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What Defiles Us


What is it that defiles us? What is it that makes us sick. Makes us unhappy? Makes us sin. What is it that makes us do or experience anything …not good? WHAT…defiles us?

Let’s do some investing and see what we find.

We find that it was Jesus who told us what it was that defiles us. When Jesus was talking a group of people who were listening…and that would be us too…Jesus  told us all…you have to UNDERSTAND. What was it that Jesus wanted us to UNDERSTAND?

First, Jesus wanted us to UNDERSTAND that there is nothing outside of us …NOTHING in this world…that can enter into us and make us sick, unhealthy, sad, lonely, afraid …or anything bad. Jesus said…there is NOTHING, NOTHING… that can get into our bodies to defile us.

ThinkJesus said it is what comes OUT of us…. that defiles us. What comes OUT of us???   How about…it is our own  THOUGHTS that come OUT from us and those thought are what defile us. It is our own thoughts of sin, sickness, lonely, unhappy, sad or afraid… along with ALL other bad like thoughts….that are coming OUT …that make us have those experiences. What else could he have meant?

Jesus must have sensed no one was getting it, because he keeps going. Jesus next  asks us a question. He asks …do you not have any understanding? Its like he was thinking…they still don’t get it… It seems Jesus really wanted us all to UNDERSTAND that…NOTHING… out here can get into us…NOTHING out here can ever harm us.

Would that not mean…that no germs, no diseases, no ANYTHING can ever get inside of us…. to cause us harms. Would that not mean that no germs, no diseases, no ANYTHING can ever get inside of us…. to cause us to be sick and unhealthy? Well, what else could it mean?

So as Jesus  must have looked around again, he still saw no one was UNDERSTANDING him, so he AGAIN said…It’s what comes OUT of you, that defiles you and that causes the sin, sickness, the diseases…and all else that is bad for you.

Yes, Jesus wanted us to understand that it is only our own THOUGHTS COMING OUT ….that defile us…and never anything in or of the world. Notice the word THOUGHT.

Poor Jesus, wondering WHY don’t they UNDERSTAND me?   So because he must have thought it very important for  EVERYONE to UNDERSTAND …he    AGAIN says…It’s what come OUT of us…that causes our problems.

AND still after all his talking, no one is  UNDERSTANDING….So as a last resort ….he finally makes it very CLEAR, for Jesus told them and us that…ALL…ALL evil THOUGHTS… that come OUT of us…Defile us…and NOT something that comes into us. But Out from us. Out from our thinking.

Think hard about that. Really, because I’m sure that’s what Jesus was trying to make us UNDERSTAND.  Yes…Jesus tried so hard to tell us….There is NOTHING out in this world that can ever get into us. So why don’t we get it?

3322872251_83a1f5830c_mSo…how and where will we get the UNDERSTANDING that Jesus wanted us to have? How about from the Spirit within us…for we have been told that it is from our Spirit within that we find the UNDERSTANDING Jesus wanted us to have in order to UNDERSTAND what he means.

How sad that we  still,  after all our reading what Jesus says…we still believe that the GERMS, DISEASES, LACKS, ALL MISERY….comes into us. There is no way…at least in my opinion… that ANYTHING bad could ever enter into me, because what is found WITHIN me is….GOD…and His Kingdom.


So…the question is….

Why don’t we get it? Why don’t we UNDERSTAND what Jesus was trying so hard to tell  us?





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