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Why Do You Believe


 Do you know how you came to believe all you believe? And what does it mean to …believe? And why do we ‘believe in’ anything at all?

Lets go investigate  some different meanings for the word.

To believe in,  means to be,persuaded of the truth or existence of ‘ something. Have you been PERSUADED…to know God the way you know Him?

Persuade is to ‘convince’ and convince is to, ‘achieved by argument or by promise of reward.’ Isn’t that what religions do….they do their best to convince us that they KNOW the real God and then use arguments and promises of rewards by God…if we follow what they tell us.

Does God really need religious leaders to convince us that there is a God? Wouldn’t that be Gods job? Yes…so…ask.

Believe is to,  ‘have confidence in the assertions of  (a person). Or a religion. Or a  book.

Believe means to ‘have confidence/faith,’ in something…someone, without absolute proof that it is true.’  Isn’t that what our religions want us to do? Have faith…without proof?

 2052931999_70b17d7c0a_mmeans to ‘assume’ and that means to ‘take for granted without proof.’ And is that not what we do…just assume and take for granted without proof…that there is a God…because we have been convinced by our religious leaders? And don’t we just take for granted that our religion is the only one that knows about God?

When you believe something, you are believing it for one of three reasons. First you have ‘evidence.’ Evidence though is not always as it appears.

Mankind believes what the evidence shows him.


That means that evidence is not what you should base your believing on. You base your beliefs on the proof of something. Until there is proof, there is only opinions  and those opinions  are…without absolute proof that something is true. Only by being able to prove something… makes it true.

Proof is a, ‘truth.’  2+2=4. That is a ‘truth’ and NOTHING can ever change it. If something is ‘true’ and not a  handed down opinion… it is forever, and will not change over time.

The second reason we believe something is true, is because of, ‘tradition.’ Tradition is the ‘handing down of beliefs, from generation to generation of old long-established ways of thinking.’

A good example of  tradition,  is religion.Are not religions nothing more than the handing down of old beliefs, from generation to generation of old long-established ways of thinking?  But what actual PROOF of God does your religion  give you?

What Proof…not words… Not ancient writings…but actual PROOF..does your religion have?

The third reason we believe something is true ,is from the religious ‘authority,’ Authority means the ‘power or right to direct the thoughts of others.’ Isn’t that what all religions do…direct our thoughts the way they want them? Then you believe what you have been directed to believe…so it must be true.

All we  know of God….is what we have been taught by those with authority?

Question Authority photo thumbnailCAUSQCAK.jpg

Haven’t we all   just sort of cruised though life accepting and believing  the  handed down of beliefs  of long ago-established ways of thinking about God…because WE HAVE BEEN CONVINCED...that THEY know who and what God is?

Convinced without actual proof that there is a God and He is this way or that way. So as it stands now, all the religious followers in the world…you included…you  only  believe in and about God from the handed down beliefs of those in authority.

Since you really have no proof of God…why not go directly to God to get the truths and the proofs and  not  be a fool.

And then once you have asked God..


You will be FREE from the handed down beliefs about God. FREE from all you have been CONVINCED was true about God. And once FREE from the handed down beliefs…you will begin to want your OWN understanding of God…Understanding you get directly from God. Then YOU will know God personally. And your BELIEVING will be based on Facts, followed by Proofs.

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I was born with an Inquiring Mind and I love all things weird. Weird like UFO'S-Mysticism-Ancient Beings-Really ODD stuff found in the Bible. I do not believe in the reality that has been handed down to me. I believe there is only one Reality....Consciousness. I was also born with a great spiritual desire ...which does NOT include any religion or their beliefs.

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