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The first time we  are told about our imagination is by Moses. We are told that God said that the imagination of man’s THOUGHTS were the cause of the evil.  What does that mean?

 Moses said  that he himself walked in this  own imagination. And he said that he knew that we also followed our own imaginations.  Just what did Moses mean?

 Next Solomon said it was our  wicked imaginations that keep us in trouble.

Then Jeremiah tells us the same thing…we should NOT follow our imaginations...but do we listen?

Jeremiah tells us that we have been TAUGHT to follow our imaginations.   Did you know that? I didn’t.

He goes on to say that man does not listen because of his imagination.

Next Paul tells us that  it is our  own imaginations that hide the real God from us .Again…did you know that? I didn’t. And finally Paul tell us to cast  down our imaginations.    Have you?

Since ‘cast’ means to get rid of,’ we need to what exactly comprises our imaginations.

dedective28Time for some investigating.

Imagination is to ‘form mental images  of things not present’. Imagine is an  optically formed reproduction of a thought.’ Think about that. Our imagination reproduces our thoughts.

Image means, ‘projected outward.’ Does that mean what we see out here…is our thoughts?

Boy is that ever weird. Did you know that is what your imagination is? Your thoughts being seen as something that is reaI? I didn’t. Let’s keep going.

That all means that we must stop all our thought images that will  become our projected reality. A reality that’s not real...but is only our  imagination… and start to do as we have been told….Get rid of all our imaginations.  How?  Just HOW? Don’t have thoughts.    Instead….

Corinthians 10:5 Follow us at

And WHY do we need to do this?


 Imagination is to ‘form mental images of things, a creation that is not real or present…NOT REAL and NOT PRESENT.

Imagination produces optically formed creations by reproduction of  thoughts.’ Then those  optically formed thoughts, known as imagination   are projected outward,  thereby  producing life like forms…that are ‘not real or present.’

I know...but at least think about it, because we are TOLD to get rid of our imagination and all it contains. So if you know a better solution…are you using it?

SO…. are you ready GET RID of your imagination?


 Your Imagination Your Preview of Life’s Coming Attractions ~ Imagination Quote

AND…it keeps you from God.

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