Words Means Thoughts


Let’s dedective28 investigate and see what we find about this Bible verse.

Looking at the meaning for ‘word,‘ we find it comes from, ‘logas,’ which means, ‘thought.’ So then…In the beginning was the THOUGHT, and the THOUGHT was with God, and the THOUGHT was God.

Think about that. Before God could create, wouldn’t He first have to have a THOUGHT about what he was going to create?

It was God’s THOUGHT that caused everything. And since the THOUGHTS were God’s, they were in Him and that means His THOUGHTS were Him. Just like our THOUGHTS are us.


And Gods THOUGHT was made flesh. Flesh means, ‘body, and  body means, ‘person.’

Since we are referred to as a ‘person,’ we will need to know what a person is. Person is defined as a ‘perception  in the mind.’ As a person, you begin as a ‘perception in the mind’…a perception in Gods mind…as a THOUGHT. As His Word.


Every THOUGHT of God is Pure. Pure means, ‘not mixed.’ If every THOUGHT  of God’s is  Pure…then they are not mixed with any BAD thoughts. AND neither should our THOUGHTS.


We should live with every Word, every THOUGHT on God.

Are you?


httpwww.publicdomainpictures.netview-image.phpimage=22134&picture=bible‘What? Came the word, the THOUGHT OF God…out from you?

What comes out from us? THOUGHTS. THOUGHTS about God…they are what should always be coming out from us.

Words you say or hear can be interpreted in many ways…THOUGHTS  are what we along interpret.

What ‘thoughts’ are coming out of you?

AND…how are you interrupting them?


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Bible God

God tells us he made EVERYTHING VERY good and he rested to enjoy all HE had made.  So, if God make EVERYTHING good, how did bad come about?

Oh….Wait, There’s More…

It seems God changed his mind and now tells us he made good and bad.



No wonder I do not believe in the Bible God.

If  the Bible God takes full credit for all the bad things in this world, then why do people think it was the Devil? Or Satan?

So…did God create everything VERY GOOD or did God created everything GOOD and BAD?

I do think there is talk of a real God in the Bible, just not in plain everyday words….but He can be found when I dedective28    investigate the Bible writings  and the parables I find.

Remember Jesus is the one who said the Bible was not easy to understand.

It’s easy for us to read the Bible written by man and if what we read doesn’t make much sense, we just ignore the fact and go out and try to be good….because that’s what The Bible God    tells us…among many other not so good things…

But if you really want to know  God….it takes a lot of work and a lot of listening and a lot of thinking… to find  The Real God 



If you want more about the Bible and the Bible God


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