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Was Mary A Virgin


In the Bible you are told that God was SEEN many different times?

Did you know that lots of people saw God?

And did you know  God eats and drinks with people all through the Bible”

Here are a few examples of men and women who SAW God. TALKED with GOD and ATE with God.

The Bible tells us that on many occasions Moses saw God and talked with him. In the place where God lived.

And not only Moses, but  ‘The lord appeared to unto Abram.’    Notice, the word ‘appeared’ is used twice. So God was seen. He had a form.

  The LORD appears before Isaac’.    Isaac was looking at something.  God must have had a body, if He could be seen.

The Prophet Micaiah saw God sitting on His throne.  Can it be said any plainer? Nope. God had a form. He had a body. Like any other MAN.

Amos saw the Lord standing by the altar and spoke to him.   Isaiah  ‘saw God sitting on a throne.    How many people have to tell you….God could be seen?

Matthew says “..and lo the heavens (the doors to the adobe) opened and he saw the spirit of the Lord descending.

Picture of Selective focus on the word "God". Many more word photos in my portfolio... Were people really able to ‘see’ a spirit?

According to the dictionary a ‘spirit is another name for God.’ 

If  God was ‘seen’ he must have had a form. If we are to believe what the Bible tells us, then we have to believe God had a body. That means that God was just like any other man, He eats, drinks, sleeps, has a place he lives in. Point is…if God does everything else  man does, why then would he not also have sex?

Think about that and lets go do some investigating. dedective28

Was Mary a Virgin when she gave birth? Is there even the slightest chance, she was not?  Just the slightest?  You decide, but do so with the known facts, not what you have programed to believe.   Matthew  informs you that Mary was pregnant before she and Joseph got married. Most religions believe Mary was a pregnant virgin. But could they be wrong?

Joseph decided he would put Mary somewhere private so she could avoid public shame.

Okay…think about this. If Joseph  was planning on marrying Mary, why would they not just go ahead and get married…a little sooner than planned? Who would know or care? If Joseph loved Mary and felt she did nothing wrong, wouldn’t he marry her. Wouldn’t he?

BUT…what  if the child was not his. What might he do?

Yep…he would not want to marry her if it was not his baby. He would find her a place to stay where they would be safe…because we are told he was a good man.

Lets keep going and see what else we find.

File:Eustache Le Sueur.jpg  It was the angel of God that told Joseph to marry Mary and to take her away.

So the question is, why did someone have to tell Joseph to marry her? Could he have been ‘made’ to marry because he was afraid of Gods angel? Gods soldier?  Seems that could have happened.

If God had a form, and if God could be seen and if God walked, talked, ate, drank, slept and killed his  people…like any man….then why could God not have been with Mary and fathered Jesus?  You have to admit, it is possible…at least according to the Bible.

And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.’   The people SAW God and his Son, Jesus. So why would it be so unbelievable the God was not the biological father of Jesus?  There are just too many times that God was seen by man, for ‘that’ God, not to have been a man. And so it is possible, he did have sex with Mary. Probably by force, since she was going to marry Joseph.

”And a voice from heaven, the ‘adobe’ said, this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” Is it possible that God, the man descending down to earth to see his ‘son’ was the real father of Jesus, since we know Joseph was not?

Again If God had a form, and if God could be seen and if God walked and talked with the people….why could he not have been with Mary and fathered Jesus? Remember he did all the other things men do…so YES, it is possible. I think.

In fact ALL through the Bible God is seen by so many different people, you have to believe God had a body. That God was a man with lots of power.

So was Mary a virgin when she gave birth?

And was God, a man who fathered Jesus?

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About babarahs

I was born with an Inquiring Mind and I love all things weird. Weird like UFO'S-Mysticism-Ancient Beings-Really ODD stuff found in the Bible. I do not believe in the reality that has been handed down to me. I believe there is only one Reality....Consciousness. I was also born with a great spiritual desire ...which does NOT include any religion or their beliefs.

4 responses to “Was Mary A Virgin

  1. chicagoja

    Love the post. John 1:18 says that no man has ever seen God. That’s confirmed in John 4:12, John 4:24 and Romans 11:20. Obviously there’s a schism between the old and new testaments and both cannot be right. Therefore, the Bible can not be considered to be the Word of God with such a discrepancy. Further, Judaism today subscribes to only an invisible god and the Old Testament is basically the jewish Bible sooo…the stories about seeing God in the Old Testament are no doubt untrue. Either those stories were fabricated or were stories about an entity that was simply considered to be a god (liitle “g”). With regards to someone telling Joseph to marry Mary, that would not have been unusual because all marriages were prearranged between the two families and Mary would have been betrothed to Joseph perhaps from a very early age. As for Mary, the Bible says that she was a virgin with the Hebrew word being almah, which actually means a young woman and not necessarily a virgin. However, Mary was an Essene and would have been considered a Vestal Virgin. Culturally, women had to be virgins at marriage; anything else was unthinkable. As far as the story that Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit, levite priests were considered incarnations of gods and angels so it would not be unusual for such a reference. Besides, pagan myths required that their gods always resulted from the birth of a virgin and Christianity in many respects is a pagan religion so it would have been very easy, under the circumstances, to portray the conception of Jesus in that light. Always a pleasure to read your posts.

  2. babarahs

    Thank you for the nice words. I still believe that god was an being from some other world. I have personally seen the crafts since the early 60’s and there is no way those flying objects could have done the things I saw them do. I do believe we are being set up for them to land…since the Pope and some of his people stated that yes there is a possibly….there has been constant playing of all the UFO shows…and I mean almost daily all day long. Very weird…and…I personally do not think they are bad guys…because they have been around since the caveman days and they have never harmed us a whole…anyway that god from the Bible was one of them….at least to me.

  3. babarahs

    The one and only GOD who is the only creator-the only cause…and for me at my current level of understanding is the GOD within…the God within me is a provable God…Because what good is some God if IT’s not available for you…in all situations… I can know 2+2=4 but what good is it if when I need to prove it…I can’t? The same for me with God. I know there is a God…but what good is just knowing, if I can’t prove IT? And thank goodness, my GOD is provable if I really understand who, what and where IT is. Yes it is sometimes very, very hard due to a lifetime of human conditioning …but God can be proved…if you can forget all the nonsense programmed into you since birth. and….BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.

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