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Church Preachers


When you sit in your church and listen to your, Pastor, Minster, Reverend or your Priest, do you ever wonder where they trained? Or wonder how many long hard years they studied to get their degree to teach you? To minster to you? To hear your confessions? To marry you? Bury you?

Probably not. But why would you not want to know? Why would you just take it for granted that they know more than you, better than you…about God? About Bible history? About Bible facts?
About Jesus? About Religion itself.


Do you know why the one you go to hear ‘preach’ every Sunday, is a Pastor? Is a Minister? Is a Priest? Is a Reverend? Didn’t you ever wonder?  If not, why? Why would you not want to know why they chose to be a Pastor, Minister, Reverend or a Priest? Did they choose to be a religious leader in order to help mankind? Or could there be other reasons?

I did want to know. And so I decided to  dedective28 do some investigating.

Being an  Pastor, Minister or Priest   can open new doors for your Pastor or your Minister and your Priest, and your  Reverend, both  spiritually, financially, and socially. Most churches pay well for their clergymen to  ‘preach.’

Those with a Master of Divinity degree earned between $36,536 and $67,999 while those with a Doctor of Ministry degree earned between $40,867 and $78,437. Did any of them get their ‘degrees’ online?

They even get paid vacations also. Nice. Many, many of these vacation homes are completely   FREE to  Pastors, ect.ect.ect.

Gee, someone can be ‘paid,’ and get ‘free vacations…. to stand up and give their ‘opinion’ on God…with ‘no formal learning or training‘. Nice way to make a living. This might be a good way for ‘out of work’ people to earn an income, because it seems that in today’s world, whatever your religion, or non, if you want to PREACH it, forget any formal training. Forget learning the history of your faith. In fact forget everything because once you have your Official Certificate…you can preach your religion anyway you want.

And to look ‘official’ anyone can ‘buy’ the clothing needed.

Well since you do choose to sit in a church and be preached to, you should know that in America today in there are over 20 Million Pastors, Ministers, Reverends and Priest who got their teaching Certificate …ON LINE IN ONE DAY.

You even have choices on what ‘packages‘ you want to buy. Anyone can chose what  ‘title’ they want…so why not get all of them…in case you don’t do well at first choice?

What if you did not know your Pastor,  Minister, or Priest went ‘online’ and paid 30-50 dollars to become ‘ordained’ and you were married by them…and what if years down the way you divorced and the state you were in did not recognize your marriage as valid. What would you do? If you are seen as not legally married then there is no divorce. No dividing assets? Do you the ‘qualifications’ of who married you?

Because if you were married by an ‘online pastor’, you may not be ‘legally’ married. Because in some states,’ marriages were overturned’ because the state refused to recognize marriages performed by an ‘online ordained minister’.

Anyone can ‘buy,’ Credential Package Certificates, Press Pass Clergy Badge, and Sample Services.’ What???

And  anyone can ‘BUY’ Sample Services. Wow. Who knew.
Now get this….The only qualification is they must say they are ‘sincere and desire to serve the community.’ Could your Pastor, your Minister (notice qualifications) or your Priest be one of them? Would you even care?

Maybe that’s how people  like David Koresh  or Jim Jones  got theirs.

And YES, there are  Preachers, Priest, and many fully trained religious people who spent time and money to learn everything needed to become a GOOD leader, but the question is, is your ‘Priest, your Preacher, or whoever is up in front of you preaching, ‘qualified? And do you care?

Makes you kind of wonder about the Bible ‘preachers’


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    Of course, if you open your open church, it’s tax free.

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