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Do You Trust God


In order to ‘trust,’ you first have to know what meanings are attached to it…so you can choose the ones that make sense to you.

That means we investigate with a dictionary.

So the first meaning we find for ‘trust’ is ‘firm reliance.‘ Firm means ‘to be decided.’  Have you decided if you are going to  really ‘trust’ your God to be the one taking care of all that  concerns you? Or are you going to ‘trust’ yourself, and doctors, lawyers, bosses and all the ects we seem to trust…more than we ‘trust’ our God?

To be ‘firm’ means to be ‘constant.’ Are you ready to be ‘constantly trusting’ God? Or in most cases will you ‘decide’ to ‘trust’ others? Are you going to ‘trust’ your medicine, your job, your anything or anyone…to take care of all that concerns you?

Now let’s look at the word ‘reliance,’ since that’s what we need. Firm reliance on God. You see if you are going to be ‘relying’ on someone or something, you need to know how. ‘Reliance’ means to ‘depend’ on. Okay, so how often are you ‘constantly depending‘ on your God? Maybe you find you are ‘constantly depending’ on something else?

Bottom line… in order for you, us all, to really ‘trust’ God when things look bad…we have to right then and there ‘decide’ if it will be only God we ‘trust,’ or will  feel better trusting the human ways we have been taught? And maybe a little of God?

Once you have ‘decided‘ that your full ‘trust‘ is in and on God, then the hard part is to keep ‘constantly’ saying…I trust you with all that concerns me. You God do whatever needs to be done…in your way and your time. I have ‘decided to  continue  to ‘trust you along.’

Since you are told to ‘trust in the lord with all your ‘heart’ then you need to know what that means…outside of what they tell us. Heart means the, ‘vital center and source of ones being.’ And what is the ‘vital center and source of your being? God. God that inner intelligent life force. And that intelligent life force known as Spirit… is who and what we are told to ‘trust.’ So why don’t we?

Heart also means, ‘courage,’ and courage is ‘inner strength.’ Inner is defined as ‘deep inside.’ Deep within you… to your ‘vital center of your being.’

Courage also means, ‘happening or occurring inside.‘ Deep within your ‘vital center.’   The place Jesus tells you is God.  Courage means, ‘in ones mind.’

If heart means ‘courage,’ and courage means’ whats going on in your mind’, then for you to be able to ‘trust’ God you will have to be knowing what’s going on in your mind. Fear? Concerns? Pains from your body? Or is your mind full of ‘trust’ in God?

Remember heart means what’s happening ‘inside.’With that said…What is going on ‘inside’ of you? Full, constant trust’? 

So as your problem does it best to keep your mind off ‘trusting’ God, then you have to ‘continually’ be, bringing your attention back to the thought of… I have decided to trust God no matter what.  Yes it is very hard to be still and do nothing about your problems…and fully TRUST yourself to God. But until you can and do…why waste your time reading that passage?

I’m not saying stop doing and trusting others, I am saying,,,,Why not give it a real try to put into practice what you are told to do? Start with something small and not so serious and stay with it until you’ve proven, ‘trusting’ God does really work. Then move on to some other little problem…and one day YES…one day you will find that ‘trusting’ God does work in all situations.

So…have you ‘decided’ you want to ‘trust…with all your heart?





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