What Did Jesus Believe About The Devil

the image of the devil

What did Jesus tell us about the Devil, also known as, a Dragon, Satan, Lucifer and many more names since the beginning of religion…and before.

So…what did Jesus say about…Not your religion. But what did Jesus tell us about the Devil.

First, did Jesus understand that the name devil is also known as a ‘dragon’ and a dragon is a creature of mythology which consists of imaginary or fictitious things or person’ and are handed down traditional, legendary stories, usually concerning some being or event, without a determinable basis of fact?


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And did Jesus understand a dragon is also known  as a ‘serpent?’ And did Jesus think it was stupid for the Devil/ Satan to have to turn himself into a snake so he could tempt Eve? If he was able to do that…why didn’t he just make her eat the apple? Yes, it’s so stupid.

Did Jesus believe the devil, known by any name was never real. That the DEVIL was and is a LIE?  He must have, because Jesus told us that the devil ..“is the father of all lies and the truth did not abide in him.” That must mean that whatever the devil says is a lie, for he speaks only lies.

Why would Jesus call the devil a liar if he was not one? A lie and a liar are something NOT true. That means the devil himself is not true… Cannot be true because he is a lie and a liar…..therefore he cannot exist and if he does not exist then neither can all that he supposedly causes.

The Devil was and is…a liar. Nothing is true about him. He, It is a myth. Period. And the only place this Devil which deceives the whole world  exist…is in your belief only. In your acceptance of a LIAR being real and as powerful as God.

Yes, Jesus did his best to tell us that the devil never was true. He was a liar and all he said was lies. The Devil was and is…a liar. Nothing is true about him.NOTHING for He is a handed down MYTH. Period


Think how Jesus must have felt when he said,

I tell you the truth, but you don’t believe me.’

So…who are you going to listen to?   Your religion, or to Jesus?





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Imagination (tiles) - HNBD

The first time we  are told about our imagination is by Moses. We are told that God said that the imagination of man’s THOUGHTS were the cause of the evil.  What does that mean?

 Moses said  that he himself walked in this  own imagination. And he said that he knew that we also followed our own imaginations.  Just what did Moses mean?

 Next Solomon said it was our  wicked imaginations that keep us in trouble.

Then Jeremiah tells us the same thing…we should NOT follow our imaginations...but do we listen?

Jeremiah tells us that we have been TAUGHT to follow our imaginations.   Did you know that? I didn’t.

He goes on to say that man does not listen because of his imagination.

Next Paul tells us that  it is our  own imaginations that hide the real God from us .Again…did you know that? I didn’t. And finally Paul tell us to cast  down our imaginations.    Have you?

Since ‘cast’ means to get rid of,’ we need to what exactly comprises our imaginations.

dedective28Time for some investigating.

Imagination is to ‘form mental images  of things not present’. Imagine is an  optically formed reproduction of a thought.’ Think about that. Our imagination reproduces our thoughts.

Image means, ‘projected outward.’ Does that mean what we see out here…is our thoughts?

Boy is that ever weird. Did you know that is what your imagination is? Your thoughts being seen as something that is reaI? I didn’t. Let’s keep going.

That all means that we must stop all our thought images that will  become our projected reality. A reality that’s not real...but is only our  imagination… and start to do as we have been told….Get rid of all our imaginations.  How?  Just HOW? Don’t have thoughts.    Instead….

Corinthians 10:5 Follow us at http://gplus.to/iBibleverses

And WHY do we need to do this?


 Imagination is to ‘form mental images of things, a creation that is not real or present…NOT REAL and NOT PRESENT.

Imagination produces optically formed creations by reproduction of  thoughts.’ Then those  optically formed thoughts, known as imagination   are projected outward,  thereby  producing life like forms…that are ‘not real or present.’

I know...but at least think about it, because we are TOLD to get rid of our imagination and all it contains. So if you know a better solution…are you using it?

SO…. are you ready GET RID of your imagination?


 Your Imagination Your Preview of Life’s Coming Attractions ~ Imagination Quote

AND…it keeps you from God.

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What Does God Want


There is only one thing we ever have to do…to know what God requires of us…Just one. Did you know that?  And do you know what that one thing is?

Do you think it is…to go to church? Or do you think it is reading your Bible? Getting on your knees and praying? Or do you think its giving up drinking, drugs, smoking  or sex before marriage? Oh, maybe you thinks it confessions? Or whatever you think it is…is NOT what God wants of us.

Well guess what…You do not need, nor do you have to do any of those things you have been taught were requirements of Gods…from man who taught us what he wanted us to do…and he knows nothing. Nothing about the real God.

And all God wants to do is to Enjoy His Very Good Creation, knowing they are all made in His own Image and Likeness.

Nope… you don’t have to do anything at all….BUT…

” Be Still And Know That I Am God ” ~ Religion Quote

Yep…that is the ONLY thing we must do. Be Still. Then and only then, can we know what God wants of us. And it will be DIRECT from the ‘Still Small Voice…’

That is the ONLY thing you must do. Be Still. Then and only then, can you know what God wants of you. And it will be DIRECT from the ‘Still Small Voice’ within us. Direct from God. Be Still…that’s all you need to do.

For it is only from the Still Small Voice  that we know what is required of us. All the other stuff   is not for God, but for some unknown god that you have been taught needs to be pleased.

The real God was pleased with HIS creation…and He rested to enjoy His VERY GOOD CREATION…. not requiring anything from them because they, you, me, are all made to naturally represent Him.



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Leviticus and Numbers

Leviticus Chapter 15, Original 1611 KJV      In Leviticus you find  a lot of sick things. Things like men and  women were having sex with animals and the dead. Apparently these things were done often and by  many…causing the all loving  God put a death warrant on them…along with many other things God didn’t like….Yep…the God we are told is Good….would have  his people killed.


In Numbers   they again talk about a God who is in a cloud that comes DOWN to earth.  Where was God coming from, if he was coming DOWN?  What was God in? Then we are told God gets mad and he DEPARTS in the cloud or the ’thing’.   Could the CLOUD have been a ‘craft’ of some kind? Probably.

You are told that a fire was sent from the ‘thing’ and it consumed two hundred and fifty people. What do you think it was that could take out two hundred and fifty people at one time?

All through Numbers you are told about the God who is much like a man, in the respect that when the people complained, it displeased the Lord when he heard it his ANGER was set off and the fire of the Lord consumed them. What was the ‘fire’ that consumed people? What was it that was sent from the ‘thing’ that could destroy?

Maybe what God rained down was missiles or bombs of some sort?

You are told God gave Moses a ‘rod’ and Moses lifted up his hand and with his ‘rod’ he smote (shot) the rock twice and the water came out. What could Moses have used thousands of years ago that could  penetrate solid rock? Today they are called ‘lasers’ or such.

File:Guido Reni 031.jpgHow about angels who sound more like warriors than what you normally think of as, angles. “…the angel of the Lord stood in the way and his sword drawn in his hand.” Why would Gods angels need weapons?  Really now…think about it.

All through Numbers you have a God who wants the people to bring him things. You have a God who kills everyone that displeases him….just like any ruler. This God seems to be so much like a man, some important ruler who has an army called Angels to fight for him.


night tall television tower

He has weapons that can destroy cities and thousands of people with the fire from the ‘thing’ in the sky called… heaven. The place that God abides in when he comes DOWN to earth.The ‘thing’ God was in was called...’heaven‘…I know….but think about it.

Detective  Clip ArtIt’s all so weird and that’s why it is a good idea to  investigate things to see what they mean to YOU. Think about what you read and see if maybe there were WEIRD things taking place all those thousands of years ago.

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Do You Trust God


In order to ‘trust,’ you first have to know what meanings are attached to it…so you can choose the ones that make sense to you.

That means we investigate with a dictionary.

So the first meaning we find for ‘trust’ is ‘firm reliance.‘ Firm means ‘to be decided.’  Have you decided if you are going to  really ‘trust’ your God to be the one taking care of all that  concerns you? Or are you going to ‘trust’ yourself, and doctors, lawyers, bosses and all the ects we seem to trust…more than we ‘trust’ our God?

To be ‘firm’ means to be ‘constant.’ Are you ready to be ‘constantly trusting’ God? Or in most cases will you ‘decide’ to ‘trust’ others? Are you going to ‘trust’ your medicine, your job, your anything or anyone…to take care of all that concerns you?

Now let’s look at the word ‘reliance,’ since that’s what we need. Firm reliance on God. You see if you are going to be ‘relying’ on someone or something, you need to know how. ‘Reliance’ means to ‘depend’ on. Okay, so how often are you ‘constantly depending‘ on your God? Maybe you find you are ‘constantly depending’ on something else?

Bottom line… in order for you, us all, to really ‘trust’ God when things look bad…we have to right then and there ‘decide’ if it will be only God we ‘trust,’ or will  feel better trusting the human ways we have been taught? And maybe a little of God?

Once you have ‘decided‘ that your full ‘trust‘ is in and on God, then the hard part is to keep ‘constantly’ saying…I trust you with all that concerns me. You God do whatever needs to be done…in your way and your time. I have ‘decided to  continue  to ‘trust you along.’

Since you are told to ‘trust in the lord with all your ‘heart’ then you need to know what that means…outside of what they tell us. Heart means the, ‘vital center and source of ones being.’ And what is the ‘vital center and source of your being? God. God that inner intelligent life force. And that intelligent life force known as Spirit… is who and what we are told to ‘trust.’ So why don’t we?

Heart also means, ‘courage,’ and courage is ‘inner strength.’ Inner is defined as ‘deep inside.’ Deep within you… to your ‘vital center of your being.’

Courage also means, ‘happening or occurring inside.‘ Deep within your ‘vital center.’   The place Jesus tells you is God.  Courage means, ‘in ones mind.’

If heart means ‘courage,’ and courage means’ whats going on in your mind’, then for you to be able to ‘trust’ God you will have to be knowing what’s going on in your mind. Fear? Concerns? Pains from your body? Or is your mind full of ‘trust’ in God?

Remember heart means what’s happening ‘inside.’With that said…What is going on ‘inside’ of you? Full, constant trust’? 

So as your problem does it best to keep your mind off ‘trusting’ God, then you have to ‘continually’ be, bringing your attention back to the thought of… I have decided to trust God no matter what.  Yes it is very hard to be still and do nothing about your problems…and fully TRUST yourself to God. But until you can and do…why waste your time reading that passage?

I’m not saying stop doing and trusting others, I am saying,,,,Why not give it a real try to put into practice what you are told to do? Start with something small and not so serious and stay with it until you’ve proven, ‘trusting’ God does really work. Then move on to some other little problem…and one day YES…one day you will find that ‘trusting’ God does work in all situations.

So…have you ‘decided’ you want to ‘trust…with all your heart?





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Where is God

Is there a  God? If there is a God…why is it so hard to find with HIM? If there is a God, why doesn’t He  help us when we ask? If there is a God why is there so much bad in the world He created? Most important…If there is a God…why is He hiding from me?
I think it’s time for some investigating.

We have been taught that God is Omnipresence. Looking at a meaning for  Omnipresence, I find it means, ‘being present everywhere at once.’  But I wonder…how can that be true with so many horrible, horrible things occurring every second all over the world…24/7. …How can that be if God is really filling all space?  And since there is bad going on, then it appears God is NOT really  being present everywhere at once.’     Tell me…where is God hiding during it all .

We are told God is ‘omniscience.‘ Omniscience means ‘knowing everything.’  And that would mean that God does know about all the bad that’s going on…if he is ‘knowing everything.’ God does know we suffer and even as we  pray and beg him to help…He does nothing to help us. Why would God  let us suffer…if  God knows everything? BUT…God must NOT really ‘know everything’ because there would be nothing left for for a Devil to know? Or for us to know? Tell me…where is God hiding.

We are told God is ‘omnipotence.’ That means,having absolute power or authority.’ Well if God has absolute power and authority’…’ who or what power is causing all the bad? And since there is bad going on, then it appears God does NOT really have ‘absolute power and does not have all ‘authority.’Tell me…where is God hiding.

Either God is  ‘being present everywhere at once‘…or He’s not. Either God is ‘knowing everything at once…or He’s not. And either God is all the power and all the authority...or He’s not. Well  it seems that there is NO GOD in this world, Being, Knowing or Powerful. No, NO GOD at all.

So…where is God hiding?

The reason we can not find God is because we do not know God. All most of us know is some unknown god.   Some unknown God that we have been taught is a real God….But who is NOT GOD.  But instead is a concept the LEADERS of the world use to keep us like sheep…under their control.

Just where and why is God hiding from us?  We look for God in our books. We look for God in our churches….and in our religious leaders.. We look everywhere for God….but we do not find Him.  It is pointless to ever look for God in this world, for you will never find Him.    So stop looking in this world.

Why oh why is God hiding? God is not hiding. God the real God, can only be found within us and nowhere else. At least according to Jesus, for Jesus told us plainly where to find God. He said we could find God only within our own self.


Is that where you have been looking?


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Stand Still

What does this Bible message really mean?

Stand ye still and see the salvation of the lord.”

To do this we need to fully understand what ‘stand,’ ‘still,’  ‘see’  and ‘salvation‘ mean.

Walking Stick Man

Because ‘stand’ has to mean more than to stop walking?

And ‘see’ must mean more that what eyes see.

To be able to do what the passage says, we need to understand  different meanings for words. So, lets the verse.

Starting with the word, ‘stand, we find it means  to ‘remain committed to.’ And what is it we are to ‘remain committed to? How about, I and my Father/Consciousness are one. Because no matter what is going on in our lives, we are always ‘one with our God. Our Consciousness.

Stand means to ‘halt’ and ‘halt’ means to ‘put a stop to.’ What is it that we need to ‘put a stop to? You see  you would have to know what it is that you need to ‘stop’… if you want to ‘stand’…to ‘stop’ it.  Well if ‘stop’ means to ‘cease,’ what are we to ‘cease’ doing?

We are to cease’ to ‘stop’ believing we are something separate and apart from our Source, because that is a lie…at least according to our Bible. We, man, is not accounted for. We are not man, we are God expressing Its Self. And we are   one with God.    So we are to ‘stop’ believing we are not ONE and ‘remain committed to’ I and my God are one. Not two. ONE.

Still means, ‘no activity.’ None, and that mans not just not moving your body, but also not moving your mind, by thinking. Thinking is a movement.

‘Be still’ most likely means, no thinking, because if you are thinking you can not hear the ‘still small voice’.…you are thinking thoughts, not being ‘still.’

So how do you ‘still’ your mind?  By doing what we are told, which is to   “Bring every thought into captivity.’ That means you have to consciously control all your thoughts…which is almost impossible…in the beginning, due to our ‘imagination.’  But with practice it gets easier.

Stand ye ‘still’…Still is, ‘undisturbed and quiet’. To be ‘undisturbed’ you can have no ‘thoughts’…no ‘mental images’, because that is what causes you to be ‘disturbed’.

And if you are to be ‘quiet’ which means, ‘to silence’, you will have to know what it is that needs to be ‘silenced’. If you think about it, your thinking, your ‘mental noise’ is what needs to be ’silenced’, for there is no other way to have ‘silence.’

Now lets look at the word, ‘see.’ Yes, we think it means to ‘see’ with our eyes, but how often do we ‘see’ things that area not there?

However, there are other meanings for ‘see’. See is to ‘investigate.’ How often do each of us take time to ‘investigate’ the Bible verses? How often do we use our dictionary to find word meanings that give clarity to the words? Not much I would think.

We seem to believe that if we read the Bible, that, that is good enough. Doesn’t seem important to want to really understand what we are reading and then do our best to live it. Prove it. Odd. So why even bother reading?

See means to, ‘understand.’ Understand what? Understand that we are NOT to judge by the appearances we see?

See is to, ‘give attention.’ How often during our days do we ‘give attention’ to God? Probably not much as we are so busy giving attention to the good and bad appearances that are …only appearances.

And it is not the outer appearances we are to see. We are to see as God sees and God does not see the appearances…he see’s the real us, made in His image and likeness.

  Okay now we will find out  what  is ‘salvation’ and how do we ‘see’ it?

Salvation is, ‘deliverance’. Evil is, ‘not good’. Who is it that can tell you something is not good? You. You tell yourself if something is good or bad and you do this through your ‘thoughts‘. That means you have to ‘silence’ the negative thought and to be entertaining ‘good’ thoughts if you want ‘salvation’, or ‘deliverance’ from the bad.

Salvation is, ‘being preserved’ and to ‘preserve’ something, you ‘guard’ it. What is it that needs ‘guarding’? Your God  thoughts. God thoughts need to be ‘guarded’ and kept in your mind, thus leaving no space for the bad, the evil ones.

To ’see the salvation of the lord’ it is important to know that a ’lord’ is the master of a household’, and in this case the ’household’ would be your inner ’thinking’ because you are the lord, the master of your own household. Your own mind.

So for you to ‘stand still and see the salvation of the lord’, you will have to ‘refrain’  all thoughts that disturb you…and those thoughts are any negative thoughts. You know this because positive thoughts always make you feel good.

How often do you ‘stand still? How often do you ‘stand still‘ and listen for the ‘still small voice‘ from withing?

  Again, how often do you ‘take NO thoughts.‘..about your problems.

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We are told that God made man, upright, honest and righteous.‘ So what has happened to us?

Lets see if we can find out.

First we find that God, (who is sitting  on the mountain top talking just like any Leader  to Moses)  telling him we havecorrupted ourselves.

 Corrupt, means ‘altered from the original.

The original creation was made VERY GOOD, and God was pleased with it. Now  we are being told  that we somehow have ‘corrupted’ things and things are no longer like the original. If so, how did we ‘corrupt’ ourselves and Gods very good creation?

Well, one of the ancient writers wrote, Man sought out many inventions. The word ‘invention’ means, ‘producing by  the imagination.’ And did you know ‘imagination’ means,’forming  mental images of things not really there.’

So was God  saying  it was mans imagination -mans mental images,  that corrupted   everything God had created?

Does that mean man too is a god. A creator…if he was able to undo the first creation and redo it to fit his mental images. Think about that.

Then there was ancient  Jeremiah who must have understood also, for he told us  that we are following our imaginations , our mental images ‘that we believe are real, because that is what our fathers believed after they corrupted themselves…and they passed down their corrupted beliefs to us.

Even ancient  Paul tried to makes us understand  that man did ‘corrupt‘ his self…when he  told us to get rid of our imagination.   To get rid of our ‘mental images’ that we are believing are real and present. But are NOT real and present.

"Imagination is the beginning of all creation" via @ajjoshi

Imagination is the beginning of mans idea of some god and his corrupted creation.

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