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First Isaiah tells us, we should not remember anything from the past. He tells us not to even consider anything we have been taught from the past. Why? And what was it that Isaiah did not want us to remember, and why?

Lets go see if we can find out.

Looking at the word, ‘former,’ we find it means the ‘outward appearances.‘   ‘Former’ also means, ‘ a human being.’   

Was Isaiah trying to tell us that we are not to remember all that we have been taught  about the ‘outward appearances of us…the human beings?

Maybe, because it seems Isaiah could have known a few of the meanings for the word ‘appearance.’ Like an ‘appearance‘ is a  ‘pretense,’ and a  ‘pretense ‘is afalse claim.‘ Something appearing real, but is not.  And ‘appearance’ means, ‘semblance,’ which is also something unreal.’

It seems Isaiah wanted us to understand everything  we have been taught about ‘human beings’ that is real….is NOT REAL.  And as ‘human beings‘ we do not understand who and what we are?  Nor does the ‘human being’ understand the  place we all live in.

Was Isaiah wanting  us not to remember the ‘former’ things, because the ‘former’ things we have been taught, were taught by the offspring of  man . Not God? Is this what Isaiah meant?Possibly, because later Jesus himself told us the same thing. Did Isaiah and Jesus NOT want us to remember the things we have learned from man? Because man really knows nothing? Because he has yet to get his understanding?

Okay, now things change. First Isaiah tells us not to remember…Now he tells us to

Remember Sticky Note Clip ArtREMEMBER the former things of old:‘  Oh…didn’t Isaiah say NOT to remember the things of old? So why is he now saying to…remember them? That doesn’t make any sense.  So which one are we to do?

Let’s keep investigating.

3338710223_a1ba090d11_m - Copy    Going back to the dictionary  to the word ‘former,‘ we find another meaning….and it is, ‘first.’  Seems maybe  Isaiah must of been saying that we should always ‘ remember‘ that God was first. First before any creation of any kind.

It seems Isaiah wants us to keep ‘remembering‘   when God was finished with His  Creation…He was pleased with his ‘first’ and only creation. And then he rested.

Is that what you ‘remember? Or do you ‘remember the things of  old? Things like the ‘human being’  who   believes the all good God can or would create sin, disease and death. And he would have had to cause them…if they exist…for He is the only Cause of all things. The ‘human being’ who wonders why God lets him suffer so much. The ‘human being’ who begs God for help…and never gets it.

Yes…we are to forget the ‘old former‘ things we have been taught about us, the ‘human being’ and his God….because we have been taught wrong.

https://i0.wp.com/clipart.christiansunite.com/1397904061/Bible_Characters_Clipart/Adam_and_Eve_Clipart/Adam_and_Eve004.jpg          Yes, it seems Isaiah wanted us to NOT to think of the 2nd creation, the creation made of ‘outer appearances’ where the ‘human beings’ think  they exist outside of Gods realm.Outside of Consciousness. It is in Genesis 2…you find the man made of dust…not Gods ‘first’ man.

So it seems   Isiah wanted us to REMEMBER the 1st Creation.  And  to ‘REMEMBER that what God ‘first‘ created…nothing could ever change it.  And to REMEMBER the only Creation that God created and  HE was pleased with it.

Genesis 1:31 by NaturallySimple

Makes sense to me.

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Was Jesus God

  jesus photo: Jesus, jesus.jpg

According to Jesus, he was not God. Jesus even told you this when he said that he was “…sent to do the will of HIM that sent him’. Who’s will?The will of HIM, that sent Jesus.

Who sent Jesus, if Jesus was God? If someone or something sent Jesus, then Jesus was a someone, and the Him that sent Jesus was another. Wouldn’t that mean  that Jesus was not God? Jesus said he only did what his Father hath taught him. If Jesus was God then why did he need to be taught things by his father?  If he was God…he would know all and not need to be taught anything. Don’t you think?

While on earth, Jesus was like most men. He was born. He was baptized. He was tempted. He got angry. He got hungry. He needed sleep. He cries. He prays. He suffers and he dies.  I find that weird. If he was really God.

Think about this….why would the almighty God send someone to do the things He should be doing.  Why all the games? Why not deal directly with man? Wouldn’t He be powerful enough to just make man the way He wanted him?

Also if Jesus was God, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to NOT  to have experienced the terrible things of human life…but instead show mankind how to deal with his problems in a spiritual way…instead of suffering like a man?If he was God.

Jesus called himself the son of man and he was like a few other sons of God. He said he had power to heal and to forgive sins…Well don’t most religious leaders claim the same thing?

People believe that because Jesus could do miracles, that meant he was God.But they forget that his disciples also did miracles, like bring the dead back to life.  There are many other men then and today that do miracles. Men like my teacher, Joel Goldsmith. And men like Dean Kraft. 

Like it or not…there are and where healers.   Mary Baker Eddy, had to PROVE   that spiritual healings were possible and to this very day Christian Science Nursing Homes are approved by Medicare and Medicaid.Did you know that? 


If Jesus was known as God because he could do miracles…then why would you not call all healers God?


Its ridiculous to think that Jesus would go through all that suffering if he were God. And what exact good did all his suffering do for the world? It is as bad now as it was all those thousands of years ago. So again…what was the point of his being here and suffering? What did it prove? What did he accomplish by it? Absolutely nothing.

In fact religion is on the decline. I’m sure its because the God we have been taught  is not working for mankind. And this God of the fathers just no longer makes any sense. At least to me.

 Jesus told people he was here to save what was lost. So what is it that was and still must be lost, since there has been no improvement in over 2000 years? Well how about understanding the truth? It’s the TRUTH that has been lost. If you know the truth, and that truth Jesus wanted us to know was……I and my Father are one

Jesus said, “I and my father are one.” That is correct. Jesus was ONE WITH HIS GOD. His CONSCIOUSNESS and this is what he tried so hard to get us to understand….YOU too are one with your father. Your God….Your own Consciousness….Because Consciousness is the first cause of all things .And this God, the Consciousness is found only….. within you.

   Jesus was a Teacher not a God. Jesus told us to go within to find God.


Therefore reader…Go within and find the real God.

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