Where Are They



Not just good, but very good. Is this what you believe? Or do you believe what you read in Genesis 2:5 where you are told that God could not find his first Man.

‘There was no man to till the ground.’

Where was the first Male and Female that had already been created in Gods image and whom God called very good? Why could God not find, the Male and Female that he created? Where did they go?

Think, if God is ALL KNOWING, why would he not know where the man and woman he created, were?

Since it seems this second creator we are taught to call God lost his first Male and Female,  so he has to start all over and create them again.

According to the second creation, yes this God did have to start over and so this time this second creator also called God did not make man in his image and likeness,  instead, man was made from

Dust BlowingDust? Dust means, ‘something of no worth.‘

Seems this second creator, called God no longer wanted his man to be made in his image and likeness. So this time he created man  from ‘something of no worth.’

It seems this second creator called God also lost his first FEMALE, so  this creator, God? decides not only to NOT make man in his likeness, he now decides his female should not be made in his image and likeness either, nor made like the man made of dust.



So now we have a Male made of ‘dust’ and a Female made of a ‘rib’.

Interesting that a meaning for ‘rib’ is a ‘hoax,’ and a ‘hoax’ is a ‘fraud.’ Is it possible this

man of ‘dust’ and woman of a ‘rib’, are ‘frauds?

If this story were true, man would have one less ‘rib’ than woman, but this is not true. Both male and female have the same amount of ‘ribs.’

Dust also means, ‘confused.’

I guess this second creator we also call God knew that because this  man  made of ‘dust, made of something of no worth’ and who was created ‘confused’ and ate from the tree, he was not the man he wanted. Nor did this second creator also called God want  the woman who was made from a ‘rib.’

This second creator we are taught to call God did not want any part of this worthless, confused  man and the woman who was a ‘fraud,’ and he decides they should be punished and sent away.

‘Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow’

Does that sound like an all loving God?

This second creator, again that we are told is the real God, said.

Art, and unto dust shalt thou return’.

Don’t you want to return to God?

If you do, there is a way.

It is to

‘Awake you that sleep for you are NOT make from something of no worth’.

Awake, become aware of the real you, made in the First Gods own image and likeness.

Awake, you are NOT  the man of dust.

Just remember, NO WHERE in the Bible does it say God woke the man made of dust from his sleep.

So the question is, do YOU want to wake up? Do you want to be aware of the YOU the first God  created in his image and likeness, and who he was pleased with? Or do you want stay asleep and live as the man of dust and the woman of a rib?

Awake means to ‘be aware.’

Aware that

Do you want to be one of the MANY who do become aware that you are NOT the man of dust or the woman from a rib?



Once awake you will fully understand, there is only


and that is the Real God In Genesis 1.





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