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There Is A Spirit In Me

There is a ‘spirit in man.’   That means there is a ‘spirit’ in me. What is the ‘spirit’ in me?  And what does that mean to me?

For me to known what it means, I need a better understanding of the   meaning of ‘spirit.’

dedective28 So time to do some investigating.

It seems the word ‘spirit’ has many meanings, so I need to understand them…if I want to know what my ‘spirit’ is. And I do.

First meaning is  a ‘vital principle.’  Vital means, ‘ essential, and ‘essential’ means, ‘essence‘, which means, ‘real’. So then, my ‘spirit’ is the real part of me. Not my body.

And if ‘essence’ also means, ‘to be‘  and that means ‘I AM. ’ That would mean that for me ‘to be’ I would be the I AM.

So…I AM… is my ‘spirit…my ‘essential’ part.’  I AM,  is what is ‘real ’ of me. AND not my body.

Now I will look for the meaning of ‘principle’ …which means the ‘source.’ That’s telling me my ‘spirit’ is the ‘source’ of me. My ‘spirit’ is who and what I AM. AND not my body.

For me to know and experience my ‘spirit’ I have to begin to understand how and why my ‘spirit is ‘the source’ of everything.

Well, since ‘spirit’ is also defined as an, ‘intelligent animating force’ that would mean that within me…there is an   ‘intelligent animating force‘. I didn’t know that.

I was taught that when I wanted to know something I should read a book written by some intelligent man whose breath is in his nostrils…or ask someone…a doctor, a religious leader, anyone…ANYONE…but the ‘ intelligent animating force’ within me. Why is that?

Well if  I do have an ‘intelligent animating force within me’, that is the ‘intelligence’ I should always turn to…and not to the intelligence of ‘man who’s breath is in his nostrils.

I never knew I had within me a ‘intelligent animating spirit’ who I could go for when I needed answers. Did you?

Animating means,  ‘life.’ Life means something that, ‘remains and continues.’  That means that the ‘spirit’ in me, the ‘intelligent animating force’ continues in me at all times…even in sin, sickness and death.

But I have been taught that when I  die and I will no longer have a body. How then can I have a ‘spirit’ ….if my ‘spirit is within’ me and when I die there is no ’me’  left? Where does that leave my ‘spirit…that intelligent animating force?

Lets see. If ‘intelligent’ is having, ‘understanding’   then what is it I’m to ‘understand?

To find out lets look at the word ‘force,’ since that is part of my  ‘spirit.’ Force means,  Power. Control and Authority.’

So, the ‘spirit’ in me is the ‘Power.  Is the Control and is the  Authority…’over me and  all that concerns me.

But wait, I have been taught that sin, sickness, death, money…all worldly things were the things that had power, control and  authority over me.

Is it only my ‘spirit, my intelligent animating force‘ that has complete ‘power, control and  authority over me? But if it really is my ‘spirit’ who has the power, control and  authority,’ over me, why was I not taught this?

That means the ‘life’ I have been taught, is not  my real life…not if real life ‘continues’, and if ‘continue’ means ‘to carry on from the point of   interruption, ‘(death)

So even the ‘interruption’ of death can not stop my ‘life‘…my ‘spirit‘… my intelligent animating force in me’, from forever continuing on…why didn’t someone tell me this stuff?

The word ‘spirit’ also  means ‘incorporeal‘ and that means, ‘not the body, and without the body.’  That means my  spirit  exists  without  my body. BUT…if my ‘spirit’ is ‘within me’…is not the ‘within’…my body?

Lets keep on. If my ’spirit’ is my ‘life’…and not my body…and my ’spirit’ remains and continues on forever’…within me … then ‘me’  will also continue on.  It would seem so, for ‘spirit‘ God fills all space

Go within and completely be quiet, which means,“>HAVE NO THOUGHTS. NONE



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I was born with an Inquiring Mind and I love all things weird. Weird like UFO'S-Mysticism-Ancient Beings-Really ODD stuff found in the Bible. I do not believe in the reality that has been handed down to me. I believe there is only one Reality....Consciousness. I was also born with a great spiritual desire ...which does NOT include any religion or their beliefs.

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