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Leviticus and Numbers

Leviticus Chapter 15, Original 1611 KJV      In Leviticus you find  a lot of sick things. Things like men and  women were having sex with animals and the dead. Apparently these things were done often and by  many…causing the all loving  God put a death warrant on them…along with many other things God didn’t like….Yep…the God we are told is Good….would have  his people killed.

In Numbers   they again talk about a God who is in a cloud that comes DOWN to earth.  Where was God coming from, if he was coming DOWN?  What was God in? Then we are told God gets mad and he DEPARTS in the cloud or the ’thing’.   Could the CLOUD have been a ‘craft’ of some kind? Probably.

You are told that a fire was sent from the ‘thing’ and it consumed two hundred and fifty people. What do you think it was that could take out two hundred and fifty people at one time?

All through Numbers you are told about the God who is much like a man, in the respect that when the people complained, it displeased the Lord when he heard it his ANGER was set off and the fire of the Lord consumed them. What was the ‘fire’ that consumed people? What was it that was sent from the ‘thing’ that could destroy?

Maybe what God rained down was missiles or bombs of some sort?

You are told God gave Moses a ‘rod’ and Moses lifted up his hand and with his ‘rod’ he smote (shot) the rock twice and the water came out. What could Moses have used thousands of years ago that could  penetrate solid rock? Today they are called ‘lasers’ or such.

File:Guido Reni 031.jpgHow about angels who sound more like warriors than what you normally think of as, angles. “…the angel of the Lord stood in the way and his sword drawn in his hand.” Why would Gods angels need weapons?  Really now…think about it.

All through Numbers you have a God who wants the people to bring him things. You have a God who kills everyone that displeases him….just like any ruler. This God seems to be so much like a man, some important ruler who has an army called Angels to fight for him.


night tall television tower

He has weapons that can destroy cities and thousands of people with the fire from the ‘thing’ in the sky called… heaven. The place that God abides in when he comes DOWN to earth.The ‘thing’ God was in was called...’heaven‘…I know….but think about it.

Detective  Clip ArtIt’s all so weird and that’s why it is a good idea to  investigate things to see what they mean to YOU. Think about what you read and see if maybe there were WEIRD things taking place all those thousands of years ago.

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