Do you spend a lot of time with your Bible, trying to get knowledge about God…but are never able to come to the real knowledge of the truths, so that you can prove them? Well you are not alone.

Most likely you, like most, think you have the knowledge….But do you? Because we can not know God without the real KNOWLEDGE. And what is  the ‘knowledge’ that we need in order to prove what we are told?

We first need to understand what the meaning of knowledge is.

So lets   dedective28          investigate that word .

Knowledge means, ‘knowing, facts and truths from INVESTIGATION.’

So…are the ‘facts and truths’ you know…from your own ‘investigations? Because Job was told by God, that there are those who preach to us, but they have no facts, no knowledge of the the truths they tell you.

Yes, we are told that a lot of the leaders of our religions mean well…but they do not have the knowledge…the real facts   of God or the truths about God.

Solomon told us to get away from the foolish men and women who teach us our KNOWLEDGE…IF…if they can not PROVE what they teach us…because they do not have real KNOWLEDGEif they do not PROVE it.

Does the KNOWLEDGE  you now have do you any good, other than maybe making you feel better that you are trying to know Him aright? Has any of your knowledge been able to heal you, give you a better healthier, longer, safer, loving world? And most important has your present knowledge brought you face to face with God?

Probably no, because Jesus tells us that the KNOWLEDGE, the facts and truths are hid WITHIN us.   Within, and are not found in this realm…Not found in  a BOOK? A MAN? A Belief? So if your KNOWLEDGE is from anyone or anything in this world, then be assured you do not have the KNOWLEDGE nor the FACTS nor the TRUTHS…at least that’s what King Solomon tells us.

So with that said…if you really want KNOWLEDGE, the FACTS and the TRUTH about God…ASK GOD. Why ask man for what does he know? Just go WITHIN and ask God personally…and you will be given the real KNOWLEDGE. The real FACTS and the real TRUTH… Straight from  GOD.


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All Is Vanity




With help from  a dictionary, lets do  a little dedective28 investigating .

Vanity means, ‘vain.

Vain’ means,‘no real value and serves no purpose.’

  Why would David and Solomon believe that all that they saw in the world had no real value and nothing they saw served any real purpose?

Vain means,
‘empty,’ which is ‘lacking  of thought or awareness.’

Since nothing in this world was filling King David and Solomon, then it must have been things NOT of this world that they needed and wanted. Did David and Solomon  want to be ‘aware’ of the things of Gods world? Did they want  the Kingdom of God… instead of their earthy treasures? It seems that is what they are  saying.

Think of that. Both these men  had it all  and still were not at peace. They  lacked, but it was not a material lack, it was a spiritual lack.

Seriously stop a minute and think. Do you think you have it all? Enough money? Enough health? Enough love? Enough of the things of this world? If you do, are you not still ‘lacking something? A lack you feel deep within you? And maybe you too, feel a ‘bit empty. If you do, its God you are lacking.


How many years ago did  David, and  Solomon say the same thing and still no one GETS IT. The real treasures are the ones found in the Kingdom of Gods Consciousness. In the Spiritual Realm…that INNER REALM.

Do you have much, and still feel some kind of a lack? If so, stop being vain, and devote more time to KNOWING God? UNDERSTANDING God. That is the only way to be fulfilled. The only way to have real lasting PEACE.



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The Human Body


When I read the Bible do I take the time to think about what I am reading and what it actually means?Because it is the Bible that I read that  I am NOT in or of a body.

Do I Have A Body?

Well of course  I think I do because I can see and feel it. But do I really have a body? Maybe not.

And where is that found?  And just what does it say.   How about in  Romans,

You are not in your flesh, your body…you are in the spirit.”

It could not be said any clearer, ‘I am NOT in my fleshly body. 


The Bible tells  me, I am  IN the ‘spirit.’  NOT the body.

Do I know what the ‘spirit’ is….  or do I think I know?

Knowing and thinking are different.

Paul did believe our bodies are NOT  ours. 

He said  your body is Gods temple. Not ours, but Gods.

stpaul  Paul said that  the  things ( our body) which are seen…


He said the things   which are NOT SEEN…ARE REAL.

He also said that even if I say my ” body is real…it is a lie.

AND John also said very clearly that I am not to judge what I see. That would include my body. Wouldn’t it?

I do judge how it looks. How it feels…in fact I am always judging my body…even though the Bible tells me not to…




That’s where I exist…In THE SPIRIT. Not a body.

Could, is my Spirit my own Consciousness?

Probably, because  I cannot exist without Consciousness?

No it has to be where ever I am.

I wonder why for so many thousands of years, everyone reads and swears by their Bibles…but do not follow the instructions it gives. Weird.





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Why Does God Allow Suffering


Being children of God, sons of God is repeated throughout the Bible. If we too are sons of God, then  we be should not be any different than Jesus?

Have you ever wondered why God, the father of Jesus, and the father of us didn’t and doesn’t stop our suffering?

Oh yeah, I forgot…we are told, by man, that God made his son Jesus  suffer for our sins. Suffer not for his sins, but ours.   So why do we have to suffer if Jesus did it for us?

What loving parent would punish ALL their children for the sins of one? Or two or even thousands…if they had done nothing wrong? Personally I would NEVER let my children suffer. EVER. No matter what. BUT…it seems God, our father does want us to suffer. All his children, even the ones that DO all they can to be perfect in His eyes, he makes then suffer too.

Why did God make Jesus suffer for our sins? Why not just make each of us suffer according to our individual sins? THINK ABOUT THAT.

 starving people arizona starving indians

What possible sins could this boy and millions more like him… have done that God had to make them suffer?

Not only that….but think about it…it’s been well over 2000 years that Jesus died for us…and what exactly has it accomplished? NOTHING. NOTHING. So…just exactly what did the suffering and dying of Jesus do?  And just what after 2000 years has any of our suffering done?

What is wrong with this God?

Oh, wait…maybe its not God that has something wrong…maybe it’s MAN. Maybe it is WE who are wrong about God. Could it be possible we all have been taught WRONG, about God?

More than likely…and more than likely its because WE do not know the Truth about God. And until we do…We suffer…not for our sins….BUT for not knowing the truth.


Maybe, just maybe we have not yet found out the truth about God…not mans god, but about the real God…the God who we have yet to know.Yet to UNDERSTAND   Because we do not know where to REALLY find Him.

Is our lack of knowing the truth due to us not having Wisdom- Knowledge-Understanding….of who and what God really is about? And that is why we are told…..


Maybe its time we ALL need to forget what we have been taught about God…by man, and go do some deep     dedective28investigating on our own  HOW?  First by getting the original meanings of words and then by going straight to the Source.

That ‘spirit’ within in us all. That’s how. And maybe if you are quiet enough…you will hear the God WHO IS NOT MADE IN MANS IMAGE…speak to you and give you the UNDERSTANDING you need in order to KNOW the TRUTH…so you can Know GOD ARIGHT.

And how do we  contact  God?





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The First God

5546445177_3251db342c_mThe very first God the Bible tells us about, is a Good God.This first All Good God, is the God that make the first male and female     just like Himself. In His likeness.

‘And this first God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.

If man would only stop there and live his entire life from ONLY what this first God said, and totally forget the second God who was so different from the first God…then  man would live a long happy safe life….BECAUSE there is only GOOD, VERY GOOD stuff  to experience. At least according to the first God.

But no, man had to change things, and by not staying faithful to the first God, man finds a different kind of God. A God who is made in MANS likeness, and who is a God who says   HE is the creator of all things. Good and bad.

This second God takes full credit for all the good and BAD things in this world. This God told the world that he was the one that created evil, so why do people think it was the Devil? Or Satan?

And this second God  takes credit for creating male and female…but this man and women were NOT created in the second Gods image and likeness. Nope, they were made from DUST. And dust means, ‘something of no worth.’


The second God is angry a lot and its because he created man from DUST…from something of ‘no worth’, so what does he expect?


So, the question is     did God create everything VERY GOOD?

Or did God created everything GOOD and BAD? AND since there are two kinds of God, which one  is yours?

You can not say the first, if you believe most of whats in the Old Testament, because there are very FEW mentions of the first God in the Old Testament. So why are we told to read it…since most of us will not UNDERSTAND what is being said?

To me, only a few of the Bible writers had a clue as to the Real First God.

So, for you to find the FIRST GOD…get YOUR own Wisdom and Understanding…. AND how  do we do that?  Ask the first God about  things to come concerning you. 

The first God has to be the one saying this, because He make everything ALL GOOD and it is his pleasure  to give you anything he created.

But the second God does nothing for his DUST created man and woman. He lets them spend a life time of struggling and praying and  all for nothing….BECAUSE HE IS NOT GOD and he does not care about them….BECAUSE He DOES NOT EXIST….and if man had UNDERSTANDING, he would know this.

It might be very wise to stay with the first God and when you venture out into the rest of the Bible writings, do deep     dedective28 investigating into what you are reading and not simply accept the simple words.


This is what I think the First God, the ONLY God would say to us.


You  will not be saved by a God that creates evil, because why would he want to save  you …if you are of no worth?



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The Ascension

File:Jesus ascending to heaven.jpg The  Bible tell us  Jesus  ascended up to heaven. But is that true?

If in fact Jesus did ascend, why is there only one account of his ascension in the original Gospels? Especially since we are told, eleven of Jesus disciples watched him ascend? So, why did only one mention it in his writings?

If Jesus did ascend, why didn’t Matthew tell us about it?AND Matthew does NOT tell us of any ascension.

Why…if Jesus really did ascend?

File:BookOfDurrowBeginMarkGospel.jpg AND the original writings in Mark do not tell us about Jesus ascending…NO…that part was added 100’s of years later.

Luke is the only original author in the New Testament to mention the ascension of Jesus, but in only a few words.  Jesus was carried up to heaven.

You have to wonder why none of the other  disciples  mentioned it. Again out of 11 disciples that supposedly  watched it, only Luke mentions it. Isn’t that weird?


So then, exactly what good was his dying if he didn’t prove to ALL …that he indeed was the Son send from God? Proving it FIRST, by not being put on the cross.

SECOND, he could have PROVED by not supposedly dying?

   THIRD, he could have  PROVED to the world by  showing himself to the world, and not only to a few friends?

Fourth, he could have proved to the world by having COME BACK.  And he has NOT,

Any of these four events, Jesus could have  used to PROVE to the world that he was special. He was in fact the SON OF GOD…God his Father, a Father who would NOT let those things happen to his son.

Now the big question…. what good was his dying? His coming back from his death? And what good was his ascending?  What has changed 2000 years later? How is man and the world any different from then? NOTHING, nothing has changed 2000 years later.

BECAUSE NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  So what was the point?

To understand the Bible, you MUST do your OWN and ask your INNER Spirit to give you UNDERSTANDING, for the Bible is confusing.





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Did Jesus Die on The Cross

Did Jesus  Did On The Cross

Did He? Maybe  AND  Maybe not.


Lets do some dedective28   investigating.

First we find that while on the cross someone went up to Jesus and gave him something to drink. It is possible that there may have been something in the drink to knock Jesus out so it appeared he was dead, and then he could be taken down. I know…BUT…it is a possibility.

Once Jesus is supposedly dead, Joseph asks  Pilate for the body.  The question is, why was Pilate  so surprised that Jesus was already dead? So surprised, he had to verify it.  So then it is a possibly that Jesus was not dead, just appearing dead.

AND in order for Jesus to die in 3 to 6 hours, his legs would have had to be been broken…and they were not.

Now it gets a little weird. Later that night Nicodemus brings a a large bag with a mixture of Myrrh and Aloes to the tomb. Now it seems that Joseph may have stayed with Jesus all day, for it doesn’t say he came back with Nicodemus, but was already there. AND, why did he have to wait until night? Was it so that he would not be seen? Why else.

AND, why didn’t Joseph already have the Myrrh and Aloe waiting in the tomb?  Could it have been because he believed Jesus would be dead when he was brought to the tomb?


Myrrh  is used as an antiseptic and for helping in preventing inflammation and anti bacterial use. It was used to clean wounds and to prevent infection. And Aloe is also used to heal wounds  and is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Is that why it was brought to the tomb…to help heal the wounds?

So it is possible that when they took Jesus body to the tomb, they discovered he was not dead? And since they didn’t want anyone else to know…they waited for late night to take the Aloe and Myrrh to see if they could keep Jesus alive?

KEEP JESUS ALIVE?  Did they use the Myrrh and Aloe to help Jesus….BECAUSE  as far as I could find…there was no embalming used in Israel 2000 years ago. Yes Egyptians and others embalmed their dead, but not the Jewish people.

Something to at least think about.


The first written account of the death of  Jesus was written 12-30 years after he died.


The account of the death of Jesus was then translated into many other languages, and you can be sure each time it was translated, it would be changed. Changed by how the Scribe doing the translating believed it was to read. So think, with so many years of oral stories long before they were written, how they too must have been altered.

So the truth is…we do NOT KNOW THE TRUTH…we only know what we have been programed by the religions to believe. Sad, but true.

After completing the above, I went in search of a video and was really SURPRISED  to find one that was all most identical to what I had found in my dedective28 investigation.


On the video at first I thought it was Islam, but everything in this video is taken from our Bible…



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