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Matthew 6-33

If you are seeking the   Righteousness of God, you will need to know a little about ‘righteousness’ and the only way to do that is to  dedective28 investigate words.

Righteousness means,’laws…acts…truths.’ So the righteousness that you are to seek, are the ‘laws, facts and the truths.’ It is Gods laws, Gods facts and Gods truths you are to seek in order to know Gods Righteousness. Are these what you have been searching for? Because it sure is not the laws, nor facts, nor truths of man whose breath is in his nostrils that will lead you to God’s Righteousness.

Dictionary Series - LawLooking at the word, ‘law’ we find it can mean, ‘principle’ which means the ‘essence of something.’ That means you have to really know who and what you are in order to find Gods Righteousness. Do you know who and what you are, in order to find Gods Righteousness? Do you know who and what you are? Or do you know who and what man has told you?

 Just remember if you follow the laws in the and all man kind will not find Gods Righteousness for those laws are the laws of man.  The only way for anyone to know God’s laws, is to go within and ask HIM…do not ask man for he does not know God aright.

    Now let’s   investigate the word, ‘fact.’ Fact means, ‘fixed.‘ Fixed means, ‘constant and not subject to change.’ Are you ‘constantly knowing the  facts’ about God and His creation…or do the ‘facts’ change as your outer experiences change for the worst? That  means when some sort of bad thing appears, do you still keep your ‘facts fixed’ on God and His all very good creations…or do they go to the problems?

Means, ‘true’ and true means, reliable. Are the facts  you’ve been seeking. ‘reliable’ enough to get you to God’s Righteousness? Or do you rely yourself, doctors, lawyers, ect. ect when you have problems? So… who do you rely on? God?

Have your facts been facts that are fixed, or have the facts you know, been able to be changed with events? To be a fact means it needs to be something that is fixed. The fact has to be a ‘constant.’ A fact that is truly a ‘fact’, is NOT subject to’ change.’ How ‘constant’ are your ‘facts’ about God?

If  ‘facts’ are something ‘true’   and if true means ‘reliable’, then are the’ facts’ you hold...’reliable?  Or are the facts you hold based on what a scientist reports to be a fact? Or is what the doctor reports as a fact.  To be  seeking true facts, reliable facts’ you must have ONE source for these facts. God.

Always seek for the facts about God. Those facts you find are the only Real and Constant, Reliable facts.

Your  seeking  Gods Righteousness ends with the word, ‘Truth.’ So pay attention as you investigate this word.

Truth means, ‘faithfulness,‘ which means, ‘constant.’ Again you are seeing that you have to be ‘constant’ with your seeking Righteousness. Are you?

  Truth means, ‘corresponding to facts.?You ‘correspond’ when you  ‘react favorably’ to all things.’  And you should because God made all things very good. Do you ‘respond favorably to all things? Well you must if you want Gods Righteousness. Do you?

Go now with your new understand of, Seek ye first, the kingdom of god, and his righteousness and one day you may find that you do not need to do any seeking at all………because what you have been seeking is already present. It never was anywhere to be found …

Because IT fills all space.

Within you.

But until the time comes when you become conscious that no seeking  Gods Righteousness is or was necessary because God is indeed….Being Everywhere at once….then the seeking you find necessary now will only help you to arrive at the place where you will KNOW, you never have to do a single thing……..other that to, Be still and listen …within your very own consciousness.

Take no thought then, about any other so called laws, facts or truths that come from man, because unless it is a law, a fact or a truth of Gods. It is NOT a law. Not a fact and NOT true.

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