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What Are Corrupted Places


The whole verse reads.

‘I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:’….So what does that mean.

Lets do  some    investigating of the  word meanings and see what this saying may be saying more clearly.

First we are told that God will go BEFORE us …so that means before we reach any place in thought or experience…God was there first… and God will make the crooked places straight. What are crooked places? To know that we need to know what crooked means.

Crooked means to ‘bend ’ …which is to ‘go in a different and turn attention.’

Crooked means, ‘fraudulent’ which means to ‘deceive’ which is ‘to mislead by false appearances.’

Fraudulent is a ‘sham,’ which means ‘false,’ which means ‘seeming to be real.’

Now lets look at the ending  words.

I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:’ 
Break means to ‘dissolve’ and that means to ‘bring to an end.’

Gate means  ‘open’  and open is to, ‘make clear to the mind.’ 

Brass breaks means,’ material stuff.’ Cut is to ‘delete. get rid of. ’

Sunder means, ‘apart.’ Bar, ‘to divert.’ Iron ‘to stop.’

3600682272_786efbb371_mOkay now lets see how it reads with these dictionary meanings taken in the order they were said.

I will go before you so you will not turn your attention from me and be mislead by judging the false appearances that seem real.

I will go before you to bring an end and to make clear to your mind that the material appearances will no longer divert your attention, and keep us apart. And I will go before you to stop all that deceives you…. Because all I made, I called Very Good.

Doesn’t reading that way make more sense? To me it does, because when we do turn out attention from God and go in the direction of this world we find sin, sickness, diseases and all form of evils. And we end up bowing down to them and making gods of them and serving them.

You see our attention can only be in one place at a time, so when we go in the direction of this world, out attention is taken off God…and placed on the  crooked things that will deceive us.

Maybe that is why we are not to conform, which means to ‘agree’ with anything in this world because this world does not conform, agree with Gods world of perfection. And the only way to stop being deceived is to get back to Gods world is to go back to renew your mind by turning your attention back to God.

And we end with the word, ‘straight’ because the I is going before us to make the crooked places straight, so we need to know what ‘straight’ means.

Straight means, ‘not bent, not crooked… and continuing in the same direction without deviating. And what direction are we suppose to go in? The direction of within…because that is where you will know that there is only ONE God and  your mind will not be misled by worldly appearances and you will no longer acknowledge anything crooked....and you will….

13146203575_983c620efc_mAND YOU WILL



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