In Genesis 2:21 you read, “The LORD God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep”.

Did God ever wake Adam?    Lets do some good dedective28 and see what we can find anything that might help us understand whats going on with Adam as he sleeps.

Looking deeper into the meaning of words you can find a whole new meaning to the ancient texts. For example, the original meaning for ‘sleep’ is, ‘weak,‘ and ‘weak’ is to ‘yield’. To yield is to ‘surrender and give place to’.

To this day man still sleeps, for there is no place in the Bible where it tells you that God woke Adam. So according to the Bible, Adam is still sleeping. If so, what does man ‘surrender and give place to as he sleeps? Lets go see.

When man ‘sleeps,’ he dreams.    To ‘dream’ is to ‘indulge in daydreams’. A daydream is, ‘to fantasize’, and fantasize is, ‘the forming of mental images’. An image is a, ‘mental representation‘ of a thought.

That means that while man is sleeping, he is experiencing his ‘mental images,’ and he believes they are reality, just like any dreamer, in his dream, believing it is actually happening.

Paul must have had some understanding of that when he writes, “Awake thou that sleeps, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.’

Lets look at these words more closely. ‘Awake’ thou ‘…Looking at the word ‘awake’ you find it is defined as, ‘to bring to an awareness’. Did Paul want  man to wake so he could be aware of God? Aware of reality.

Awake thou that sleeps,” Sleep also means, ‘unaware’. Did Paul believe man is not, cannot be aware of God as he sleeps and dreams?

“Awake thou that sleeps, and arise..” How does one arise? Knowing arise means, ‘to come into notice.Notice is, to ‘become aware of.’  Was that what Paul meant, that if you will ‘arise,’ or be aware of God, then  God can then become more than some unknown god.

“Awake thou that sleeps, and arise from the dead”. Death means to, ‘exclude‘. While you are sleeping you exclude God. Is this why  Paul said to ‘awake’? Awake from his sleep so he can be aware of God? So he can experience God?

‘Awake thou that sleeps, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee ‘light’.  What do  you think that means? You’ll be given ‘light. A good meaning for’ light’ is, ‘ understanding’.

Was Paul  saying to us,   wake up from your dream and become aware of God and by doing so, you will not be excluding God. Wake up and be aware of God and you will have all the understanding of God.

The sleeping man spends his life sleeping and he dreams of   living in sin, sickness, depravity and all worldliness. He dreams of some unknown God, somewhere, but is not really sure where. Is that you?  Do you think…you see real things in your dreams?

When man does awake, Paul tells man what he should do. “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report: if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things “

You can only think on these things if you are not sleeping and dreaming…but are AWAKE. Awake and being aware of God.And not of the things of ‘this dre am world’.  A world where your dreams seem real?


 Understanding My Reality




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Count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations?

What does that mean? What is divers temptations”

Lets investigate and find out.

Diver means, ‘to  divert’

Divert is  ‘to turn aside  from a path’

When your  mind is turned to the left or right and you seem to be  on the path of a problem…be happy as it is your opportunity to turn to a  truth, and a good truth is

If this is true….how could you have a problem?

Divert means to ‘distract’ and distract is to ‘take attention away’

Use the distraction of your problem as an joyful opportunity to put your attention back on the truth of

So how can you have a problem

 Divert is to ‘divide.’

The problem is  dividing you from the truth of your oneness with God. So then be joyful that you have this problem and use it as an opportunity to ANDAND

Either you believe your Bible….or you don’t….

So do as you are told and be joyful.







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Bible And Ancient Flying Machines

Many of the ancient religious books talk of a God and his battles in the sky using deadly weapons that could cause mass destruction.

Including the Bible

The Bible tells you of wars going on in the heavens. So who were the ones fighting each other and what were they in… as they fought? Why were they fighting?




The Bible tells you that brimstone’s were shot down to earth when people didn’t obey whoever was in the sky. Brimstone  means ‘to be destroyed by fire.’ Who was it shooting down the brimstone’s, or bombs? What were they shot out of? Why doesn’t the Bible scholars address these things?

“Then the Lord rained down fire and tar from heaven upon Sodom and Gomorrah  and utterly destroyed them….” Genesis 19:24.

Is It Possible

Maybe, because there are many proofs to support it. Like the ancient  religious Vedic texts like the Hindu, Rig-Veda tells you  of a God who was known as ‘“fort destroyer.” It says he traveled through the skies in a flying machine.  The flying machine had weapons capable of destroying a city.  Is that why he was called ‘fort destroyer? 

“What kind of ‘machine’ was Ezekiel talking about when he tells of a descending chariot/vehicle, and from the midst of it came the likeness of four living creatures and they had the form of men?


The Bible tells of men who go up to the heaven and who come down from heaven. Where did humans stay in heaven and what did they do there?

The Bible tells you that Elijah and Elisha are talking and suddenly a bright, flying vehicle and a cavalry of bright, flying objects appear and Elijah is taken into the sky by a spinning-flying vehicle. Again, why do the religious rulers not talk of things like this?

The Bible tell you Zechariah looks up and sees four flying vehicles coming from heaven . It seems God contacts mankind in glowing, flying objects. David spoke of a cherub, and it did fly: yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind. Did you not ever wonder  about the four flying vehicles.

The Bible tells you Peter also saw a craft descending from the sky. The words from which ‘chariot’ is translated mean vehicle,. What were the Chariots that flew in the sky? Remember a chariot is also known as ‘a vehicle’

Do not the churches know or do they NOT want man to understand that there are and were OTHERS with far more power than man and the church? You may be surprised if you were to do you OWN investigating into things.


One of the oldest known culture from 6000 BC, the Sumerians told of beings from the stars. Think about that. Beings from the stars. Thousand of years later you have the rest of the ancient worldwide, all giving the same accounts, along with the same kind of
of beings from the sky.

So it it is curious that when the religions of the world were established they never taught nor even spoke of the UFO’S, those strange flying objects in the heavens. Odd since the writings found in the very Bible itself gives many accounts of UFO’S.

The question is, why don’t they talk about UFO’S since in the New Testament you read 38 times of things that fly around in heavens. There are 362 verses describing objects as vehicles in the Bible. There are 37 verses describing other objects as vehicles. There are 10 verses describing flying dwellings as vehicles in the Bible and refer to them as Gods dwelling place.

No matter how much one refuses to acknowledge that UFOs are real, the men who wrote the Bible certainly believed they were real things.

How can it be explained that  from very ancient times to present, all the ancient worldwide drawings and painting show the same type of beings from the sky?

How is it possible that people from all parts of the world were drawing and writing about the same kind of beings from the sky? At the same time? Go investigate and you will be amazed.

Why do the mass of people find it hard to accept that if, thousands of years ago, space travelers, aliens, were around, why they wouldn’t still be around today?

What is it that keeps the mind so closed as to  to accept?

Today as of old, man is still drawing and reporting the appearances of Aliens? If we exist, why could not others?






Paul tells us,

“If a man thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.”

Am I being deceived because I do think I am a something?  A person?

Deceived  is to ‘mislead by a false appearances.’ Is my body a false appearance?

Maybe if a meaning for ‘appearance’ is, ‘outward impressions.’

Impression is ‘a perception in the mind.’ Am I only a thought in my mind?

Could that be the reason Jesus said in John 5:31

“If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.”

What could that mean?

Witness means to ‘see.’

Seems like Jesus was telling us that when we ‘see’ ourselves, what we are seeing is not true.

True means ‘ real.’

Was Jesus saying the person I think I am, is not something real. What!!!!

Well, What Else Could It Mean?

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‘Are you so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, are you now made perfect by the flesh? Galatians 3:3

 What does that mean? I thought I began in my mothers womb.  But no,

‘It is the spirit that quicken, the flesh profited nothing.’ 

Quicken means, ‘ to make become alive.’

It is my spirit that makes me alive not my flesh.

Isaiah tells  me, ‘There is a  ‘spirit in man.’   That means there is a ‘spirit’ in me. What is the spirit in me?  And what does that mean to me?

If I began in the spirit, what is the spirit?

Dictionary time.

First meaning for ‘spirit’ is  a vital principle.  Vital means, essential’ and ‘essential’ means, ‘essence‘, which means, ‘real’.

So then, my ‘spirit’ is the real part of me, and not my flesh.

 Now  for the meaning of ‘principle’  which means the source.

That’s telling me, my ‘spirit’ is the ‘source’ of me. That would mean if my spirit is my source, then it is the only thing supplying my needs.   My  ‘spirit’ is who and what I am,  and not my  fleshly body.

A spirit is ‘an animating force within a person.’ Animate means, ‘to give life to.’

So  again, it is my spirit who gives me life, not my mother or father, but my spirit.

And the word ‘force,  means,  Power, Control and Authority.’  It is only my inner spirit, my  inner intelligent animating life force‘ that has complete ‘power, control and  authority over me and not time, nor diseases, or anything.

So  I am being foolish if I believe there is or can be some other Powers, some other Control or Authority over my flesh.

Spirit means, ‘essential nature of a person.’ Essential  the ‘very essence of a thing.’ Essential is,  ‘perfect.’ Am I perfect? Is my body perfect?

At this point it seems my body  is not perfect as it has various complaints and that is why I am trying to learn why I do seem to have fleshy issues, because I do not want to be foolish and as long as I believe I can be made perfect by trying to fix my flesh, my body, I am being foolish.

Am I so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, I am now made perfect by the flesh? Yes I’m foolish if I believe I can heal my fleshly body and make it perfect, because the word body means, ‘ as distinguished from the spirit.’

Am I, can I really be different from my spirit?

There is no way I could ever be something outside of my SPIRIT

Spirit is defined as ‘an inner intelligent life force.’

My inner intelligent life is Consciousness.

I am are not in the flesh, I am in Consciousness. And I  can never get out. And all that Consciousness IS. I AM.

And all that Consciousness has. I have.

I am foolish if I do not understand, agree and accept, my ‘Spirit  will perfect that which concerns me:  But  first, let patience have her perfect work, that I  may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.   

Don’t give up being patient knowing the problems of the flesh are my opportunity to grow and fully understand it is ONLY  my spirit that shows me my perfection.

If perfect means, ‘pure or unmixed,’ then to be perfect I  cannot be foolish and mix healthy and unhealthy thoughts together.‘   I may be made perfect only  in pure unmixed thinking.

I will stop being foolish when my perfection comes, which means, when I fully stop mixing good and bad thoughts.





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  There was ancient man named  King Solomon, who said, ‘ Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding.’

Job said, ‘But where shall wisdom be found  and where is this place of understanding’?

Job must have known that the man made from the dust of the earth, dust that means ‘something of no worth and who is confused’ would not be able to know how or where to look for his understanding.

So Job ends up answering his own question when he tells man that ‘wisdom and understanding… it is not’ ...Job said…’it is not found in the land of the living.’

3972355470_0846a5e446_mWhat was Job talking about? Did he believe there was some other land?   Some other world where there were no living human beings? He must have, or why would he say such a thing as’ wisdom and understanding are not found in the land of the living?’

Is there some other world? Some sort of dimension that we do not know about but Job did? Just where is the place that Job was referring to?

Great. So if we are not to find ‘wisdom and understanding’ in the ‘land of the living, our world, where then?


Well maybe if we do some good dedective28 investigating, then maybe we can find out where and how to get our wisdom and our understanding.

Maybe we should ask our Preacher, our Priest, or whoever teaches us, or maybe look in some books, to see if they can tell  us where to find our wisdom and  understanding?

No. No because Isaiah told us,

Job said, ‘… man is of yesterday and he knows nothing’.

Man knows, ‘nothing.‘ So there would be no point in going to him for’ wisdom and understanding.’

Job believed we and our world are nothing but ‘shadows.’  Existing in ‘areas that do not really exist.’   Is that why he told us do not go to man… because man is not a real thing…he only exist as a ‘shadow image’… in his dream realm? Dream, because Adam has yet to awaken.  At least the Bible  never said he did.

Job told us exactly where we could find our ‘wisdom and our understanding,’ He said ‘ there is a Spirit in man… A ‘spirit’ is, ‘ an intelligent animating force possessing the only real power and authority.’ According to the dictionary.

Job said it was the ‘inspiration,’ which means the ‘arousal’ of this ‘intelligent living force which gives us wisdom and understanding.’  And  ‘arousal…’ now get this…‘arousal’ means’ awakening from sleep and having conscious activity of this inner intelligence.’

As man sleeps, he dreams. Dreams consist of a’ series of mental images in thought during sleep.’ The sleeping man is living his life from his dreams. Is that what Job means?

No thland of the living’ is not the place to find our ‘wisdom and understanding’. Because...Looking at the word living, we see one of the meanings is, lifelike. Not real living, but lifelike.

Job was right wisdom and understanding cannot be found in a lifelike world. Job must have known this and that is why he warned man to’ get wisdom and understanding ‘so that he could wake up from his self induced dream and experience reality that can only be found within the inner VOID…of  Consciousness and not in some kind lifelike world of his dreams.


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Lamb and Lion


The Lamb, and the Lion  are safe together.


Why is the Lamb not afraid?

And why isn’t the Lion eating the Lamb?

Is it because


And what is within?


Does that mean Him…is Consciousness?

Then we like the Lion and Lamb

Have nothing to fear

Like being hungry or being afraid



And there are NO FORMS within Him

  Within… Consciousness

Think…what else could it mean?



Understanding My Realilty


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Adam and Eve

Could it be possible that Adam and Eve were not the first humans? You believe they are because a man named Moses, born in Egypt two thousand, four hundred and thirty-three years after the creation of Adam said they were.

If you believe the Bible, you then believe all humans are from Adam and Eve. But is that true? Well it is not true if you believe your Bible when it plainly states they were not.


  There it is, in the first chapter of the Bible. We do not know the names of the FIRST Man and Woman, but they were the FIRST humans created by God. If you believe your Bible.

In the same 1st chapter you are told, “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good….” And then you are told “God rested and was pleased.” This FIRST Man and Woman were not kicked out of Gods sight. No, God was ‘very pleased’ with them. So that right there tells you Adam and Eve were NOT the first creation.


Adam and Eve

Genesis 2 has a completely different story to tell. Many scholars now believed Moses did not write Genesis 2. In fact it is a popular belief among the scholars that there were possibly 5 different writers of Genesis.

No matter who wrote Genesis 2, that man named Adam was made from dust. A meaning for dust is, ‘something of no worth.’ Think about that. You have God and he wants to use dust, dust that has ‘no worth’ to made a man. Or Eve who was made from a rib, is telling you that she too was NOT made in Gods image and likeness. And this man, Adam and this woman Eve did not please God like the first man and woman did.

So it would seem as though there were two creators. One God who was pleased with his creation and one god that was not. And it would seem that those who believe the God of Genesis 2 are today still trying to please god. They beg, plead, promise to be good if only this God would help them. But it seems this angry God enjoys the suffering of his worthless creation. Worthless because he used dust to make man.

Do you wonder what happened to the FIRST creation of man? Or is it just easier to not even think about it and do as all the others do….worship the 2nd God? A God who created you from dust and thinks you are worthless?

One last thought… If you believe all mankind comes from Adam and Eve, what color was Adam? What color was Eve? Yellow? Black? Red? Brown? White? No matter what the color of Adam and Eve’s skin, wouldn’t all mankind be in at least the same color range? With more or less the same facial features?

So first God created a Male and Female and He was pleased with them. Then for some reason He forgets about the FIRST good Man and Woman and decides to make two more. But this time he makes a man and woman who He is NOT pleased with. If God is All Knowing, why would He make a man and woman he would stay angry with for thousands of years? Doesn’t make any sense at all.



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