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Do You Understand The Scriptures?

bibleDo You Understand The Scriptures

If you think you do…where did you get your understanding?  And how do you know you are correctly understanding what the Scriptures are really saying? You think you do…but do you really?

So if you do, then think about this. Jesus didn’t think his disciples understood them. If they couldn’t … how can we? And how do we know the disciples didn’t understand them? Because Jesus said they didn’t. Jesus said to them… ‘You still don’t understand?

Again…if the disciples didn’t understand the Scriptures… what makes us think we do?  Do we understand better than the disciples? Its obvious man does not understand because man  is not able to prove anything he reads.

So we need to know if  we do truly understand? And we do that by???

Well according to Jesus, the disciples didn’t understand because their understanding was not opened. If theirs was not opened, then neither is ours.  And if Jesus had to opened their understanding, so that they might understand what the Scriptures were really saying…who will open ours?

Open is to,’make plain,’ and plain is ‘clear to the mind.’   Clear  to the one reading the Scriptures.

Who opens our mind? Man? If man, then maybe we have not been given the correct understanding of what is written…For what does man know? Surely not more than Jesus’ disciples.

So why would we want to learn from man, who may only thinks, he understands the Scriptures, when in fact… he just might not… because if the disciples didn’t understand the Bible, how can whoever teaches us?

For, those who profess to have understanding of the Scriptures, what is THEIR understanding, founded on? You have to wonder…who opened their minds?  And you have to wonder, where did they get our instruction? Instruction,  which means to teach? Who taught those that teach us. Teach you?

It’s important you know  because we are told that the instruction of fools is folly. Folly means, ’lack of understanding’. Is it possible that the ones that taught us, you…did lack in understanding…like the disciples? Is it possible we are fools? Fools because WE do not do OUR own investigating?

According to ancient David, the only way anyone could get understanding was through Gods own words, not from the words man has written down in a book…  and then taught the way they should understand them.

And we will not get our understanding from words man preaches at us. No, we are told that it is GODS own words…not mans…that will tell us how to understand the Scriptures.

Jesus said the kingdom of God was a mystery.  A  mystery is,truth that is unknowable except by divine revelation.’ Divine Revelation. Not man’s personal revelation.Maybe that’s why Paul wanted to hear directly from the mouth of God, so he could, understand the MYSTERY of the Scriptures.

And guess what…not only is  God a mystery, but so is the Father and so is Jesus. Did you know that? Does anyone know that? I didn’t. I wonder how much more….I…WE…don’t understand about God-Father-Son-Holy Ghost -Jesus-Heaven and the Bible. Because we don’t have any real understanding.



Maybe we don’t understand that this word means, ‘knowledge,’ and knowledge is, ‘acquaintance with facts and truths from investigation.’ FROM INVESTIGATION. Investigation is , ‘careful search in order to discover  facts and truths’… in order to UNDERSTAND the Scriptures.

Are the facts and truths you have…from your OWN investigation? Or are the facts and understanding you have from others? Investigation means, ‘careful search in order to discover facts.’


We lack understanding  because we will not do our own investigation of finding the facts or investigating to find truths. We go to church and have someone tell us what he THINKS the Scriptures mean.

And we just read the words in the Bible even if they  don’t make sense. And because they do not made sense…we never get to know God…because  ‘know’ means to, ‘be acquainted with by experience.’

Don’t you think we/you might need… UNDERSTANDING?

Remember, Jesus thought we did.

We each need to do our own  investigating.


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