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Jesus Didn’t Pray For Healings




How did Jesus heal? What did Jesus really do to heal the sick and sinning?  Did he pray? Did he do ANYTHNG…when he healed?

First and really important,  Jesus believed….EVERY sickness  EVERY diseases, can be healed.   Not some, but All. Did you know that? All sickness and All diseases can be healed.  AND….without any human means. That is, if you believe Jesus?

As we go on…try to get rid of all you have been taught and TRY to think out of the box for a minute or two. You just might understand something that makes sense as we look at some of  the healings Jesus did and what he felt may have been the reason for the healings.

Lets look at a few.

File:JesusHealingCenturionServant.jpgWhen the Centurion asked Jesus for help for his servant, Jesus told him that if he BELIEVED, then his BELIEF would do the work.  Jesus did not touch, pray or do ANYTHING…NOPE, he just told the man to BELIEVE that his servant was healed. a man asked Jesus to come heal his son, all Jesus did was tell the man to go home, your son is healed. And the man BELIEVED what Jesus said. Jesus did not pray for the boy…NOPE, he just said BELIEVE.    Again…Jesus did NOT pray. He only said Believe.

File:RembrandtHeal.jpgAnother time a sick man laying on a bed was brought to Jesus…and all Jesus did was to tell the sick man his sins were forgiven.  Did Jesus pray for the man? Did he ask God to do anything? NOPE . He then told the man get up and go home…and because the man BELIEVED Jesus…he was healed.

File:Sant Apollinare Nuovo - Healing of the demon-possessed.jpgThere was a man who had been sick for  thirty eight years and he wanted Jesus to heal him. So what did Jesus do? He just asked the man, do you want to be well?    Then Jesus said,  get up.    And just like the others, he BELIEVED he could…and he too was healed.Did Jesus pray or do anything for the man? NOPE. The man just BELIEVED he was well. Finally we end with the

When a man with leprosy needed to be healed, Jesus told the man, okay, just BE WELL.  Did Jesus pray and ask God for a healing Nope. All Jesus did was to tell the man to be well, and because the man BELIEVED he was well, he was healed.

Miracle of Jesus Christ heals the blind man pictureOnce there was a  blind men that wanted Jesus to heal him too. So what did Jesus do? What he did a lot…he asked them if they BELIEVED he could heal them. And they answered, YES, we BELIEVE.

Did Jesus pray for them? NOPE. Jesus simply told them it was their FAITH..their BELIEF that healed them.

File:HealBleedingWoman.jpgHow about the women who had been sick for twelve years. She BELIEVED that if she could just touch the cloth on Jesus, she could be healed.

What did Jesus do when he found out who touched him? Did her pray for her? NOPE. All he did was to tell her faith, her BELIEF was what healed her. Faith means to BELIEVE.

 by Vincenzo di Biagio CatenaFinally…The disciples of Jesus asked him why they couldn’t heal like he did….Jesus told them bluntly….because you do not BELIEVE.

So there you have it. There is NO mention of Jesus doing any praying of any kind…when healing people. Really no mention of Jesus doing or saying anything other than….



YOUR BELIEF that you can and are healed is all you need. Not prayers. Not medicine. Not operations. Just Belief.

AND BELIEF is what you…


Has your thinking been sickly or has your thinking been healthy?


Is this what Jesus was trying to tell us all?

I must say I was really amazed to find this out. If Jesus didn’t pray to God for the sick…why are we taught to?

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