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The Ascension

File:Jesus ascending to heaven.jpg The  Bible tell us  Jesus  ascended up to heaven. But is that true?

If in fact Jesus did ascend, why is there only one account of his ascension in the original Gospels? Especially since we are told, eleven of Jesus disciples watched him ascend? So, why did only one mention it in his writings?

If Jesus did ascend, why didn’t Matthew tell us about it?AND Matthew does NOT tell us of any ascension.

Why…if Jesus really did ascend?

File:BookOfDurrowBeginMarkGospel.jpg AND the original writings in Mark do not tell us about Jesus ascending…NO…that part was added 100’s of years later.

Luke is the only original author in the New Testament to mention the ascension of Jesus, but in only a few words.  Jesus was carried up to heaven.

You have to wonder why none of the other  disciples  mentioned it. Again out of 11 disciples that supposedly  watched it, only Luke mentions it. Isn’t that weird?


So then, exactly what good was his dying if he didn’t prove to ALL …that he indeed was the Son send from God? Proving it FIRST, by not being put on the cross.

SECOND, he could have PROVED by not supposedly dying?

   THIRD, he could have  PROVED to the world by  showing himself to the world, and not only to a few friends?

Fourth, he could have proved to the world by having COME BACK.  And he has NOT,

Any of these four events, Jesus could have  used to PROVE to the world that he was special. He was in fact the SON OF GOD…God his Father, a Father who would NOT let those things happen to his son.

Now the big question…. what good was his dying? His coming back from his death? And what good was his ascending?  What has changed 2000 years later? How is man and the world any different from then? NOTHING, nothing has changed 2000 years later.

BECAUSE NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  So what was the point?

To understand the Bible, you MUST do your OWN and ask your INNER Spirit to give you UNDERSTANDING, for the Bible is confusing.





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