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Unanswered Prayer


  If  God doesn’t answer our prayers?

And when God doesn’t answer, do you simply say, well I guess it’s God’s will that I suffer. I must be a sinner. I must deserve this. It’s not God’s time, or so many other things to help you justify why   God doesn’t answer you…So again…If your God is not going to answer your prayers, why pray?

Maybe we should find out why God does not answer our prayers…and the first place we find out why is in the Bible. God doesn’t answer us because we ask, amiss…and we want God to fulfill our lusts.

So…its OUR LUSTS …that keeps God from answering us.

So what is our lust? Lets investigate and find out.

First we need to understand some meanings for the word, ‘amiss,‘ which  means to ‘miss,’ and ‘miss’ is to be ‘unsuccessful.’ And why are we unsuccessful with our prayers? Maybe because ‘amiss’ means  ‘not in accordance with requirements.‘ Requirements?

What ‘requirements’ do we need when we pray?

Well how about this requirement…


This is a prayer God can answer…because true prayer is asking to know God better… Nor to make our personal lives better And when finished with this type of prayer, we are told…


      Be still, and LISTEN. Is that how you end your prayer to God?

Is that how you pray? Or are you so busy telling God about your worldly wants…your worldly desires  that have nothing to do with knowing God better?

Amiss also means “to miss the meaning of.” Does that mean we are missing the meaning of praying? Maybe, since our prayers are NOT answered.

We pray amiss when we pray to satisfy our lusts. Did you know that yes, we/you do… have lusts? And because of our ‘lusts’… we do… ‘pray amiss’…and  our prayers go unanswered.

So now the question is…what do we do about our ‘lust.’  Guess we better  dedective29investigating  the word to understand it better so we can get rid of all our ‘lusts.’


Lust is ‘desire’ and desires are ‘wanting or craving for something that brings satisfaction, pleasure.’ 

Looking at the words ‘ satisfaction and  pleasure’ we find they mean, ‘worldly.’ Thats not good because we have been told that we are NOT to love or want…anything of or from this world….

If you think about it…isn’t that what we want when we pray? To have something that brings US satisfaction and pleasure, be it health, wealth, love, home, car, jobs, travel, fame…. and ect. ect….These are our ‘lusts.‘ AND, they have nothing to do with knowing God better.

Lust is, ‘personal pleasure.’  Pleasure’ is, ‘a person’s choice’. OUR choice…Not Gods choice, but OUR  choice.’ That means that your prayers are not answered because you are praying for YOUR choice. You pray to make things better for you and your world. Your prayers are for you. Prayers are used to know God.

You see, no matter if you are praying for you, your family, friends or the world…you ‘ pray amiss’, because if your prayer were answered, it would be ‘satisfying  your lust‘. Satisfying  ‘your choice’ of how things should be.

Think about it, is it not true that when you pray and ask God for something, it is so you can ‘satisfy your ‘lust’? To ‘satisfy your choice‘ for someone or something?

What’s wrong with us? Why don’t we understand that ALL …that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, which  is of the world…and has nothing to do with God?  It is our  lusts of this world that  keep our prayers from being answered.

Since most of your prayers go unanswered, maybe you might consider a different way to pray. I like how Joel Goldsmith tells us to pray. He tells us, “Close your eyes and pray for anything you want…anything…that is NOT of this world”.
That would seem hard, wouldn’t it…to pray without asking for something in or for this world? Hard not to pray for something you want God to do for you. But that is what you must do if you want to pray aright and not amiss.

Remember, you are praying in the wrong way if you are asking God for ANYTHING pertaining to ‘this world’. When you pray aright you can ask God for ANYTHING that is and has nothing to do with ‘this world’

Nope…our prayers are only to make US feel better about things that concern us. And somehow we never seem to remember… ‘It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.’

Asking for Gods Kingdom  is true praying. Yep… praying for Gods Kingdom is the only….ONLY prayer we should pray. At least in my opinion.

The next time you go to pray….Remember


There is NOTHING for you to ever want. So there is NEVER anything to ask God for… Remember that the next time you pray….and see what happens.


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4 responses to “Unanswered Prayer

  1. I can’t imagine that it is God’s will that we suffer, As individuals we do enough to ourselves in that area.

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