ignorant means, not aware . Can you release all that you have been taught about who and what God is and go within your own inner parts and find the TRUTH? Can you?

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