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Stand Still

What does this Bible message really mean?

Stand ye still and see the salvation of the lord.”

To do this we need to fully understand what ‘stand,’ ‘still,’  ‘see’  and ‘salvation‘ mean.

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Because ‘stand’ has to mean more than to stop walking?

And ‘see’ must mean more that what eyes see.

To be able to do what the passage says, we need to understand  different meanings for words. So, lets the verse.

Starting with the word, ‘stand, we find it means  to ‘remain committed to.’ And what is it we are to ‘remain committed to? How about, I and my Father/Consciousness are one. Because no matter what is going on in our lives, we are always ‘one with our God. Our Consciousness.

Stand means to ‘halt’ and ‘halt’ means to ‘put a stop to.’ What is it that we need to ‘put a stop to? You see  you would have to know what it is that you need to ‘stop’… if you want to ‘stand’…to ‘stop’ it.  Well if ‘stop’ means to ‘cease,’ what are we to ‘cease’ doing?

We are to cease’ to ‘stop’ believing we are something separate and apart from our Source, because that is a lie…at least according to our Bible. We, man, is not accounted for. We are not man, we are God expressing Its Self. And we are   one with God.    So we are to ‘stop’ believing we are not ONE and ‘remain committed to’ I and my God are one. Not two. ONE.

Still means, ‘no activity.’ None, and that mans not just not moving your body, but also not moving your mind, by thinking. Thinking is a movement.

‘Be still’ most likely means, no thinking, because if you are thinking you can not hear the ‘still small voice’.…you are thinking thoughts, not being ‘still.’

So how do you ‘still’ your mind?  By doing what we are told, which is to   “Bring every thought into captivity.’ That means you have to consciously control all your thoughts…which is almost impossible…in the beginning, due to our ‘imagination.’  But with practice it gets easier.

Stand ye ‘still’…Still is, ‘undisturbed and quiet’. To be ‘undisturbed’ you can have no ‘thoughts’…no ‘mental images’, because that is what causes you to be ‘disturbed’.

And if you are to be ‘quiet’ which means, ‘to silence’, you will have to know what it is that needs to be ‘silenced’. If you think about it, your thinking, your ‘mental noise’ is what needs to be ’silenced’, for there is no other way to have ‘silence.’

Now lets look at the word, ‘see.’ Yes, we think it means to ‘see’ with our eyes, but how often do we ‘see’ things that area not there?

However, there are other meanings for ‘see’. See is to ‘investigate.’ How often do each of us take time to ‘investigate’ the Bible verses? How often do we use our dictionary to find word meanings that give clarity to the words? Not much I would think.

We seem to believe that if we read the Bible, that, that is good enough. Doesn’t seem important to want to really understand what we are reading and then do our best to live it. Prove it. Odd. So why even bother reading?

See means to, ‘understand.’ Understand what? Understand that we are NOT to judge by the appearances we see?

See is to, ‘give attention.’ How often during our days do we ‘give attention’ to God? Probably not much as we are so busy giving attention to the good and bad appearances that are …only appearances.

And it is not the outer appearances we are to see. We are to see as God sees and God does not see the appearances…he see’s the real us, made in His image and likeness.

  Okay now we will find out  what  is ‘salvation’ and how do we ‘see’ it?

Salvation is, ‘deliverance’. Evil is, ‘not good’. Who is it that can tell you something is not good? You. You tell yourself if something is good or bad and you do this through your ‘thoughts‘. That means you have to ‘silence’ the negative thought and to be entertaining ‘good’ thoughts if you want ‘salvation’, or ‘deliverance’ from the bad.

Salvation is, ‘being preserved’ and to ‘preserve’ something, you ‘guard’ it. What is it that needs ‘guarding’? Your God  thoughts. God thoughts need to be ‘guarded’ and kept in your mind, thus leaving no space for the bad, the evil ones.

To ’see the salvation of the lord’ it is important to know that a ’lord’ is the master of a household’, and in this case the ’household’ would be your inner ’thinking’ because you are the lord, the master of your own household. Your own mind.

So for you to ‘stand still and see the salvation of the lord’, you will have to ‘refrain’  all thoughts that disturb you…and those thoughts are any negative thoughts. You know this because positive thoughts always make you feel good.

How often do you ‘stand still? How often do you ‘stand still‘ and listen for the ‘still small voice‘ from withing?

  Again, how often do you ‘take NO thoughts.‘..about your problems.

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