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All Is Vanity




With help from  a dictionary, lets do  a little dedective28 investigating .

Vanity means, ‘vain.

Vain’ means,‘no real value and serves no purpose.’

  Why would David and Solomon believe that all that they saw in the world had no real value and nothing they saw served any real purpose?

Vain means,
‘empty,’ which is ‘lacking  of thought or awareness.’

Since nothing in this world was filling King David and Solomon, then it must have been things NOT of this world that they needed and wanted. Did David and Solomon  want to be ‘aware’ of the things of Gods world? Did they want  the Kingdom of God… instead of their earthy treasures? It seems that is what they are  saying.

Think of that. Both these men  had it all  and still were not at peace. They  lacked, but it was not a material lack, it was a spiritual lack.

Seriously stop a minute and think. Do you think you have it all? Enough money? Enough health? Enough love? Enough of the things of this world? If you do, are you not still ‘lacking something? A lack you feel deep within you? And maybe you too, feel a ‘bit empty. If you do, its God you are lacking.


How many years ago did  David, and  Solomon say the same thing and still no one GETS IT. The real treasures are the ones found in the Kingdom of Gods Consciousness. In the Spiritual Realm…that INNER REALM.

Do you have much, and still feel some kind of a lack? If so, stop being vain, and devote more time to KNOWING God? UNDERSTANDING God. That is the only way to be fulfilled. The only way to have real lasting PEACE.



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I was born with an Inquiring Mind and I love all things weird. Weird like UFO'S-Mysticism-Ancient Beings-Really ODD stuff found in the Bible. I do not believe in the reality that has been handed down to me. I believe there is only one Reality....Consciousness. I was also born with a great spiritual desire ...which does NOT include any religion or their beliefs.

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