Having Eyes and Ears


 ‘Having eyes, see ye not, and having ears, hear ye not?

Did you ever wonder what he meant? I did, and this is what I found on ‘my’ investigation.

Eyes  means,

a mental perception.’


perception’ means

‘mentally aware’

Was Jesus wanting us to know that our ‘eyes’ were to be used for being ‘mentally aware

Aware of God?

The word ‘see’ means, ‘mental images’
Did Jesus mean that, yes, we have ‘eyes’ and what we are  really ‘seeing’  are only ‘mental images...because they are what we are being  ‘mentally aware of?’

And did Job understand that what man’s ‘eyes  ‘see’… is nothing more than ‘shadows’ and that is why he said ‘… man is like a shadow…?


‘Man is of yesterday, and knows nothing, because his days upon earth are a shadow.’

Did Job understand a ‘shadow’ is a ‘reflected image?

Is what we ‘see’ only fleeting ‘shadows’ of  ‘mental images?


Last, ‘having ears, hear you not.’

The word ‘hear’ means, ‘listen.’ And what are you told to ‘listen’ too?

Do you want to ‘see’ clearly? Do you want to ‘hear’ clearly?

If so…your ‘mental awareness’ should be on you ‘inner kingdom’, and not of the things of this world…no matter how good they are.

Both good and bad keep your mind ‘stayed on them’ and not God and His Kingdom within.’

Theater Of Your Mind

Hey God Where Are You



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What was Paul really saying when he wrote this?

The present reading of the Bible has been translated so many times that you can not be sure it means what the words really are to mean. Also because words have many different meanings.

When the Bible writings were translated, it is likely the translator chose his personal meaning for certain words, meanings that could have been different than Paul’s.

For example, awake is to, ‘be aware.’ Did Paul want his followers to be ‘aware’ of something? If so, what?

When Paul speaks of someone sleeping, was he referring to someone asleep in a bed or did he really mean he wanted the followers to be ‘aware’? Possibly, because sleep means, ‘not being aware.’

When Paul said, ‘arise‘, what did he mean since ‘arise’ can mean to, ‘notice.’ Not just getting up from sleep, but to actually ‘notice’ something. If Paul meant for the people to ‘notice’ something, what was it?

And when Paul wrote to ‘wake the dead‘, was he speaking of those buried in the ground? Maybe not because the word ‘dead’ also has different meanings, one of which is ‘not being aware.’ Could that have the word he originally used? Most likely because it follows in line with the other words meanings.

When Paul spoke of ‘light‘, what did he mean? If a meaning for ‘light’ is, ‘understanding,’ did Paul originally use the word ‘understanding?

Was that the meaning Paul had in his mind before his words were changed during one of the many translations over the centuries?

If the word ‘understanding’ is, ‘personal interpretation,’ then Paul may have been saying find your own ‘understanding’ of the truth of God and not someone else’s. And where would you find your own personal interpretations?It should always be your own ‘personal interpretation’ of what words mean…to you. The world forgets as it reads the Bible, they are reading the ‘personal interpretations‘ of someone else.

Let the true meanings come from within YOU.

Try reading a sentence from your Bible and then use a dictionary and find the words you want to better understand and you, choose a meaning that makes the passage have clear meaning, because most Bible passages are not as clear as they could be. You will surely be surprised.


Looking For Something Different


All Knowing


If you ask for anything today, right as you are asking , you are saying and believing God is NOT being ‘all knowing’.

So think, is God really ‘all knowing’ or not. For if He is, then He is ‘knowing‘ all about you. Now.

And if you needed anything then…


And if you don’t have what you ‘think’ you need, and since God is not giving it to you, then maybe its not what God ‘thinks’ you need.

No matter what it is, you ‘think’ you need.

Including, health, wealth, home, love or any of the human needs, just know…

Any ‘need’ you think you ‘need,’ is just another way to keep your mind off God and on the ‘need’ instead.’

Think about that.

So….Is Your God All Knowing? Or not?

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Religions believe God is All Knowing.

There is nothing God did not, and does not know.

Religions believe God is ALL Good.

Not some good, but all Good.

If true, then why do most religions believe all ‘suffering’ is part of the curse that God pronounced upon mankind after Adam and Eve disobeyed.

Then think, if ‘godly’, means, ‘conforming to the laws and wishes of God,’ then if you do ‘conform’ you will suffer ‘persecution.’ Persecution means to, ‘ to cause suffering, torture and torment.’ Makes you want to be ‘conform’? Doesn’t it?

So what’s the point in ‘conforming  to Gods laws and God’s wishes’, if all you get back is ‘suffering, torture and torment’? What sense does that make?


If you knew in advance that something terrible would happen to one of your children, would you not prevent it? Would you ever allow your child to sufferer? For anyone? For anything? Would you? Even if you if you thought you could help the world through your own child’s ‘suffering, torture and torment’.

God, the all Knowing, would have to have known what would happen to Jesus. God would also know that the ‘suffering’ of Jesus would be in vain. And it was in vain. Why? Because over 2000 years later, the man of earth is no better than he was in Jesus’ time. Think about it. What has changed in 2000 years? What has changed. The world is no better off morality or spiritually than it was when Jesus was alive. Is it?

Maybe the God you worship is not the real God. Because the REAL God is of purer eyes than to behold evil.



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