Are We A Dream Jeremiah like other ancient writers does his best  to tell  man, reality is not what has been programmed into you.

Jeremiah wrote, “Do not listen to your dreams.” He says do not listen to the “…dreams which YOU have caused to dream.”    What did Jeremiah mean? Lets find out…

dedective28 by  investigating some meanings for the word dream.

A dream is a ‘series of images being absorbed in thought.’ And you are ‘absorbed’ when you give, ‘full attention.’ Think about your dreams, are they not real to you… as you dream? While in your ‘dream’, no one could convince you it was not reality? Your dream has your ‘full attention,’…and it is your NOW reality… and has no substance  is not and present outside of your mind. It just seems to be.

 A ‘dream’ is defined as a ‘deception.’ That means you are being ‘deceived,’ which means you  are being ‘mislead by false appearances’ that you mistake for reality. When  in fact the dreams, the false appearances have no substance. 

Appearance means, the ‘outward impressions. ‘Impressions’ are, ‘effects produced in the mind.’It is from the dreams you have caused, that produces the outward impressions, Impressions you take as something real and present.

The dream is not reality,  and modern Einstein  understood this when he told us, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Do I think life is a sleeping dream?

Do I?  Yes.

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The Bible plainly tells me not to judge. I am not to judge anything that I see, hear, or feel. Do I?

Yes, I do judge.

I am also plainly told to ‘judge righteously.’ But how can I judge the evils of my world…righteously?   How am I to learn and do  ‘righteousness’?

The only way to learn is from others. Will it be enough if I  learn from others?   Will what I have been taught by others…be enough for me to learn my  ‘righteousness?

NOPE, it is not enough, at least according to Matthew, for he said I would need to know MORE than those who taught me.


Wow…according to the passage, I will not get my  ‘righteousness’, if I obey what I have taught.

Well…if I am not to follow the ways I have been taught, what am I  to do? Just how do I learn  ‘righteousness’ so I can judge righteously?

dedective28 It’s investigating time. Where’s my dictionary?

If I am to learn something, what does ‘ learn’ mean?

Oh… it means, ‘acquainted with.’

Guess that means in order for me to have my’ righteousness‘ so I can ‘judge righteously,’ I will need to be ‘acquainted’ with IT.

If acquainted means, ‘aware,’ then I will have to be...being ‘aware.’ But aware of what?

Of thinking before I judge?

‘Righteous is  ‘possessing  the source  of all cause’…And also, ‘residing in’

That means as long as I am being ‘aware’ that I  reside in  God/Consciousness… I have my ‘righteousness’.

And since God  is the first and only cause, I would have to get my  ‘righteousness’ straight from God, not man.

Daily  I must  ‘reside’ in the Consciousness of God.…all the time.

Can I?

Or will I reside in the ways of the world that I have been taught by man?

Righteousness is to be ‘pure.’

Pure  means  ‘not mixed’.

So to have ‘righteousness’, I can not be mixing my human negative judging thoughts with

Gods, all good ones.

It is my job not to  lack the  ‘pure righteous’ thoughts and not let the person, place or thing that is trying to get my attention cause me to  mix my thoughts. Mixing causes impurity.

So then if I want ‘judge righteously’, then my mouth must only be used for praise.

Praise means ‘expressing approval.’

Do I only express ‘approval’ all day long?

No. Why not if that’s what I am told to do?


How about you?

Are you GOOD all the time by

  ‘judging righteously’


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metaphysics photo: The Metaphysics Aristotle 0879756713 009852.jpg

Metaphysics is considered to be one of the greatest philosophical works of all time. It was Aristotle who was the first philosopher to speak of  metaphysics. He believed metaphysics is the study of the One Substance  which exists and causes all things. Aristotle’s  wanted to know, ‘what exists’, and thus what it means to be ‘human’. Isn’t that something you to would want to know?

So…What do you think when you read or hear of metaphysics? Do you think, that’s  not for me?  If you do, why? Maybe it’s because you don’t know enough about it?  So come on lets   explore  words and their meanings, and see if you will have an adventure as you come to find out what is ‘behind’ all things. We will start with understanding a little about two words, Metaphysical and Metaphysics.

dedective28 That means…we investigate…with the help of a dictionary. Doing so, we learn that by….

Breaking down the word metaphysical you get ‘meta & physical’. But looking deeper you find ‘meta’ means ‘situated behind.‘ Since meta means’ situated behind’, it would make sense to find out what it is, that it is, behind.

And the word ‘physical’ means, that which is ‘material’, and a meaning for material is the ‘substance of what something is made.’ In other words, what is behind your physical reality. Don’t you think that would be good to know? I do.

 Now lets better understand the meanings for Metaphysical. Metaphysical means the ‘relationship between matter and mind’. What is matter?  It has the same meaning as ‘material’…the substance of which any physical object is composed. Do you know what that substance is?

Now lets find out about ‘metaphysics …which means ‘something without material form or substance’. Wow, did you know things existed without material form and substance?  Do you know what they are? …I do.

Okay…Metaphysics also means the ‘study of the ultimate reality’.

Ultimate  means,  ‘No further progress is  possible.’ Not possible because ‘ultimate ‘  also means the ‘conclusion.’  Ultimate  means  ‘something without material form or substance.

Since metaphysics is the ‘study of the ultimate reality rather than the human reality’  is probably the reason most people stay away from it. It is far to much work to devote time to the study of REALITY when it is far easier to be human and stay in the human reality.  Human is, “earthly beings,” as opposed to the man of Gods/Consciousness,  Creating.

 Metaphysics is  ‘the investigation of the nature and structure of reality  and is concerned with such questions as the existence of God, and the external world.’ Wouldn’t you like to know how and if they are connected?

Metaphysics  is the study of physical reality and beyond.   Metaphysics is finding out what is, existence, and what sorts of things exist in the world? Metaphysics is understanding the nature of reality? And does anything of this world… exist outside the mind?  Why would one not want to investigate the cause of all thing?

So…now what do you think  of metaphysics? Is it still not for you?  If so,  why? Why if metaphysics means the ‘study of the ultimate reality‘? Who wouldn’t want to know  the ultimate reality?

Learn why metaphysics is once again being looked into by so many.  AND… who knows, you may end up being a Mystic.


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Taught Wrong


We have all been taught the WRONG WAY.

I have been taught to ask, Doctor’s…Lawyers…Teachers…Financial Advisers…Mother, Father…Friend


s…Wife, Husband…Religious Leaders…AND others like them.

Yes, I was taught they were the ones for me to ASK when I needed to know something concerning  me.

However…..that is not what the Bible teaches me. The Bible tells me who to ASK about things that concern me….and it is NOT who I was taught to ask.

I wonder…why was I not taught to

’Ask ME of things to come concerning my son’.

Well…that is what I have been doing for over 30 years now. I ONLY ask God… about anything that concerns me…and what I ASK is…What do you want me to know…and then I let it go.


AND…once I do ASK my inner Being, my God….the answer can only come if …I DO NOT DOUBT …that all that concerns me WILL be taken care of. I can not hope it will….I must know it will. And with the KNOWING, a solution for my problem ALWAYS appears…

I believe I can      Ask god anything vid title

As I  continue to only ASK my SELF, the I that I AM …


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There Is A Spirit In Me

There is a ‘spirit in man.’   That means there is a ‘spirit’ in me. What is the ‘spirit’ in me?  And what does that mean to me?

For me to known what it means, I need a better understanding of the   meaning of ‘spirit.’

dedective28 So time to do some investigating.

It seems the word ‘spirit’ has many meanings, so I need to understand them…if I want to know what my ‘spirit’ is. And I do.

First meaning is  a ‘vital principle.’  Vital means, ‘ essential, and ‘essential’ means, ‘essence‘, which means, ‘real’. So then, my ‘spirit’ is the real part of me. Not me the person with a  body.

And if ‘essence’ also means, ‘to exist’ and essence means ‘to be‘ and ‘be’ means  ‘completely, and ‘be’ means to  ‘live,’ that would mean  ‘I AM. ’ That would mean that for me ‘to be’ I would exist and live completely within my ‘spirit’ and be the I AM.

So…I AM… is my ‘spirit.’ ‘essential’ part.’  I AM,  is what is ‘real ’ of me. AND not this earthly me.

The next word I need to understand is ‘principle’ since my ‘spirit’ is  a ‘ ‘animating vital principle.’ First ‘animating’ means ‘to give life to.’  So it is my, spirit that gives me life and not my body. Animating also means, ‘give breath to.’ That means it is my inner ‘spirit’ that gives me my breath and not my out here body.

So now I will look for the meaning of ‘principle’ …which means the ‘source.’ That’s telling me my ‘spirit’ is the ‘source’ of me. My ‘spirit’ is who and what I AM.

Man was wrong to say me as a person is who and what I am at least according to Isaiah, when he said, ‘Don’t listen to man for he knows nothing.  

For me to know and experience my ‘spirit’ I have to begin to understand how and why my ‘spirit is ‘the source’ of everything.

Well, since ‘spirit’ is also defined as an, ‘intelligent animating force’ that would mean that within me…there is an   ‘intelligent animating force‘. I didn’t know that.

I was taught that when I wanted to know something I should read a book written by some intelligent man whose breath is in his nostrils…or ask someone…a doctor, a religious leader, anyone…ANYONE…but the ‘ intelligent animating force’ within me. Why is that?

Well if  I do have an ‘intelligent animating force within me’, that is the ‘intelligence’ I should always turn to and not to the intelligence of ‘man who’s breath is in his nostrils. ‘

I never knew I had within me a ‘intelligent animating spirit’ who I could go for when I needed answers. Did you?

“Ask me of things to come concerning my sons.”

Animating means,  ‘life.’ Life means something that, ‘remains and continues.’  That means that the ‘spirit’ in me, the ‘intelligent animating force’ continues in me at all times…even in sin, sickness and death.

But I have been taught that when I  die and I will no longer have a body. How then can I have a ‘spirit’ ….if my ‘spirit is within’ me and when I die there is no ’me’  left? Where does that leave my ‘spirit…that intelligent animating force?

Lets see. If ‘intelligent’ is having, ‘understanding’   then what is it I’m to ‘understand?

To find out lets look at the word ‘force,’ since that is part of my  ‘spirit.’ Force means,  Power. Control and Authority.’

So, the ‘spirit’ in me is the ‘Power.  Is the Control and is the  Authority…’over me and  all that concerns me.

But wait, I have been taught that sin, sickness, death, money…all worldly things were the things that had power, control and  authority over me.

Is it only my ‘spirit, my intelligent animating force‘ that has complete ‘power, control and  authority over me? But if it really is my ‘spirit’ who has the power, control and  authority,’ over me, why was I not taught this?

That means the ‘life’ I have been taught, is not  my real life…not if real life ‘continues’, and if ‘continue’ means ‘to carry on from the point of   interruption, ‘(death)

So even the ‘interruption’ of death can not stop my ‘life‘…my ‘spirit‘… my intelligent animating force in me’, from forever continuing on…why didn’t someone tell me this stuff?

The word ‘spirit’ also  means ‘incorporeal‘ and that means, ‘not the body, and without the body.’  That means my  spirit  exists  without  my body. BUT…if my ‘spirit’ is ‘within me’…is not the ‘within’…my body?

Lets keep on. If my ’spirit’ is my ‘life’…and not my body…and my ’spirit’ remains and continues on forever’…within me … then ‘me’  will also continue on.  It would seem so, for ‘spirit‘ God fills all space

Go within and completely be quiet, which means,



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