Since the beginning of man, man has used some kind of an altar, a structure upon which offerings  are made.

dedective28On investigating the word, we find the origin of the word alter in Middle English is ‘alter and altar.‘ Interesting how both words are linked together and that ’alter’ is first before ’altar.’

Alter is first, so lets look at the word. This spelling means to ‘willingly change something.’ What is it we are to change before we to go to the ‘altar? What about us needs to be ‘altered’, changed?

Well how about we ‘surrender’ our judgments, since that is a meaning for the word.  We can surrender our  criticisms. Our fears. Our personal opinions. Our sins. Our sickness. Our  angers, resentments and our complaints. Those are what we surrender.

Once we are sincerely ready to ‘alter’ our lives, we can then go to the ‘altar,’ of God.



The second ‘altar’ is a place for ‘sacrifices,’ and that means to ‘surrender.’ What are we to sacrifice? What are we to surrender?

Could it be we are to ‘surrender’ our judgments, criticisms, fears, lying, sins, sickness, pains, weakness, and angers? And could it be we are to surrender our fully all our hopes and dreams….and let God supply our hopes and dreams in his time and in his way.  Those are what we can surrender. These are what we freely give up at the altar.

Pray, Pray, prays, prayed, praying, prayer, prayerful, prayerfulness, beg, appeal, beseech, entreat, implore, importune, plead, supplicate, petition, solicit, call upon, adjure, invoke, request, conjure, imprecate, urge, press

James 1:26 (42 kb)

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40 Days


                                  Bible and 40 Days

The number Forty  must have had some significance in the ancient times for the number 40 is mentioned 146 times in the Bible.

To begin, it took 40 people to write the Bible. Moses was 40 years in Egypt, 40 years in the desert, and 40 years in the wilderness . He was on Mount Sinai twice with God for 40 days and 40 nights.

Numbers Chapter 13: The Spies Return from the Promised Land  God told Moses to send men to look for Canaan. It took 4o days to come back.

1 Samuel Chapter 17: David Slays Goliath Joseph and the people spend 40 days mourning his father.

Rain graphicsIt rained 40 days and nights, then Noah waited another 40 days after it rained before he opened a window in the Ark.

DAVID AND Goliath photo: David vs Goliath DavidvsGoliath.jpg   Goliath was close by for 40  days  before being killed by David.

Jonah Chapter 3: Jonah Preaches to the Ninevites  Jonah told the people that in 4o days the city would be destroyed. And Solomon ruled 40 years. Ezekiel’s flying machine is 40 cubits long.

  Jesus fasted 40 days and nights in the wilderness and he remained on earth 40  days after resurrection

.bible photo: the Bible bible-1-150x150.jpgThere are many other instances in the Bible where the number 40 was used. What what so important about the number 40? I have no idea. But like so many other things in the Bible…Its Weird.

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It is necessary to get to know what the word ‘age’ means, and that you have choices in the aging game. Because without understanding aging, you will, as most characters in the human drama, follow those handed down beliefs of time.

dedective28     Investigating the word ‘age’ we find different meanings.

Age is ‘the period of a man’s life.‘ Age is a  ‘stage’ and a stage is  a  ‘portion of a journey.’ And that’s were you now find yourself. You are on a ‘portion of your journey’ through the human drama to the Magical Spiritual Kingdom. Within.

Depending on what time frame you are at,  as you read this, your human drama in which you as the character exist through conflicts and emotions, in most cases will either wish you were older, or younger.

Age is a ‘state,’ and a state is ‘to express an idea.’ Don’t forget an idea is, ‘that which exist in the mind as a mental image,’ not something real. Your age is NOT something real. It is a mental image and without that image….there is no aging.

Since age is a state, its then important to know that a state is also ‘a step in development.’

That’s interesting, don’t you think? Age is a step in your development…in understanding and knowing God and development is to ‘refine.’ When you refine something, you reduce it to an ’unmixed’ condition. You will have to admit your human drama is totally ‘mixed‘ with good and bad dramas. And it is NOT the reality God created for you.

Age is also a ‘gradual advancement to a different state’. Advancement means, ‘to bring forward.’ That would mean you must ‘bring forth’ new fresh thoughts…new understanding of your God and your relationship to It.

Age also means ‘to supply beforehand’, and that is what your aging is doing, as you continue to move ahead on to the Magical Kingdom, that Kingdom ‘within’ where all things are possible, so lets keep investigating the word age.

Age is to mature’ and  mature is to ’work out fully in the mind.’ And the only place you can work out fully, who, what and where God is…is in your mind.  Mature is also, ‘ripe’ and ripe is to be ‘ready.

Are you really ready   find the ultimate reality? That Magical Kingdom of God, found within? Are you ready to drop the opinions and beliefs that you learned from others about reality? About God and find your own understanding. Your own truths that you learn directly from the spirit within you?


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Are You Awake


In the belief of ancient Solomon  mankind, are ‘sluggards, ‘  who do not fully understand what a dream and dreamer are? Are you a ‘sluggard?

Do you think you know what a dream and dreamer are?  Or is your understanding based on the understanding of others who have told you what they believe is true about dreams and dreamers?

According to ancient Solomon, we each of us have to get our own understanding and not be lazy and depend on someone else’s understanding

If according to Solomon we are sluggards,  what is a sluggard? I didn’t know, and I wasn’t so sure I fully understood what my getting my own understanding meant.
dedective28 If Solomon believed it necessary for me to have my ‘own’ understanding, I would have to have a better knowledge of the meanings for the words. So I did some  investigating into some words to see if I could in deed…find my own understanding of what is real and true about dreams.

First I found a ‘sluggard’ is a ‘lazy’ person.  So Solomon was saying I was lazy? Lazy means, ‘unwilling.’  What are most people unwilling to do? They are ‘unwilling‘ to find their ‘own’ understanding of things. Like meanings for words. Why? Because it is much easier to use the understanding of others.

If   you and I do not take it upon ourselves to find our own understanding but rely on the understanding of others, then yes, we are lazy.  Yes we are the sluggards, like Solomon said we are.

8350157036_36905cfaeb_m  Okay…next I wanted my own understanding about what dreams were. I wanted to know because there are lots of Bible passages that tell us to stop dreaming. To wake up.

I was surprised with my new understanding of the meanings for the word…dream. Did you know   ‘dreams’  are comprised of a   ‘succession of images, cherished ambitions, aspirations,  thoughts, and emotions passing through the mind.’   I didn’t.

Well, think now…Is it not true that when you believe you are ‘ awake’ and not having a dream, that you do  have a ‘succession of images, cherished ambitions, aspirations,  thoughts, and emotions passing through your  mind.   If so, then you must still be dreaming… But just another dream. A dream which we think we are awake and in  reality….BUT….are we really awake?   

As I sit here thinking about the vivid dream I had last night, I think. I really think. To me, while I was dreaming last night… it was all very real. If someone had told me I was dreaming…. having a ‘succession of images, cherished ambitions, aspirations,  thoughts, and emotions passing through my  mind,’ I would have thought they were crazy. I was not dreaming, it was actually happening. My dream world was my only reality…last night.

Well…again as I sit here… I think I am awake. I believe I  am no longer dreaming…BUT…is it not true as I sit here…I am ’having   a successions of images, cherished ambitions, aspirations,  thoughts, and emotions passing through my mind.’   Those images, ambitions, aspirations,  thoughts, and emotions,’   are my reality…Just as they were in my last night’s dream.The dream I then called reality…while I was in it.

Does that mean that right now, I am dreaming?  Having just another dream…BUT, not knowing I am dreaming? Think about that. Think about because there is NO difference between dreams we dream either when we believe we are asleep or awake.

We  can know when we are dreaming. How? By seeing if we are having ‘images, ambitions, aspirations,  thoughts, and emotions passing through our minds…’ in this world. This world that is not Gods world…but only a dream world… and we know this world is not Gods world, because it is only a dream...and we know this because Jesus told us so when he  plainly said … ‘Lazarus sleeps…I will wake him.

Jesus was going to wake Lazarus from his dreams. Dreams, because that’s what we do when we sleep. And Jesus understood this.

But do we? Do we have our own understanding? If we do, then how come we do not experience things like….

‘The LORD will perfect that which concerns me ‘

When we read the Bible, we are not getting our own understanding of passages… no, we are getting the understanding of those who wrote and rewrote them for the last thousands of years . Read the above…if you really understood what it meant…you would have a perfect life with no worries. Do you?

Are you a dreamer? Are you living in a dream?

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