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The Bible tells us so many things we are to do….but we don’t. Here is one example.

Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.’

Do we really want to be able to prove what is good and acceptable in Gods eyes? Or do we want to prove that WE, know what is good and acceptable…for us?   If we really do want to know what is acceptable to God, we are told that we must be transformed. And…we must renew our minds.

Do you know how to ’conform to Gods will? Do you know how to  ‘transform and ‘renew’ your mind?

I wasn’t sure I did so I did some  investigating.

 dedective28 to see different meanings for words.

I found that ‘conform’ means to ‘agree with accepted standards  of society.’  Was that what Paul meant…not to agree with the worlds beliefs…that man created? Well  if we are not to conform, not to agree with this world…what are we to conform, agree with?

How about conforming and agreeing to Gods ‘accepted standards ’ instead of man’s?   What are some of God’s ‘accepted standards

Okay now  how do we get ‘transformed? Transformed means to ‘change the function, nature and condition of…’

That could mean that we need to change how we function as self centered individuals and function as God would have us. Or how about  seeing all things like God does. GOOD. Impossible you say? Sorry but if we want to be transformed, we will have to see all things the way God make them…GOOD…and not what man has caused. For who gave man the power to create?

And since ‘nature’ means, ‘ accepted standards of  behavior,’ we should then change the ‘accepted standards’ of man and instead, follow the ‘accepted standards’ of God.

Because ’nature’ means,  ‘temperament’  which means, ‘habits of mind,’ it will be necessary to change our habits. And how do we change our  nature, our habits of mind?

renew your mind photo: Renew your mind to start a bless week :) 8094F518.jpg

For one we have to stop loving this world and  anything in it.‘ Wow…we all LOVE this world and lots of things in it.  Did you know that if any man loves the world and the things in it…. that man does not love God and will not be transformed?  Think about that one….if you want to be transformed,  you will have to stop loving anything in this world. Can you stop all your loving of things in this world…even your family. Sad to must...if you want to be transformed. But how?????

Lets look at the word ‘renew.’ We will first look at the meaning for ‘re’ and see what it means. It is to ‘restore to a previous time.’  Okay, restore what to what previous time?

How about we ‘restore’ our thinking. How about we ‘restore’ our thinking to the way God made us…in the beginning… GOOD. PERFECT.

 Re means ’to keep repeating.’ What are we to keep repeating?  You can keep repeating…I am made in the image and likeness of God. You can keep repeating….Not my will…but yours God…There are many things you can keep repeating ….if you want to be renewed to the way God sees you…Perfect.

 Re is to ‘bring back ’ What are we to  bring back? For one thing….if you are unhealthy, you can bring back the healthy thoughts. Those healthy thoughts from a ‘previous time.’

 Re is to ‘begin again , and re means to ‘say again.’  When your body is telling you that you are unhealthy or that it is in pain…right then…bring back some healthy thoughts…and keep repeating it  each time those unhealthy or painful thoughts come.

 Doing all this will transform your thoughts back to a previous time when you were healthy and pain free. But you must keep repeating this process if you want to be renewed to the time you did feel healthy….and you can do this for anything that you do not want in your life…really.

BUT…most important is to always bring your thoughts back with….to GOD

SO…do you want to be transformed? I do. But it sure is hard to do….because it is so easy to keep our old habits and so hard to renew our minds. But we must.

And we end with the  word ‘new.’ New is ‘fresh,’ which is,‘revived, ‘ which means to ‘notice’  Once more…what are we to notice? What are we to ‘keep repeating?  First notice your thoughts. Remember…no thought…no experience. So ‘revive’ your healthy thoughts…and really notice when unhealthy thoughts come to your notice….use them as your opportunity to be transformed. Your thoughts are your habit of thinking. Stop.  Stop thinking once in a while cause what can you really ever do?

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