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   Ego is known as the self.’  A perfect dictionary meaning for ‘self‘, is  ‘something  separated and apart from.’

What is it the ‘ego’ wants you to believe you are  ‘something  separated and apart from?  God? Yes, because ‘ego’, means ’conceit.’ The ‘ego’ is very ‘conceited.‘ The ‘ego’ will do anything and everything to stay in control. ‘Ego‘ does not want you to worship anyone or anything but it.

Conceit is to‘ conceive’ and ‘conceive’ is to ‘imagine.’  The ‘ego’ ‘imagines‘ it is God. Your God. “Ego‘ will make you believe all kinds of  good and bad things.

Because ‘ego’ is known as the selfit identifies as you, the ‘person.‘ You as a ‘person‘ are  controlled by the ‘ego,’ and the ‘ego’ does want you the ‘person’ to believe you are  ‘separated and apart ’ from God.

Okay, then who or what is this ‘self’ that believes it is ‘separate and apart’ from God? The ‘self’ that is known as a  ‘person?

What is a meaning for ‘person?  dedective28    Investigating some dictionary meanings, you find,  one of the origins of the word ‘person’ is a ‘mask.’  What??? We as a person are a ‘mask?’ 

mask photo: Animated Drama Mask drama2.gif

Lets keep going and see some  meanings for the word ‘mask‘ since that is a meaning for ‘self’.

A ’mask’ is to ‘change the appearance so as to conceal identity by means of deceptive garb.’  Just what could the ‘deceptive garb’ be?

Deceive means to, ‘mislead by a false appearance’ and ‘garb’   means,‘the outward appearance.’ Is that how ‘ego’ can be your God. By ‘misleading‘ you? By making sure you believe you are ‘separate and apart’ from God?

That of course is impossible if you believe  ‘…Greater is He that is in you….’ One would assume that the ‘He’, is God. If so, then there would not be a way for you to ever be ‘separated and apart’ from God. If God, the ‘HE’ is within you.

That would mean that the ‘mask‘ you wear is to ‘mislead’ you, by having you believe the ‘garb’, the ‘outward appearance’ is you. Is it possible that the ‘deceptive garb’ is your body? Is the ‘ego/self?

Could that be the reason we are told, ‘Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement.’ 

Is the  ‘mask‘ what ‘conceals  your real identity?

A ‘mask’ is to, ‘ disguise.‘   When something is’ disguised’, it ‘conceals the truth’ and in this case the truth is, you are not ‘separate and apart’ from God. You are not the ‘appearance’, the form that shows forth as your ‘self.’

Your ‘ego‘ controls you by giving you what you want. Having what you want keeps your mind off God. Your desires edge you apart and you spend your time bowing to your little ‘ego,’ enjoying your ‘self’.

The same is true when things go bad and you face ‘lack.’ Lack of health, money, home, ect.  The bad like the good keeps you busy either enjoying your ‘self’ or trying to help your ‘self’. Either way ‘ego’ wins, because you are focused on ‘self’. Not God.

Don’t let your ‘ego’ edge you out from God, by deceiving  you into believing you are ‘separate and apart‘ from God. God that is the ‘ HE’ within you?

By removing the ‘mask,‘ that ‘deceptive garb’, your body, that ‘appearance’ known as your ‘ego/self,’ that ‘conceals  your real identity,’  you will find only Gods qualities remain. Qualities that reveal your ‘ true identity.’  God Being.

Is it not time for you  to remove your ‘mask’, that thing your ‘ego’ calls you? That thing you call your ‘self’… so the real you can come forth for the world to see? The real you that was  created to reflect God in all your ways. Once the ‘mask’ is removed there will be

Something to think about and to investigate.

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