Resist Not Evil

6181428039_828440b8cf_mJesus told us NOT  To Resist Evil.  Why would anyone, NOT want to resist anything  evil? But according to Jesus…we are NOT to resist anything evil.

Maybe its time to investigate and see what Jesus may have really been saying.

Looking at a meaning for ‘evil,‘ we find it means, ‘bad,’ which means, ‘incorrect’ which means, ‘untrue, and contrary to facts.’

  And according to my dictionary, ‘evil’ also means…’human ignorance.’ So was Jesus telling us that evil, the bad stuff was because of our ignorance and not according to facts?

Ignorance means, ‘lack of understanding.’ As we know, all through the Bible we are told to get understanding.

So was Jesus trying to tell us that the UNDERSTANDING the FACTS about  God would prove there is NO evil…NO bad to resist? And due to  our wisdom of things… all we know is WRONG?

And was Jesus telling us that it was pointless to resist the evil…the bad, because the only cause of it was our human ignorance, which means, ‘lack of knowledge’ …about  God? Yes we know of God…but we sure don’t UNDERSTAND Him. …AND

Understand is to ‘accept as an agreed fact.’ The agreed FACT is…God is All. The agreed FACT is…God is the ONLY CAUSE The agreed FACT is… ALL GOD MADE WAS AND IS… GOOD.

So think now… Was Jesus really saying, don’t resist any of the ‘evils, the bad’… because its untrue? And doesn’t follow the FACTS?

Probably, because the FACTS are …God created EVERYTHING… The FACT is…God was then PLEASED… And the FACT is… God called EVERYTHING VERY GOOD.     Not just Good….But VERY GOOD. Those are FACTS. Good…not bad.

That would mean…the evils…the bad…is untrue and not according to those FACTS.

To get you FACTS …go within to your Spirit  and  be rid of your human ignorance once and for all.


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The Bible writings contain many parables. Jesus like those before him used ‘parables,’ and when asked why, he said, because they believe what they see without…and not whats within…they hear but they do not hear whats being said within…and its because they do not understand that all they need to see, hear and understand is found within them. (my interpretation)

Parables are ‘comparisons.’ 

Lets investigate Joel 2:25 and assume it’s a parable.

Locust, ‘something that strips the vegetation. Vegetation, ‘to live a life devoid of mental activity, unthinking and doing nothing.

It could be saying that the locust are those in charge, who take over the life’s of those who are not being mentally  aware of God and his Allness and are doing nothing to to get understanding of who, what and  where God is. So maybe that’s what this parable is telling us…man should be BEING MENTALLY AWARE of God.

Looking at the word ‘cankerworm,’ we find it comes from 2 words. Canker and worm. Looking at ‘canker’ we find it means, ‘something that corrupts and destroys.’ And worm’ which can mean ‘to advance slowly.’ 

So the comparison could be… slowly the leaders would  come and corrupt and destroy the people who did not follow the rulers of the time. Well isn’t that what the ancient leaders did to those who did not follow their rules? Corrupt  and destroy them?

    Next is, caterpillar, which  is ‘one who preys on others by force and robs their possessions.’ Just like the ancient rules did to those who wouldn’t obey them.

So…do you see a comparison? Do you see that the saying could have been talking about MEN and not FLYING BUGS and not WORMS?

It tells me I should be mentally aware of who I hang with and who I turn to for my understanding…so not to end up corrupted and destroyed by not understanding God and me as HIS.

You should try your own  investigating  into parables. It’s interesting.


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Unanswered Prayer


  If  God doesn’t answer our prayers?

And when God doesn’t answer, do you simply say, well I guess it’s God’s will that I suffer. I must be a sinner. I must deserve this. It’s not God’s time, or so many other things to help you justify why   God doesn’t answer you…So again…If your God is not going to answer your prayers, why pray?

Maybe we should find out why God does not answer our prayers…and the first place we find out why is in the Bible. God doesn’t answer us because we ask, amiss…and we want God to fulfill our lusts.

So…its OUR LUSTS …that keeps God from answering us.

So what is our lust? Lets investigate and find out.

First we need to understand some meanings for the word, ‘amiss,‘ which  means to ‘miss,’ and ‘miss’ is to be ‘unsuccessful.’ And why are we unsuccessful with our prayers? Maybe because ‘amiss’ means  ‘not in accordance with requirements.‘ Requirements?

What ‘requirements’ do we need when we pray?

Well how about this requirement…


This is a prayer God can answer…because true prayer is asking to know God better… Nor to make our personal lives better And when finished with this type of prayer, we are told…


      Be still, and LISTEN. Is that how you end your prayer to God?

Is that how you pray? Or are you so busy telling God about your worldly wants…your worldly desires  that have nothing to do with knowing God better?

Amiss also means “to miss the meaning of.” Does that mean we are missing the meaning of praying? Maybe, since our prayers are NOT answered.

We pray amiss when we pray to satisfy our lusts. Did you know that yes, we/you do… have lusts? And because of our ‘lusts’… we do… ‘pray amiss’…and  our prayers go unanswered.

So now the question is…what do we do about our ‘lust.’  Guess we better  dedective29investigating  the word to understand it better so we can get rid of all our ‘lusts.’


Lust is ‘desire’ and desires are ‘wanting or craving for something that brings satisfaction, pleasure.’ 

Looking at the words ‘ satisfaction and  pleasure’ we find they mean, ‘worldly.’ Thats not good because we have been told that we are NOT to love or want…anything of or from this world….

If you think about it…isn’t that what we want when we pray? To have something that brings US satisfaction and pleasure, be it health, wealth, love, home, car, jobs, travel, fame…. and ect. ect….These are our ‘lusts.‘ AND, they have nothing to do with knowing God better.

Lust is, ‘personal pleasure.’  Pleasure’ is, ‘a person’s choice’. OUR choice…Not Gods choice, but OUR  choice.’ That means that your prayers are not answered because you are praying for YOUR choice. You pray to make things better for you and your world. Your prayers are for you. Prayers are used to know God.

You see, no matter if you are praying for you, your family, friends or the world…you ‘ pray amiss’, because if your prayer were answered, it would be ‘satisfying  your lust‘. Satisfying  ‘your choice’ of how things should be.

Think about it, is it not true that when you pray and ask God for something, it is so you can ‘satisfy your ‘lust’? To ‘satisfy your choice‘ for someone or something?

What’s wrong with us? Why don’t we understand that ALL …that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, which  is of the world…and has nothing to do with God?  It is our  lusts of this world that  keep our prayers from being answered.

Since most of your prayers go unanswered, maybe you might consider a different way to pray. I like how Joel Goldsmith tells us to pray. He tells us, “Close your eyes and pray for anything you want…anything…that is NOT of this world”.
That would seem hard, wouldn’t it…to pray without asking for something in or for this world? Hard not to pray for something you want God to do for you. But that is what you must do if you want to pray aright and not amiss.

Remember, you are praying in the wrong way if you are asking God for ANYTHING pertaining to ‘this world’. When you pray aright you can ask God for ANYTHING that is and has nothing to do with ‘this world’

Nope…our prayers are only to make US feel better about things that concern us. And somehow we never seem to remember… ‘It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.’

Asking for Gods Kingdom  is true praying. Yep… praying for Gods Kingdom is the only….ONLY prayer we should pray. At least in my opinion.

The next time you go to pray….Remember


There is NOTHING for you to ever want. So there is NEVER anything to ask God for… Remember that the next time you pray….and see what happens.


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Bible and Poets


Do you know who wrote this?  Do you think it was Paul? Do you think it was Paul’s own thinking that caused him to write it for us? If you do, think again because it was not Paul’s saying?


It was a 6th Century BC,  poet named Epimenides  who wrote a poem, Cretica, and in his poem he wrote…‘For in you we live and move and have our being.’

Paul quoted from Epimenides’ Cretica, when he wrote …‘For in you we live and move and have our being.’ So it seems Paul took the saying from the Epimendes poem. It was NOT Paul’s.

When I read that long ago, I never even thought about the word ‘poet.’ Did you? Or…did you, like me, just read it and didn’t investigate the saying?

File:Aratos von Soloi.jpgAnd in the same above saying of Paul, he  again quotes, but from yet another poet, Aratus’ who was a third-century B.C. Greek poet who had written in his poem…. ‘For we are indeed his offspring.  So again Paul quoted, and it was not his own saying.

Bust of Menander  Not only did Paul quote Epimenides and Aratus’, we find he also quoted Menander and we find that quote also in Paul’s writings, when he wrote, ‘Be not deceived:

Didn’t you believe that when you read a passage, it was the original writing of the writer?  I did. I never imagined they would quote poets and who knows who else.

Just imagine, we read the Bible and we believe that what we are reading, is something said/written by the writer. But it seems we are wrong. If wrong about what we believe about the authors of the Bible being the ones to have said whatever it is we are reading…pray tell…what else do we believe that is NOT true?

If you want more on this kind of Bible Weirdness, you will have to do your OWN dedective28investigating, as I am moving on to another investigation of my own.




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Do You Understand The Scriptures?

bibleDo You Understand The Scriptures

If you think you do…where did you get your understanding?  And how do you know you are correctly understanding what the Scriptures are really saying? You think you do…but do you really?

So if you do, then think about this. Jesus didn’t think his disciples understood them. If they couldn’t … how can we? And how do we know the disciples didn’t understand them? Because Jesus said they didn’t. Jesus said to them… ‘You still don’t understand?

Again…if the disciples didn’t understand the Scriptures… what makes us think we do?  Do we understand better than the disciples? Its obvious man does not understand because man  is not able to prove anything he reads.

So we need to know if  we do truly understand? And we do that by???

Well according to Jesus, the disciples didn’t understand because their understanding was not opened. If theirs was not opened, then neither is ours.  And if Jesus had to opened their understanding, so that they might understand what the Scriptures were really saying…who will open ours?

Open is to,’make plain,’ and plain is ‘clear to the mind.’   Clear  to the one reading the Scriptures.

Who opens our mind? Man? If man, then maybe we have not been given the correct understanding of what is written…For what does man know? Surely not more than Jesus’ disciples.

So why would we want to learn from man, who may only thinks, he understands the Scriptures, when in fact… he just might not… because if the disciples didn’t understand the Bible, how can whoever teaches us?

For, those who profess to have understanding of the Scriptures, what is THEIR understanding, founded on? You have to wonder…who opened their minds?  And you have to wonder, where did they get our instruction? Instruction,  which means to teach? Who taught those that teach us. Teach you?

It’s important you know  because we are told that the instruction of fools is folly. Folly means, ’lack of understanding’. Is it possible that the ones that taught us, you…did lack in understanding…like the disciples? Is it possible we are fools? Fools because WE do not do OUR own investigating?

According to ancient David, the only way anyone could get understanding was through Gods own words, not from the words man has written down in a book…  and then taught the way they should understand them.

And we will not get our understanding from words man preaches at us. No, we are told that it is GODS own words…not mans…that will tell us how to understand the Scriptures.

Jesus said the kingdom of God was a mystery.  A  mystery is,truth that is unknowable except by divine revelation.’ Divine Revelation. Not man’s personal revelation.Maybe that’s why Paul wanted to hear directly from the mouth of God, so he could, understand the MYSTERY of the Scriptures.

And guess what…not only is  God a mystery, but so is the Father and so is Jesus. Did you know that? Does anyone know that? I didn’t. I wonder how much more….I…WE…don’t understand about God-Father-Son-Holy Ghost -Jesus-Heaven and the Bible. Because we don’t have any real understanding.



Maybe we don’t understand that this word means, ‘knowledge,’ and knowledge is, ‘acquaintance with facts and truths from investigation.’ FROM INVESTIGATION. Investigation is , ‘careful search in order to discover  facts and truths’… in order to UNDERSTAND the Scriptures.

Are the facts and truths you have…from your OWN investigation? Or are the facts and understanding you have from others? Investigation means, ‘careful search in order to discover facts.’


We lack understanding  because we will not do our own investigation of finding the facts or investigating to find truths. We go to church and have someone tell us what he THINKS the Scriptures mean.

And we just read the words in the Bible even if they  don’t make sense. And because they do not made sense…we never get to know God…because  ‘know’ means to, ‘be acquainted with by experience.’

Don’t you think we/you might need… UNDERSTANDING?

Remember, Jesus thought we did.

We each need to do our own  investigating.


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Why Do You Believe


 Do you know how you came to believe all you believe? And what does it mean to …believe? And why do we ‘believe in’ anything at all?

Lets go investigate  some different meanings for the word.

To believe in,  means to be,persuaded of the truth or existence of ‘ something. Have you been PERSUADED…to know God the way you know Him?

Persuade is to ‘convince’ and convince is to, ‘achieved by argument or by promise of reward.’ Isn’t that what religions do….they do their best to convince us that they KNOW the real God and then use arguments and promises of rewards by God…if we follow what they tell us.

Does God really need religious leaders to convince us that there is a God? Wouldn’t that be Gods job? Yes…so…ask.

Believe is to,  ‘have confidence in the assertions of  (a person). Or a religion. Or a  book.

Believe means to ‘have confidence/faith,’ in something…someone, without absolute proof that it is true.’  Isn’t that what our religions want us to do? Have faith…without proof?

 2052931999_70b17d7c0a_mmeans to ‘assume’ and that means to ‘take for granted without proof.’ And is that not what we do…just assume and take for granted without proof…that there is a God…because we have been convinced by our religious leaders? And don’t we just take for granted that our religion is the only one that knows about God?

When you believe something, you are believing it for one of three reasons. First you have ‘evidence.’ Evidence though is not always as it appears.

Mankind believes what the evidence shows him.


That means that evidence is not what you should base your believing on. You base your beliefs on the proof of something. Until there is proof, there is only opinions  and those opinions  are…without absolute proof that something is true. Only by being able to prove something… makes it true.

Proof is a, ‘truth.’  2+2=4. That is a ‘truth’ and NOTHING can ever change it. If something is ‘true’ and not a  handed down opinion… it is forever, and will not change over time.

The second reason we believe something is true, is because of, ‘tradition.’ Tradition is the ‘handing down of beliefs, from generation to generation of old long-established ways of thinking.’

A good example of  tradition,  is religion.Are not religions nothing more than the handing down of old beliefs, from generation to generation of old long-established ways of thinking?  But what actual PROOF of God does your religion  give you?

What Proof…not words… Not ancient writings…but actual PROOF..does your religion have?

The third reason we believe something is true ,is from the religious ‘authority,’ Authority means the ‘power or right to direct the thoughts of others.’ Isn’t that what all religions do…direct our thoughts the way they want them? Then you believe what you have been directed to believe…so it must be true.

All we  know of God….is what we have been taught by those with authority?

Question Authority photo thumbnailCAUSQCAK.jpg

Haven’t we all   just sort of cruised though life accepting and believing  the  handed down of beliefs  of long ago-established ways of thinking about God…because WE HAVE BEEN CONVINCED...that THEY know who and what God is?

Convinced without actual proof that there is a God and He is this way or that way. So as it stands now, all the religious followers in the world…you included…you  only  believe in and about God from the handed down beliefs of those in authority.

Since you really have no proof of God…why not go directly to God to get the truths and the proofs and  not  be a fool.

And then once you have asked God..


You will be FREE from the handed down beliefs about God. FREE from all you have been CONVINCED was true about God. And once FREE from the handed down beliefs…you will begin to want your OWN understanding of God…Understanding you get directly from God. Then YOU will know God personally. And your BELIEVING will be based on Facts, followed by Proofs.

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What Are Corrupted Places


The whole verse reads.

‘I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:’….So what does that mean.

Lets do  some    investigating of the  word meanings and see what this saying may be saying more clearly.

First we are told that God will go BEFORE us …so that means before we reach any place in thought or experience…God was there first… and God will make the crooked places straight. What are crooked places? To know that we need to know what crooked means.

Crooked means to ‘bend ’ …which is to ‘go in a different and turn attention.’

Crooked means, ‘fraudulent’ which means to ‘deceive’ which is ‘to mislead by false appearances.’

Fraudulent is a ‘sham,’ which means ‘false,’ which means ‘seeming to be real.’

Now lets look at the ending  words.

I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:’ 
Break means to ‘dissolve’ and that means to ‘bring to an end.’

Gate means  ‘open’  and open is to, ‘make clear to the mind.’ 

Brass breaks means,’ material stuff.’ Cut is to ‘delete. get rid of. ’

Sunder means, ‘apart.’ Bar, ‘to divert.’ Iron ‘to stop.’

3600682272_786efbb371_mOkay now lets see how it reads with these dictionary meanings taken in the order they were said.

I will go before you so you will not turn your attention from me and be mislead by judging the false appearances that seem real.

I will go before you to bring an end and to make clear to your mind that the material appearances will no longer divert your attention, and keep us apart. And I will go before you to stop all that deceives you…. Because all I made, I called Very Good.

Doesn’t reading that way make more sense? To me it does, because when we do turn out attention from God and go in the direction of this world we find sin, sickness, diseases and all form of evils. And we end up bowing down to them and making gods of them and serving them.

You see our attention can only be in one place at a time, so when we go in the direction of this world, out attention is taken off God…and placed on the  crooked things that will deceive us.

Maybe that is why we are not to conform, which means to ‘agree’ with anything in this world because this world does not conform, agree with Gods world of perfection. And the only way to stop being deceived is to get back to Gods world is to go back to renew your mind by turning your attention back to God.

And we end with the word, ‘straight’ because the I is going before us to make the crooked places straight, so we need to know what ‘straight’ means.

Straight means, ‘not bent, not crooked… and continuing in the same direction without deviating. And what direction are we suppose to go in? The direction of within…because that is where you will know that there is only ONE God and  your mind will not be misled by worldly appearances and you will no longer acknowledge anything crooked....and you will….

13146203575_983c620efc_mAND YOU WILL



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