A Dream

0052And What Does Man Do When He Sleeps


5492971031_5655380b8c_zLast night I had a dream. While in my dream, I never even thought that it was not something real… for to me, I was really experiencing it as part of my life. Part of my reality. No one could tell me I was only dreaming.

Then when I woke this morning, I was now NOT dreaming.

But I must be,

Because NO WHERE does the Bible say God woke Adam. And if we are all a part of Adam (which I don’t believe) we are a part of Adams dreams. Dreams we call, ‘dreams’ and ‘dreams’ we call life.

And maybe that is why we are told to


Isn’t that saying that YES man is asleep? It must or why would be told to wake up?

Are we being told to ‘be aware’ that the sleeping man of dust is not the real us? And that as man sleeps,  man ‘dreams’ he has a life in a body of dust.

And if he  ‘awakens’ which means to ‘be aware.’

Then the ‘light’ which is ‘understanding’

Man would then fully ‘understand’


Not in a sleeping mans dreams.

If my so called dream world, that seems so real, and is not…who’s to say, this RIGHT NOW that I’m experiencing, is not just a dream world also?



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Be Perfect


Are you ‘perfect? Am I? How would we know… if we do not fully understand what it means, to be, ‘perfect.’

So, lets investigate the word….dedective28

 Perfect means,  ‘undivided.’

Divided is to, ‘separate into parts.’

 Is your life ‘separate into parts’ of good and bad?

It could not be if


Perfect is ‘pure’. Pure is ‘not mixing.’

The only way to ‘not mixing’ so you can  be  ‘perfect’ is to keep your thoughts on God.


How often is your mind ‘stayed‘ on God so you will have

‘perfect peace’

Perfect is, ‘complete.’  So, are you, ‘complete?

Or are you ‘missing’ something?

But what could you possibly be missing if


Perfect means, ‘finished and perfected in all details.’ Are you? Or do you think you need to add or fix something in your body or your life, that God forgot to do?

We were ‘finished’ in the beginning. And we were ‘finished’ completely ‘good’ with all we need.

So the question is, now that you understand what being ‘perfect‘ means …what will you do to make yourself ‘perfect?

How about KNOWING-You ALREADY are

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Are You Real


What are in the things in this world John was talking about? Did John believed like those before him, that mans reality was not a real reality?

Probably, because he also said


It’s interesting to known that the Latin meaning for ‘idol’ is-

 ‘That Which Is Seen’

And what is that is ‘seen’?

Things that have ‘forms.’

Things that are known as  ‘appearances.’

And what did John say about ‘appearances’?


Was John trying to tell us that we are not really here and our body composed of flesh and blood is not who or what we are? Did John As those before him, believe man is a shadow?


What is a ‘shadow?

 ‘ An Imperfect Imitation Of Something.’

Are we being told that we are only ‘imitations’ of something?



Do we ‘deceive’ ourselves?

We do if we do not know

An ‘imitation’ is NOT the REAL thing.

So then, did those wise Bible men know that ‘man’ and all the ‘things’ in this world….





Sometimes It’s Hard To Think Outside The Box

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Acknowledge Him


Do you ‘acknowledge’ him in all your ways?


your  eyes ‘acknowledge’ him in all you see?

Do you ears ‘acknowledge’ him in all your hear?

Do  your words  ‘acknowledge’

him in all you say?

If you do not, then how will you know which path is best for you?


You won’t…not unless



Will you take time to ‘acknowledge’ him in all you

‘see, hear, speak and feel,’

So you will know which way to go?


Will you continue on the same old human path you’ve always followed and ‘see’ all the horrible things of ‘this world’ and ‘hear’ all the horrible news of man instead of hearing all the ‘good’  and to ‘speak’, only to please God and forget all  complaining, judging and criticizing words?

What’s the point of professing love for God, if you can’t do most of what the Bible tells you to do.

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