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The First God

5546445177_3251db342c_mThe very first God the Bible tells us about, is a Good God.This first All Good God, is the God that make the first male and female     just like Himself. In His likeness.

‘And this first God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.

If man would only stop there and live his entire life from ONLY what this first God said, and totally forget the second God who was so different from the first God…then  man would live a long happy safe life….BECAUSE there is only GOOD, VERY GOOD stuff  to experience. At least according to the first God.

But no, man had to change things, and by not staying faithful to the first God, man finds a different kind of God. A God who is made in MANS likeness, and who is a God who says   HE is the creator of all things. Good and bad.

This second God takes full credit for all the good and BAD things in this world. This God told the world that he was the one that created evil, so why do people think it was the Devil? Or Satan?

And this second God  takes credit for creating male and female…but this man and women were NOT created in the second Gods image and likeness. Nope, they were made from DUST. And dust means, ‘something of no worth.’


The second God is angry a lot and its because he created man from DUST…from something of ‘no worth’, so what does he expect?


So, the question is     did God create everything VERY GOOD?

Or did God created everything GOOD and BAD? AND since there are two kinds of God, which one  is yours?

You can not say the first, if you believe most of whats in the Old Testament, because there are very FEW mentions of the first God in the Old Testament. So why are we told to read it…since most of us will not UNDERSTAND what is being said?

To me, only a few of the Bible writers had a clue as to the Real First God.

So, for you to find the FIRST GOD…get YOUR own Wisdom and Understanding…. AND how  do we do that?  Ask the first God about  things to come concerning you. 

The first God has to be the one saying this, because He make everything ALL GOOD and it is his pleasure  to give you anything he created.

But the second God does nothing for his DUST created man and woman. He lets them spend a life time of struggling and praying and  all for nothing….BECAUSE HE IS NOT GOD and he does not care about them….BECAUSE He DOES NOT EXIST….and if man had UNDERSTANDING, he would know this.

It might be very wise to stay with the first God and when you venture out into the rest of the Bible writings, do deep     dedective28 investigating into what you are reading and not simply accept the simple words.


This is what I think the First God, the ONLY God would say to us.


You  will not be saved by a God that creates evil, because why would he want to save  you …if you are of no worth?



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I was born with an Inquiring Mind and I love all things weird. Weird like UFO'S-Mysticism-Ancient Beings-Really ODD stuff found in the Bible. I do not believe in the reality that has been handed down to me. I believe there is only one Reality....Consciousness. I was also born with a great spiritual desire ...which does NOT include any religion or their beliefs.

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