It Takes Knowledge

Paul  believed  God was a mystery and a mystery is something  that ‘remains unknown.’ Even though we seem to always be learning about God… we never seem to really gain the KNOWLEDGE to understand who, what, and where God is. Is God still a mystery to you? Probably.

If so, why? Because  we don’t have our OWN KNOWLEDGE, or our OWN FACTS or our OWN  TRUTHS about God.  And why is this? Because we did not do our OWN investigating. We leave all investigating of God to others…so we end up with THEIR knowledge. Their Facts. Their Truths and  NOT ours.

Sad. Sad because it takes PERSONAL INVESTIGATING  to get OUR OWN KNOWLEDGE to really know God. AND how do we know this? How about we do some investigating and find out.

We will dedective28 investigate the word KNOWLEDGE, since it takes KNOWLEDGE to know God aright.

What is ‘knowledge? Knowledge is ‘knowing, facts and truths, from INVESTIGATION.’  FROM PERSONAL INVESTIGATION.

That is straight from the 3600682272_786efbb371_m Read it again. KNOWLEDGE is from INVESTIGATION.

For that KNOWLEDGE of God,  WE...must do our OWN INVESTIGATING, because we do want  to have the ‘FACTS’ and  we do want  to know the ‘TRUTHS,’ …so God will not remain a mystery.

OR…do you feel you already have the KNOWLEDGE which means, do you have the FACTS and know the TRUTH of  who, what and where God is? And yes, most people do think they have the FACTS and know the TRUTH.

BUT…where did those FACTS and  TRUTHS come from? Books? Teachers? Religious Leaders?   If from this world then be assured you do not have the FACTS nor the TRUTHS about God…because God is not in or of this world…at least that’s what Paul  tells us…Notice the word ALL…in what  Paul   says.

That is probably the reason your KNOWLEDGE, of FACTS and TRUTHS do not do you much good in this world?  Understand…you have to have your OWN PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE, real provable FACTS and real know God aright. And all your KNOWLEDGE has been taught to you. It is NOT personal. And is NOT straight from God. Is it?

Job was told, supposedly by God, that there are those who preach and give us counsel…and counsel means…advice, opinions and  instructions.‘ Isn’t that what the Religious Leaders do? And yet, they have  no KNOWLEDGE , no FACTS of the the TRUTHS they tell us.

And again we are told that a lot of the leaders of our religions mean well…but they do not have the KNOWLEDGE…the real facts of God or the truths about God.

So, do you listen to the  advice, opinions and  instructions of those who may not have real KNOWLEDGE of FACTS and do not know the real TRUTHS?

You can find out by asking the ones that Counsel/Preach to you…by giving you THEIR, advice, opinions and  instructions… to PROVE what they tell you….For what good are words without PROOFS?

Most seem okay with letting someone else do the investigating…even though each person has to have his own  KNOWLEDGE of FACTS and TRUTHS… and that’s why each must do their own investigating. Why? Because words do have different meanings and by investigating them, YOU can decide on the meanings that make the sayings more real to you.

Did you know…we have been told clearly that if we want KNOWLEDGE of God,FACTS and TRUTHS of God… we have  to ASK GOD.   We are to ASK   God about all things that we want to know?

So…is God who you ask?  Or do you ask those you THINK have KNOWLEDGE? Think they have the FACTS? Think they KNOW the truth? But…Why ask man for what does he know?

Remember, you will not find KNOWLEDGE of God…in this world. BUT…you can find it WITHIN YOU. Really.

7148831015_91af7fd9c5_m  With that said…if you really want KNOWLEDGE, so you can know the FACTS and the TRUTH  about God…ASK GOD. And how do you do that? Just like Jesus told you. Go to where God is…WITHIN you.

And then….


And you will no longer be  ignorant and called a  ‘simple one’   who hates getting their OWN KNOWLEDGE.    Simple means, ignorant.  Read it again and think about it.

The Video will show you.  Important that at 5 minutes of VIDEO…. close your eyes…there is no more to read…just listen


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Jesus Didn’t Pray For Healings




How did Jesus heal? What did Jesus really do to heal the sick and sinning?  Did he pray? Did he do ANYTHNG…when he healed?

First and really important,  Jesus believed….EVERY sickness  EVERY diseases, can be healed.   Not some, but All. Did you know that? All sickness and All diseases can be healed.  AND….without any human means. That is, if you believe Jesus?

As we go on…try to get rid of all you have been taught and TRY to think out of the box for a minute or two. You just might understand something that makes sense as we look at some of  the healings Jesus did and what he felt may have been the reason for the healings.

Lets look at a few.

File:JesusHealingCenturionServant.jpgWhen the Centurion asked Jesus for help for his servant, Jesus told him that if he BELIEVED, then his BELIEF would do the work.  Jesus did not touch, pray or do ANYTHING…NOPE, he just told the man to BELIEVE that his servant was healed. a man asked Jesus to come heal his son, all Jesus did was tell the man to go home, your son is healed. And the man BELIEVED what Jesus said. Jesus did not pray for the boy…NOPE, he just said BELIEVE.    Again…Jesus did NOT pray. He only said Believe.

File:RembrandtHeal.jpgAnother time a sick man laying on a bed was brought to Jesus…and all Jesus did was to tell the sick man his sins were forgiven.  Did Jesus pray for the man? Did he ask God to do anything? NOPE . He then told the man get up and go home…and because the man BELIEVED Jesus…he was healed.

File:Sant Apollinare Nuovo - Healing of the demon-possessed.jpgThere was a man who had been sick for  thirty eight years and he wanted Jesus to heal him. So what did Jesus do? He just asked the man, do you want to be well?    Then Jesus said,  get up.    And just like the others, he BELIEVED he could…and he too was healed.Did Jesus pray or do anything for the man? NOPE. The man just BELIEVED he was well. Finally we end with the

When a man with leprosy needed to be healed, Jesus told the man, okay, just BE WELL.  Did Jesus pray and ask God for a healing Nope. All Jesus did was to tell the man to be well, and because the man BELIEVED he was well, he was healed.

Miracle of Jesus Christ heals the blind man pictureOnce there was a  blind men that wanted Jesus to heal him too. So what did Jesus do? What he did a lot…he asked them if they BELIEVED he could heal them. And they answered, YES, we BELIEVE.

Did Jesus pray for them? NOPE. Jesus simply told them it was their FAITH..their BELIEF that healed them.

File:HealBleedingWoman.jpgHow about the women who had been sick for twelve years. She BELIEVED that if she could just touch the cloth on Jesus, she could be healed.

What did Jesus do when he found out who touched him? Did her pray for her? NOPE. All he did was to tell her faith, her BELIEF was what healed her. Faith means to BELIEVE.

 by Vincenzo di Biagio CatenaFinally…The disciples of Jesus asked him why they couldn’t heal like he did….Jesus told them bluntly….because you do not BELIEVE.

So there you have it. There is NO mention of Jesus doing any praying of any kind…when healing people. Really no mention of Jesus doing or saying anything other than….



YOUR BELIEF that you can and are healed is all you need. Not prayers. Not medicine. Not operations. Just Belief.

AND BELIEF is what you…


Has your thinking been sickly or has your thinking been healthy?


Is this what Jesus was trying to tell us all?

I must say I was really amazed to find this out. If Jesus didn’t pray to God for the sick…why are we taught to?

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What Defiles Us


What is it that defiles us? What is it that makes us sick. Makes us unhappy? Makes us sin. What is it that makes us do or experience anything …not good? WHAT…defiles us?

Let’s do some investing and see what we find.

We find that it was Jesus who told us what it was that defiles us. When Jesus was talking a group of people who were listening…and that would be us too…Jesus  told us all…you have to UNDERSTAND. What was it that Jesus wanted us to UNDERSTAND?

First, Jesus wanted us to UNDERSTAND that there is nothing outside of us …NOTHING in this world…that can enter into us and make us sick, unhealthy, sad, lonely, afraid …or anything bad. Jesus said…there is NOTHING, NOTHING… that can get into our bodies to defile us.

ThinkJesus said it is what comes OUT of us…. that defiles us. What comes OUT of us???   How about…it is our own  THOUGHTS that come OUT from us and those thought are what defile us. It is our own thoughts of sin, sickness, lonely, unhappy, sad or afraid… along with ALL other bad like thoughts….that are coming OUT …that make us have those experiences. What else could he have meant?

Jesus must have sensed no one was getting it, because he keeps going. Jesus next  asks us a question. He asks …do you not have any understanding? Its like he was thinking…they still don’t get it… It seems Jesus really wanted us all to UNDERSTAND that…NOTHING… out here can get into us…NOTHING out here can ever harm us.

Would that not mean…that no germs, no diseases, no ANYTHING can ever get inside of us…. to cause us harms. Would that not mean that no germs, no diseases, no ANYTHING can ever get inside of us…. to cause us to be sick and unhealthy? Well, what else could it mean?

So as Jesus  must have looked around again, he still saw no one was UNDERSTANDING him, so he AGAIN said…It’s what comes OUT of you, that defiles you and that causes the sin, sickness, the diseases…and all else that is bad for you.

Yes, Jesus wanted us to understand that it is only our own THOUGHTS COMING OUT ….that defile us…and never anything in or of the world. Notice the word THOUGHT.

Poor Jesus, wondering WHY don’t they UNDERSTAND me?   So because he must have thought it very important for  EVERYONE to UNDERSTAND …he    AGAIN says…It’s what come OUT of us…that causes our problems.

AND still after all his talking, no one is  UNDERSTANDING….So as a last resort ….he finally makes it very CLEAR, for Jesus told them and us that…ALL…ALL evil THOUGHTS… that come OUT of us…Defile us…and NOT something that comes into us. But Out from us. Out from our thinking.

Think hard about that. Really, because I’m sure that’s what Jesus was trying to make us UNDERSTAND.  Yes…Jesus tried so hard to tell us….There is NOTHING out in this world that can ever get into us. So why don’t we get it?

3322872251_83a1f5830c_mSo…how and where will we get the UNDERSTANDING that Jesus wanted us to have? How about from the Spirit within us…for we have been told that it is from our Spirit within that we find the UNDERSTANDING Jesus wanted us to have in order to UNDERSTAND what he means.

How sad that we  still,  after all our reading what Jesus says…we still believe that the GERMS, DISEASES, LACKS, ALL MISERY….comes into us. There is no way…at least in my opinion… that ANYTHING bad could ever enter into me, because what is found WITHIN me is….GOD…and His Kingdom.


So…the question is….

Why don’t we get it? Why don’t we UNDERSTAND what Jesus was trying so hard to tell  us?





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Did Ezekiel See Aliens

In the Book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel tells us what he experienced. First he said, ‘ ‘I looked up and a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire unfolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire.’

First we will look at the ‘thing’ in the sky that Ezekiel saw. It sounds like something like  Rockets and Space Ships of modern man?


This is a coin found in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. Is this like the wheel Ezekiel saw?  Does it not look like a flying wheel? Someone had to have seen something like this in order to have  drawn it…Was it the same thing Ezekiel saw?



Above was painted in 1710. Where did the artist, Aert De Gelder get the idea of a flying saucer, or as Ezekiel called it, a flying wheel? Especially since the first modern account of flight was in 1903, by Wright Bros.?

man mist fog

And then Ezekiel  continues with

Out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.’

Over 10,000 years ago the Cavemen of Australia saw men who looked like us. Think about that 10,000 years ago…people were seeing flying machines. And not just Australia, but worldwide.



These space men drawings found in Italy are dated back to 10,000 BC. Again someone had to have actually seen them in order to have painted them. Could they be the same space men Ezkeiel saw?

Anyway…. .Ezekiel couldn’t have said  it any clearer? The space people coming out of the space craft…. looked like men.  

So it is very likely that Ezekiel was seeing the same kind of ancient flying machines and people who looked like those from 10,000 years before him.  Amazing, isn’t it?  Again, someone had to have seen something like this in order to paint them.

Alien Grey Stock Image

I bet Ezekiel saw alien Greys to. Most likely because they always seem to be the ones in the ancient Flying Machines….Just like the ones reported today.


Next Ezekiel told us, ‘that when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.’ What else could it have been but a spaceship?

Then Ezekiel said, ‘I saw that when the flying craft lifted up the people, (the ones Ezekiel called living creatures) were IN the flying machine.’

The above cave drawing is also 10,000 years old, and those over 10,000 year old cavemen must have seen the same thing as Ezekiel…or how else could they have painted it?

Think about that, Ezekiel saw first hand things that look like us, came down in a flying machine…and once landed got out of the flying machine, then got back in a flew off…Just like all the ancient people around the world….which makes IN MY OPINION…true.



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Is God Only A Belief

The knowledge you presently have of your God is based on your acceptances and trust from claims of past and present beliefs… about God. And since you have no personal knowledge of God, you willing accept the validity of the beliefs of God based on someone else’s beliefs. Isn’t that true? It was for me. But no more.

Since we all have a  BELIEF about God, we need to know what a BELIEF is.

    So let’s to do some investigating into the word.

Belief is, ‘a mental acceptance of something without the full knowledge required to guarantee its being a truth.’ Truth means, ‘based on facts.‘ Facts means, ‘truth known by actual experience.’

Do you have the facts about God? Have you had an actual experience of God? If not…you are accepting someone else’s belief about God. Is that what you want?

Belief is a, ‘conviction in alleged facts as true without positive proof.’  Don’t you want your conviction of God to be based on and by your own actual experience? I do.

Belief is to ‘believe.’ Believe is, ‘to suppose.’ And ‘suppose’ is to ,
‘assume,’ and that is, ‘accepted without proof.’

That means that with your ‘belief’, you are only ‘assuming’ there is a God somewhere. How much good can your ‘assuming’ do with you are in need of Gods help? Or when you want to hear God talking to YOU.

A belief is not a fact.   A fact is, ‘something real,’ which means, ‘verified.’ Have you ‘verified’ your God? Personally?

Do you have your own proof that your God IS? Or do you have a BELIEF, that God is?

Belief is a, ‘conclusion not based on a fact.’ Your conclusion about God … is not based on facts… but based on a belief. A belief, because unless you have an actual experience of God, you do not have God. Nope…all you have is a belief. NOT FACTS.

So the God you know, is not a God you know. The God you think you know, is a handed down God from the beliefs of others. Beliefs you take as factual.

Yep…all anyone knows of God, is from the beliefs of others. Beliefs held as facts... But… based on what facts? Based on what proofs?

So…what facts do you have about God? What actual experience have you had, to let you know…I KNOW GOD PERSONALLY?

Belief means, ‘relating to the mind’…Not to God.

Moving on we find ‘belief’ means….

Belief is an, ‘opinion.’ Not a fact, but an opinion. Opinions are a ‘personal view.‘ Your God is not your God…your God is a God created from the personal opinions…the beliefs… of others.

And ‘opinions’ are ‘beliefs without proof.’ Wouldn’t you want ‘proof’ that God does exist? Wouldn’t you want proof God is real? And not just a ‘belief?

So…Is the God you know, the God you received from the   handed down beliefs of others?

Is your God only a BELIEF….and not based on knowledge?

You need knowledge to know God….and knowledge means, ‘acquaintance, familiarity,  gained experience.’ Yes we need to be personally acquainted...We need to be personally familiar with God.

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations…’Buddha



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The Crooked Places

Comforting Bible Verses Isaiah 45:2 "I will go before thee and make the crooked places straight." #scripture #bibleWhat does that mean, God will make the ‘crooked places‘ straight? What are ‘crooked places?  What does ‘straight’ mean?

If you want to see what a possible meaning of ‘ I will go before you to make the crooked places straight…come             dedective28investigate and see if we  can maybe understand the meaning better.

To begin, ‘crooked’ means to ‘conceal.’ What do you think Isaiah thought ‘was being ’concealed’ from us?

Crooked also means, ‘not clear to the understanding.’ What did Isaiah think was not clear to our understanding?  Lets just keep going….

The word ‘crooked,‘ means, ‘fraudulent,’ and ‘fraudulent‘ is to ‘deceive.’ So now it looks like Isaiah thinks something is deceiving us. Do you know what’s ‘deceiving’ you? You should know. Don’t you think? If you don’t know, then you will stay ‘deceived.’

So… lets keep using it and see if we can find out.

Okay, deceive is to ‘mislead by a false appearances.’
Since ‘false’ means to ‘delude’ which means to ‘mislead the mind,’ and ‘mislead’ means in the ‘wrong direction. 

Then did Isaiah mean that the ‘appearances, all the things we see …do mislead our minds in the wrong direction?  In the direction of the outer world of false appearances, and not into the direction of the inner world that Jesus told us was the place to find God? And we know this because Jesus said,


As for man whose breath is in his nostrils and believes he is from his mothers womb, and believes he is composed of flesh and blood, has a very hard time understanding what Isaiah meant when he said,


About 700 years after Isaiah Jesus himself told us about the those things that ‘deceive‘ us…. when he said,

And what did Paul mean when he said,


  Did Paul too understand that the false appearances were nothing real…but only seemed real? And the appearance WERE deceiving us into believing they are real? What else could it mean?


It seems Paul was not deceived because he said, “Things that are seen (man)are temporal.  Then Paul said, ‘Look at the things that are NOT seen for they are eternal.’ Eternal is, without beginning or end; lasting forever; always existing (opposed to temporal )

So maybe that is why Paul told us “Look NOT at the things…the false appearances…. which are seen, but at the things which are NOT seen…     Because


 We end with the word ‘straight’ …which means,

‘keeping with the facts.’

Facts are truths.

So then….

And when you know the truth…you will no longer be DECEIVED…by false appearances of the world.

Well it is something to think about, because how else does it make any sense?



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