Long before religion became the fad, there were accounts of UFO’S. So it it is curious that when the religions of the world were established they never taught nor even spoke of the UFO’S, those strange flying objects in the heavens. Odd since the writings found in the very Bible itself gives many accounts of UFO’S.

The question is, why don’t they talk about UFO’S since in the New Testament you read 38 times of things that fly around in heavens. There are 362 verses describing objects as vehicles in the Bible. There are 37 verses describing other objects as vehicles. There are 10 verses describing flying dwellings as vehicles in the Bible and refer to them as Gods dwelling place. No matter how much one refuses to acknowledge that UFOs are real, the men who wrote the Bible certainly believed they were real things.

The Bible tells of many instances of flying crafts called chariots of the Elohiym…God. The Bible tells of a GOD who flies around in whirling chariots of fire. What were the chariots of fire that sound so much like modern space ships and could shoot things from it?

You are told God is directly associated with these flying objects. It seems God traveled in vehicles similar to UFOs. What are they? Why do not the churches try to explain them?

The Bible tells you of wars going on in the heavens. So who were the ones fighting each other and what were they in as they fought? Why were they fighting?


The Bible tells you that brimstone’s were shot down to earth when people didn’t obey whoever was in the sky. Brimstone  means ‘to be destroyed by fire.’ Who was it shooting down the brimstone’s, or bombs? What were they shot out of? Why doesn’t the Bible scholars address these things?

The Bible tells of men who go up to the heaven and who come down from heaven. Where did humans stay in heaven and what did they do there? The Bible tells you that Elijah and Elisha are talking and suddenly a bright, flying vehicle and a cavalry of bright, flying objects appear and Elijah is taken into the sky by a spinning-flying vehicle. Again, why do the religious rulers not talk of things like this?

The Bible tell you Zechariah looks up and sees four flying vehicles coming from heaven . It seems God contacts mankind in glowing, flying objects. David spoke of a cherub, and it did fly: yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind. Did you not ever wonder  about the four flying vehicles.

The Bible tells you Peter also saw a craft descending from the sky. The words from which ‘chariot’ is translated mean vehicle,. What were the Chariots that flew in the sky? Chariot is also known as ‘a vehicle’

“What kind of ‘machine’ was Ezekiel talking about when he tells of a descending chariot/vehicle, and from the midst of it came the likeness of four living creatures and they had the form of men? Do not the churches know or do they NOT want man to understand that there are and were OTHERS with far more power than man and the church? You may be surprised if you were to do you OWN investigating into things.


One of the oldest known culture from 6000 BC, the Sumerians told of beings from the stars. Think about that. Beings from the stars. Thousand of years later you have the rest of the ancient worldwide, all giving the same accounts, along with the same kind of
of beings from the sky.

How can it be explained that  from very ancient times to present, all the ancient worldwide drawings and painting show the same type of beings from the sky?

How is it possible that people from all parts of the world were drawing and writing about the same kind of beings from the sky? At the same time? Go investigate and you will be amazed.

Why do the mass of people find it hard to accept that if, thousands of years ago, space travelers, aliens, were around, why they wouldn’t still be around today?

All ancient religious writings, tell of beings, which they chose to call God. These ancient gods all descend from the skies. So why is it so difficult for man to accept beings  from the skies. Even the Vatican believes it is probable that there are today, BEINGS FROM THE SKY.

What is it that keeps the mind so closed as to  to accept?

Today as of old, man is still drawing and reporting the appearances of Aliens? If we exist, why could not others?



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Hey God, Where Are You


Am I A Person

th - Copy (3)

Am I a real ‘person?

My ‘belief’ is…I am a ‘person.’ BUT… a ‘belief’ is only a ‘mental act?

Do I ‘understand’ what that means? Or will I just let it slide away as it seems silly.

Maybe that’s why I have been told


Will my ‘understanding’ show me that as a ‘person’ I am really a ‘mental act?

Do I ‘understand, ‘mental’ means ‘thinking’ and ‘act’ is also ‘thinking?

So am I only ‘thinking’… I’m a real ‘person?

Do I ‘understand’ a meaning for ‘person’ is a ‘guise?

AND…   a ‘guise’ is a  ‘false appearance.’

Does that mean I,  as a ‘person’ am a  ‘false appearance’ and am not real?

And is that why I have been told


I ask again…is that what I am to  ‘understand?

And if  I am not to judge by my body, what am I to judge by?

Is it I’m NOT to  believe I am a ‘person…just because the ‘appearance’ says I am?



Is that what I am to ‘understand?

That the ‘appearance’ of me as a ‘person’ is NOT me?

And that I should not be deceived, by my ‘appearance’ as a person?

But  wait, as a ‘person’ I do believe I am something real. BUT…if ‘believe’ is to ‘assume,’ then I am only ‘assuming’ I am real, based on my ‘beliefs,’ which are composed of my ‘mental acts.’ My ‘thinking.’


As a ‘person’ I have a physical body, which is made up of ‘matter, ‘ so yes, I must be a real ‘person.’


Do I ‘understand’ what physical matter is? Do I?

Physical matter is comprised of and is….

‘The actual substance of  THOUGHT.

Does that mean, that as a ‘physical person’…the real me is a THOUGHT?…

A ‘mental act’ taking place in my mind?

I’m really confused .

Am I ‘understanding’ what it is I am to  UNDERSTAND?

I really do want to ‘understand.’



Am I sleeping?  Am I  dead?

If I’m ‘sleeping’ then I’m not being ‘aware.’

  If ‘dead’ means, dull’ and if ‘dull is, ‘slow to understand,’ maybe I am ‘dead, ‘ and it is time to ‘wake up’ and ‘be aware.’

BUT….’aware of what?

How about ‘aware’ of what the Bible is really saying.

  How about  being ‘aware’ that its  time for ME…  to  UNDERSTAND.    

Again, what am I to ‘understand?

Do I need to UNDERSTAND  that as a ‘person’ I DO NOT EXIST.

And why don’t I as a ‘person’ exist?

Because my ‘appearance ‘ that I’m a ‘person’ is deceiving me.

Do I need to UNDERSTAND…the ‘person’ I think I am….is only a MENTAL ACT.  MY….THINKING



I’m still so confused. What shall I do now?


Yes, I have read this…BUT… do I ‘understand’ it?


Free is ‘not subjected to the laws of physical necessity.’

Free is to ‘be enjoyed without limitations; unrestricted, not obstructed,

Free is ‘not united or combined with anything else;

Free is ‘separated and unattached;

Free is to ‘rid of that which confines, and limits.’

Am I to ‘understand’ that I can, by UNDERSTANDING,  be ‘free’ of the ‘person’ I think is me?

And then what happens to ‘me?





Is that why I am told



I will have the WISDOM to UNDERSTAND


And not in my body as a ‘person’ but IN my Spirit.



I guess I had better get busy



My real Self


Check Out





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Time To


What is this really saying…to me?

dedective28 I better find out.

What are ‘fields’

an area of human activity.’

My mind?


White is, ‘pure and perfect.’

Harvest is to ‘gather.’

Now I know that when I read


I take it to mean,

If I close my eyes to ‘this world’ I always end up in my Consciousness and once I am there I understand that I am being told that my ‘field,’ my mind is the ‘area of my human activity,’ and not the outer realm.

In my ‘area of my human activity,’ my Consciousness, everything is, ‘white,’ is ‘pure,’ due to the fact that there are no forms in my ‘field.’ My mental realm.

Knowing this I can ‘gather ‘ those ‘pure’ thoughts that are


Waiting to be gathered.

For me that makes a lot more sense than to think the saying is telling me it’s time to actually go into a field and harvest food or anything else.

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Did Ezekiel See Aliens

In the Book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel tells us what he experienced. First he said, ‘ ‘I looked up and a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire unfolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire.’

First we will look at the ‘thing’ in the sky that Ezekiel saw. It sounds like something like  Rockets and Space Ships of modern man?


This is a coin found in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. Is this like the wheel Ezekiel saw?  Does it not look like a flying wheel? Someone had to have seen something like this in order to have  drawn it…Was it the same thing Ezekiel saw?



Above was painted in 1710. Where did the artist, Aert De Gelder get the idea of a flying saucer, or as Ezekiel called it, a flying wheel? Especially since the first modern account of flight was in 1903, by Wright Bros.?

man mist fog

And then Ezekiel  continues with

Out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.’

Over 10,000 years ago the Cavemen of Australia saw men who looked like us. Think about that 10,000 years ago…people were seeing flying machines. And not just Australia, but worldwide.



These space men drawings found in Italy are dated back to 10,000 BC. Again someone had to have actually seen them in order to have painted them. Could they be the same space men Ezkeiel saw?

Anyway…. .Ezekiel couldn’t have said  it any clearer? The space people coming out of the space craft…. looked like men.  

So it is very likely that Ezekiel was seeing the same kind of ancient flying machines and people who looked like those from 10,000 years before him.  Amazing, isn’t it?  Again, someone had to have seen something like this in order to paint them.

Alien Grey Stock Image

I bet Ezekiel saw alien Greys to. Most likely because they always seem to be the ones in the ancient Flying Machines….Just like the ones reported today.


Next Ezekiel told us, ‘that when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.’ What else could it have been but a spaceship?

Then Ezekiel said, ‘I saw that when the flying craft lifted up the people, (the ones Ezekiel called living creatures) were IN the flying machine.’

The above cave drawing is also 10,000 years old, and those over 10,000 year old cavemen must have seen the same thing as Ezekiel…or how else could they have painted it?

Think about that, Ezekiel saw first hand things that look like us, came down in a flying machine…and once landed got out of the flying machine, then got back in a flew off…Just like all the ancient people around the world….which makes IN MY OPINION…true.



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Leviticus and Numbers

Leviticus Chapter 15, Original 1611 KJV      In Leviticus you find  a lot of sick things. Things like men and  women were having sex with animals and the dead. Apparently these things were done often and by  many…causing the all loving  God put a death warrant on them…along with many other things God didn’t like….Yep…the God we are told is Good….would have  his people killed.


In Numbers   they again talk about a God who is in a cloud that comes DOWN to earth.  Where was God coming from, if he was coming DOWN?  What was God in? Then we are told God gets mad and he DEPARTS in the cloud or the ’thing’.   Could the CLOUD have been a ‘craft’ of some kind? Probably.

You are told that a fire was sent from the ‘thing’ and it consumed two hundred and fifty people. What do you think it was that could take out two hundred and fifty people at one time?

All through Numbers you are told about the God who is much like a man, in the respect that when the people complained, it displeased the Lord when he heard it his ANGER was set off and the fire of the Lord consumed them. What was the ‘fire’ that consumed people? What was it that was sent from the ‘thing’ that could destroy?

Maybe what God rained down was missiles or bombs of some sort?

You are told God gave Moses a ‘rod’ and Moses lifted up his hand and with his ‘rod’ he smote (shot) the rock twice and the water came out. What could Moses have used thousands of years ago that could  penetrate solid rock? Today they are called ‘lasers’ or such.

File:Guido Reni 031.jpgHow about angels who sound more like warriors than what you normally think of as, angles. “…the angel of the Lord stood in the way and his sword drawn in his hand.” Why would Gods angels need weapons?  Really now…think about it.

All through Numbers you have a God who wants the people to bring him things. You have a God who kills everyone that displeases him….just like any ruler. This God seems to be so much like a man, some important ruler who has an army called Angels to fight for him.


night tall television tower

He has weapons that can destroy cities and thousands of people with the fire from the ‘thing’ in the sky called… heaven. The place that God abides in when he comes DOWN to earth.The ‘thing’ God was in was called...’heaven‘…I know….but think about it.

Detective  Clip ArtIt’s all so weird and that’s why it is a good idea to  investigate things to see what they mean to YOU. Think about what you read and see if maybe there were WEIRD things taking place all those thousands of years ago.

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Psalms through Malachi

I won’t stop on this topic until I run out of Bible passages. SO….More Bible passages of the God who flies around the sky, killing people.

Not only does Moses tell us about the God who flies around the sky, so does David. David tells you,God came down and as he landed the earth shook.

Then you are told that God  ‘… rode upon a cherub and did fly yea he (God) did fly upon the wind.” So…what did


God fly in or on? A Cherb. Do you know what a cherb is? I didn’t. That means I have to do some dedective28 investigating.

One meaning in the Bible dictionary for cherub is a, ‘divine abode’. An abode is a place one ‘lives.‘God is often described as being in something that flies around the skies, known as a  cherubim. All through the Bible, God  flies around the skies.

Oh, then God must be a man of some sort??? Not the All loving, invisible God we have been taught. Why do you think no one in ANY church ever talks about God being so MAN LIKE? Weird, since it’s mentioned so often in the Bible.

In those times a ‘cherub’ was believed to be ‘something an unknown king being carried on his throne by hybrid winged-creatures.’ Also cherub is known as a chariot.    ‘… the chariot formed by the two cherubs on the mercy-seat on which the Lord rides”  You see, God rides in or on something.

Do you know what a ‘mercy seat’ is?   Why not?  A ‘ mercy seat’ is known as the ‘throne of God where he accepted sacrifices and gave commandments.’  There are so many different Bible passes telling you

Do you know what a ‘mercy seat’ is? If not, why? A ‘mercy seat’ is known as the ‘throne of God. A places were he accepts sacrifices and gives commands.’ There are so many different Bible passages telling of God sitting on a  ‘mercy seat.’

      But it diffidently say’s… RIDES. Only someone with a form would need a place to live and something to ride on as they came ‘down’ to the earth and went ‘up’  to the heavens.

David speaks of how ‘the Lord made great noises in the sky and he sent down coals of fire and he sent down arrows  and he shot out lightening  and he destroyed things.‘ Kind of like what we do today in our wars against those we disagree with?

In  Isaiah    ‘The angels of God were sent forth and killed 5000 people.’ It seems Gods angels are not the good guys we are taught they are. Why are we not taught these things? Why are the Churches so ‘selective’ in what they teach?

Moving on to Ezekiel as you read  try to  see what he could have been talking about as he wrote about the flying things in the sky,  ‘ …and the creatures were lifted up from the earth and the wheels….”   And when they went I heard the noise of their wings…”

Does this not sound EXACTLY like what is happening today when men get into a space craft and are lifted up from the earth? And do not our modern flying ships shoot down weapons that destroy the people? And is not the war being fought today in the same place as it was all those thousands of years ago? Weird.


  All the way thru, Daniel, Hosea, Amos, Jonah, Micah, Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Malachi you find the same angry, killing God. The God who flies around the sky  shooting down weapons of destruction on  his people. And this angry, killing God is who the churches teach us to love and bow down to. WEIRD, really WEIRD

Remember the people back then did not have the proper words to describe the strange things that were flying around shooting out fire that could instantly destroy everything. They did their best to describe what they saw and that is why someone should really think about what it was he was talking about instead of just assuming it was nothing important enough to wonder about, because all through the Bible you are told of a God who literally walks and talks with the people, sometimes in person and sometimes from his abode, called heaven.

Who and what was this God? What does your church  tell you? Or have you not asked?


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In Exodus you find a God who has taken sides with Moses against the Pharaoh.  You are told the Lord saved Israel and killed the Egyptians because “The Lord is a man of war.” Exdous 15.3  Interesting. I always thought God was a God of Love…. But guess I was wrong if God is a MAN of war.’ Haven’t you been taught that God was a loving, good God?

  You also find God ordered Moses to have all the first born babies killed. Exodus.11.5 What kind of a God is this?  This IS the God you find in your  Bible.

Then you find a God who’s in some kind of flying thing, and He  calls it  Heaven.  

Then God said, “I come to thee in a thick cloud.

“And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the LORD descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace …”

You are told it  had fire under its belly.    As it lands on the earth there is loud noise followed by thunder and lightening and many lights.What else could it be?

“As it lands the earth shakes and in a loud voice from within the ‘thing’   tells the people not to touch it as it will kill them. God tells the people that he will talk to them from heaven.’

  Have you ever thought of Heaven as a thing  God rides around inOr a God who talks and lets people see him?  Think about that for a minute. Really think.

Would that mean that heaven is found in a ‘thing’ like what landed on earth with a God inside? A ‘thing’ like a …spaceship? Now remember it  was  God inside the ‘thing’ that   called the ‘thing’ heaven. Weird.

He said, ‘  “I will come down in the sight of the people….” So the Bible God had a body.

Why not do some Detective job graphics investigating and really read the Bible and see what how you can make sense of it and get your  conclusions as to what things mean…instead of letting others tell you what things mean?


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Gods and Flying Machines

A really good question is….Who was the God who flew around the skies in ‘flying machines.‘ Can you imagine. God in a space craft.

 You can find references about flying machines in Temple Carvings, in the Ancient Writings, Ground Cravings, Ancient Tombs, all over the earth. The flying machines, we have been told were used by the Gods.

Many descriptions of flying machines described as, two storied celestial chariot  with many windows”…. “They roar like off into the sky…” Many of the ancient texts talk of a God and his battles in the sky using deadly weapons.

The images found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old  New Kingdom Temple, near Cairo, easily show what could be flying crafts. There are many ancient artifacts discovered, all bearing testimony to an underlying knowledge of advanced aerodynamics.

Ancient Flying  Machines  I see at least 4 things that look just like what is being reported today. They look the same now as they did then. I find that weird.

Ancient Flying  Machines  Look at that. Over 3000 years old.

Ancient Flying  Machines
India is another country with a lot of ancient flying machines. In many of the sacred Hindu books, you can find at least 200 hundred mentions concerning almost every aspect of flying. It appears the ancients knew a lot of what modern man now knows. Ancient ‘flying machines‘ in India were used by their God.

AND…there were ‘flying Machines’ in South America. 

In South America you find ancient artifacts       th      that easily could be a modern aircraft. These many artifacts are thought to be well over a thousand years old. One tiny gold object resembles a modern fighter plane.Is it possible that there were people from another planet that brought knowledge of flight?   Elsewhere on the continent at least six very similar artifacts were also discovered in Venezuela and Peru, and also in Costa Rica.

Well guess what, the Bible  tells  that YES, God did fly around in ‘flying machines.’ Yes, the Bible does say it.

In fact the Bible has many stories of a God who flies around the skies from one location to another… in a  ‘flying vehicle.’

Yeah it does   One example was when God landed on Mount Sinai Mount. “…. the LORD descended upon it in fire: and  there was thunder and lightning, and an exceeding loud sound and the earth shook and trembled……and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.’ In fact it said the ‘flying machine had ‘fire in its belly.’

shuttleB Sound familiar? In fact it sounds like one of our modern day space crafts. So  what were ‘flying machines‘ doing way back before Jesus? Better yet…what and who was the God, in them?

Like all else we have been taught was true, those truths have a way of turning out not to be true. Like a flat earth?

In fact wherever you go in the world there exist long standing traditions of pre-historic flight. It seems ancient flying was a reality and this was long before it was re-invented in our modern world by the Wright Bros.

There is today enough evidence to come to the conclusion that yes… thousands upon thousand of years ago a form of aviation for the Gods did exist.  Where did these Gods  in those ancient flying machines come from?

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Ancient Nuclear Wars

It’s mid-boggling to think it possible that ancient civilizations had nuclear technology before we did. Its true. True because   there are many proofs to support it.

Like…ancient veda_text Vedic texts like the Hindu, Rig-Veda,  tells you  of a god who was known as ‘“fort destroyer.” It says he traveled through the skies in a flying machine.  The flying machine had weapons capable of destroying a city.  Is that why he was called ‘fort destroyer? 

 The remains of ancient cities that had been destroyed by what appears to have been extreme heat archaeologists have admitted that none of what they found could have been caused by volcanoes, or lightning, by crashing comets, or by anything known on earth at that time.  Could there have been ancient  nuclear power plants.

Also you have epics like Mahabharatha, where you read… “A single projectile charged with all the power in the Universe…An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns, rose in all its splendor…it was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes an entire race”.

And in the same Mahabharata    writings,  “It was as if the elements had been unfurled. The sun spun around in the heavens. The world shuddered in fever, scorched by the terrible heat of this weapon. “

Haarappa. Found in ancient  Harappa in modern Pakistan were skeletonsa_Harappa1 believed to be  8 thousands of years old  and believed to be some of the most radioactive ever found. Harappa  Continue reading