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It Takes Knowledge

Paul  believed  God was a mystery and a mystery is something  that ‘remains unknown.’ Even though we seem to always be learning about God… we never seem to really gain the KNOWLEDGE to understand who, what, and where God is. Is God still a mystery to you? Probably.

If so, why? Because  we don’t have our OWN KNOWLEDGE, or our OWN FACTS or our OWN  TRUTHS about God.  And why is this? Because we did not do our OWN investigating. We leave all investigating of God to others…so we end up with THEIR knowledge. Their Facts. Their Truths and  NOT ours.

Sad. Sad because it takes PERSONAL INVESTIGATING  to get OUR OWN KNOWLEDGE to really know God. AND how do we know this? How about we do some investigating and find out.

We will dedective28 investigate the word KNOWLEDGE, since it takes KNOWLEDGE to know God aright.

What is ‘knowledge? Knowledge is ‘knowing, facts and truths, from INVESTIGATION.’  FROM PERSONAL INVESTIGATION.

That is straight from the 3600682272_786efbb371_m Read it again. KNOWLEDGE is from INVESTIGATION.

For that KNOWLEDGE of God,  WE...must do our OWN INVESTIGATING, because we do want  to have the ‘FACTS’ and  we do want  to know the ‘TRUTHS,’ …so God will not remain a mystery.

OR…do you feel you already have the KNOWLEDGE which means, do you have the FACTS and know the TRUTH of  who, what and where God is? And yes, most people do think they have the FACTS and know the TRUTH.

BUT…where did those FACTS and  TRUTHS come from? Books? Teachers? Religious Leaders?   If from this world then be assured you do not have the FACTS nor the TRUTHS about God…because God is not in or of this world…at least that’s what Paul  tells us…Notice the word ALL…in what  Paul   says.

That is probably the reason your KNOWLEDGE, of FACTS and TRUTHS do not do you much good in this world?  Understand…you have to have your OWN PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE, real provable FACTS and real know God aright. And all your KNOWLEDGE has been taught to you. It is NOT personal. And is NOT straight from God. Is it?

Job was told, supposedly by God, that there are those who preach and give us counsel…and counsel means…advice, opinions and  instructions.‘ Isn’t that what the Religious Leaders do? And yet, they have  no KNOWLEDGE , no FACTS of the the TRUTHS they tell us.

And again we are told that a lot of the leaders of our religions mean well…but they do not have the KNOWLEDGE…the real facts of God or the truths about God.

So, do you listen to the  advice, opinions and  instructions of those who may not have real KNOWLEDGE of FACTS and do not know the real TRUTHS?

You can find out by asking the ones that Counsel/Preach to you…by giving you THEIR, advice, opinions and  instructions… to PROVE what they tell you….For what good are words without PROOFS?

Most seem okay with letting someone else do the investigating…even though each person has to have his own  KNOWLEDGE of FACTS and TRUTHS… and that’s why each must do their own investigating. Why? Because words do have different meanings and by investigating them, YOU can decide on the meanings that make the sayings more real to you.

Did you know…we have been told clearly that if we want KNOWLEDGE of God,FACTS and TRUTHS of God… we have  to ASK GOD.   We are to ASK   God about all things that we want to know?

So…is God who you ask?  Or do you ask those you THINK have KNOWLEDGE? Think they have the FACTS? Think they KNOW the truth? But…Why ask man for what does he know?

Remember, you will not find KNOWLEDGE of God…in this world. BUT…you can find it WITHIN YOU. Really.

7148831015_91af7fd9c5_m  With that said…if you really want KNOWLEDGE, so you can know the FACTS and the TRUTH  about God…ASK GOD. And how do you do that? Just like Jesus told you. Go to where God is…WITHIN you.

And then….


And you will no longer be  ignorant and called a  ‘simple one’   who hates getting their OWN KNOWLEDGE.    Simple means, ignorant.  Read it again and think about it.

The Video will show you.  Important that at 5 minutes of VIDEO…. close your eyes…there is no more to read…just listen


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