Did God Create Everything Or Not


If God created EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING means EVERYTHING…that would have to include all the bad…wouldn’t it? Or, do we make up excuses for the bad, like FREE WILL? If we do have free will and we can use it to create bad, then it seems we are Gods also…if we can created things that eliminate Gods all good ccreation…and isn’t that what bad does, eliminates the good?



Oh, EVERYTHING God created was Good. If EVERYTHING God   created was good, where did the BAD THOUGHTS  that are used for mans free will come from?



Wouldn’t that include ALL thoughts? Either God created EVERYTHING GOOD or He didn’t. Including ALL thoughts.

What was or is  the point of a God creating a world and all it contains, a world he called VERY GOOD and was created for God’s Glory and …glory means ‘extreme happiness,’ …if God was going to let man create bad?

Does God get ‘extreme happiness,’ as He watches his creation do the most horrible of things? Think, does the world and all it contains really give God ‘extreme happiness?

Something is wrong with God if He finds it necessary to give man free will to create terribly bad things and then sit and watch it all. Totally  unrealistic to believe God can know bad and He would have to  if it exist…and worst, he lets  ALL  His creation suffer…and all creation does suffer from bad.  Does that mean the GOOD God created no longer exist.

Did you ever wonder how the  bad of a few could cause the entire world of Gods creating to suffer? And yes, all mankind suffers, even the good ones. Something is wrong with all this…don’t you think?

Have you ever wondered why God is such a mystery after all this time, or did you ever question why an all Loving God would allow man to create all this bad stuff in a world God called Good?    It just does not make sense.

So…Which God do you call God?

The God of our Fathers


The First God

Maybe it’s time man took it upon his own self  to find out  Who, What and Where is the Real God…instead of being told by RELIGIONS and BOOKS.



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