Do You Sin

sin photo: sin sin.jpgOutside the normal ways you think of  ‘sin’, there may be many other ways to ‘sin.’ Ways that possibly you are unaware of.

i feel a sin coming on photo: I Feel A Sin Coming On sin.jpg

                                                 Let’s look at some of them.

Sin is… ‘lying.’ How often do ‘lie’?

Sin is… ‘gossip.’ Do you ‘gossip’?

Sin is… ‘stealing.’ Do you ever ‘steal’?

Sin is ‘complaining.’ Isn’t it easy to ‘complain?’

Sin is… ‘annoyed.’ Do things or people annoy you?

Sin is…‘anger.’ When was the last time you were angry?

Sin is… ‘desire for more,’ Do you ‘desire’ more of anything?

Sin is… ‘to find fault.’ Do you find ‘faults’ with anyone or anything?

Sin is…‘being displeased.’ How often do things ‘displease’ you?

Sin, ’ blame.’ How often do you blame someone or something?

Sin is… ‘resentment.’ Do you ever ‘resent’ someone or something?

Sin is… ‘anything that offends.’ What offends you?

Do you do to ‘offend?

Sin is… ‘hurt.’ Do your feelings ever hurt?

Do you ever ‘hurt’ the feelings of others?

                               HOW MANY TIMES A DAY DO YOU SIN

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every sin photo: for every sin foreverysin.jpg

animated crying photo:  animated_sorrow_femalecrying.gifThere is a Punishment 


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Church Preachers


When you sit in your church and listen to your, Pastor, Minster, Reverend or your Priest, do you ever wonder where they trained? Or wonder how many long hard years they studied to get their degree to teach you? To minster to you? To hear your confessions? To marry you? Bury you?

Probably not. But why would you not want to know? Why would you just take it for granted that they know more than you, better than you…about God? About Bible history? About Bible facts?
About Jesus? About Religion itself.


Do you know why the one you go to hear ‘preach’ every Sunday, is a Pastor? Is a Minister? Is a Priest? Is a Reverend? Didn’t you ever wonder?  If not, why? Why would you not want to know why they chose to be a Pastor, Minister, Reverend or a Priest? Did they choose to be a religious leader in order to help mankind? Or could there be other reasons?

I did want to know. And so I decided to  dedective28 do some investigating.

Being an  Pastor, Minister or Priest   can open new doors for your Pastor or your Minister and your Priest, and your  Reverend, both  spiritually, financially, and socially. Most churches pay well for their clergymen to  ‘preach.’

Those with a Master of Divinity degree earned between $36,536 and $67,999 while those with a Doctor of Ministry degree earned between $40,867 and $78,437. Did any of them get their ‘degrees’ online?

They even get paid vacations also. Nice. Many, many of these vacation homes are completely   FREE to  Pastors, ect.ect.ect.

Gee, someone can be ‘paid,’ and get ‘free vacations…. to stand up and give their ‘opinion’ on God…with ‘no formal learning or training‘. Nice way to make a living. This might be a good way for ‘out of work’ people to earn an income, because it seems that in today’s world, whatever your religion, or non, if you want to PREACH it, forget any formal training. Forget learning the history of your faith. In fact forget everything because once you have your Official Certificate…you can preach your religion anyway you want.

And to look ‘official’ anyone can ‘buy’ the clothing needed.

Well since you do choose to sit in a church and be preached to, you should know that in America today in there are over 20 Million Pastors, Ministers, Reverends and Priest who got their teaching Certificate …ON LINE IN ONE DAY.

You even have choices on what ‘packages‘ you want to buy. Anyone can chose what  ‘title’ they want…so why not get all of them…in case you don’t do well at first choice?

What if you did not know your Pastor,  Minister, or Priest went ‘online’ and paid 30-50 dollars to become ‘ordained’ and you were married by them…and what if years down the way you divorced and the state you were in did not recognize your marriage as valid. What would you do? If you are seen as not legally married then there is no divorce. No dividing assets? Do you the ‘qualifications’ of who married you?

Because if you were married by an ‘online pastor’, you may not be ‘legally’ married. Because in some states,’ marriages were overturned’ because the state refused to recognize marriages performed by an ‘online ordained minister’.

Anyone can ‘buy,’ Credential Package Certificates, Press Pass Clergy Badge, and Sample Services.’ What???

And  anyone can ‘BUY’ Sample Services. Wow. Who knew.
Now get this….The only qualification is they must say they are ‘sincere and desire to serve the community.’ Could your Pastor, your Minister (notice qualifications) or your Priest be one of them? Would you even care?

Maybe that’s how people  like David Koresh  or Jim Jones  got theirs.

And YES, there are  Preachers, Priest, and many fully trained religious people who spent time and money to learn everything needed to become a GOOD leader, but the question is, is your ‘Priest, your Preacher, or whoever is up in front of you preaching, ‘qualified? And do you care?

Makes you kind of wonder about the Bible ‘preachers’


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12 Disciples


File:St Andrew the Apostle - Bulgarian icon.jpg St. Andrew    was suspended and crucified onto an X-shaped cross in Greece. For loving God. He left everything to follow Jesus…and his reward was being killed for this.  

   File:Pope-peter pprubens.jpgSimon Peter died 33-34 years after the death of Jesus. He was crucified. He asked to be crucified with his head downward.

File:Rubens apostel philippus.jpg   Philip was also crucified upside down. then finally stoned to death.
File:Sts-john-and-bartholomew-with-donor-dosso-dossi.jpg St. Bartholomew was badly beaten and then he  was skinned alive and crucified upside down. For preaching and loving God.

File:Saint James the Less (Menologion of Basil II).jpg    James the Less thrown from a pinnacle t hen stoned and beaten with clubs. He was killed because he loved God.

File:Rembrandt - Sankt Jakobus der Ältere.jpg James the Greater, older brother to John had his head cut off by King Herod. For loving God.

John died of natural causes. boiled in a huge basin of boiling oil but lived and died naturally.

File:Anthonis van Dyck 088.jpg Judas  hung himself after taking 30 pieces of silver for Jesus.

  Thomas.jpg Thomas  was killed when four soldiers thrust their spears through his body.

Some lovers of God other than disciple. These men were killed by…Beheading. Crucifixion. Stoning and other bizarre ways.    Mark  was taken by the  people of Alexandria and they pulled his body to pieces.For loving of God.  Paul had his head cut off. Because he loved God.

This was the reward for those loving God and following Jesus. This Bible God is not a very loving God and that includes his so called son, Jesus. This loving God watched this and did nothing.

Looking at the world today….what good did it do Jesus. People say they cared he died for them…but they HAVE NOT CHANGED anything in over 2000 years…so again …what was the whole point of Jesus dying for us?

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Is there a god

How do we know there is a God? What proof do we  have?


  A book written thousands of years ago by men who believed in a flat earth. A book that’s been translated into the words and meanings of the translators so many times over thousands of years that it is possible that the original meanings have been lost and some probably eliminated all together.

The question is, what ‘poof’ do we  have of a real God.   Not faith, ‘proof’. Proof that our God is a real God?  If  God were ‘real’, wouldn’t He let each of us  know, personally?

The god that we are told about in the Bible is a god based on ‘beliefs’ from an ancient way of life. The god we have been taught to bow to is a god that ‘changes’ with the times. The god we worship ‘changes’ as mans concepts change.

god angry at tom brady

In the Old Testament you find a very revengeful god. This is a god to be feared. This is a god that ate, drank, and slept with the people.This god is a man.

Then along comes the New Testament and we are introduced to a different God. A more loving God…but still a God that’s a lot like man. This God, like the Old testament God,  is a God that you must pray and beg and make promises to.

If God is All Good and Loving, wouldn’t He love, care and protect you at all times? Or would there possibly be times when the All Good, Loving, Caring God was too busy, or to whatever to love, care, and protect you?

The Real God   posses All Knowledge. Do you, believe this? Then where did you get your knowledge? For you to be able to have knowledge of any sort of bad or evil then the All Knowing  God would first have to know it.

How could God have knowledge of evil if…in the beginning God Created ALL things in His Image and His Likeness? And you are told that when God was finished, He was pleased with His creation. God was PLEASED with His finished creation and He called His creation… Good. In fact He called his creation…Very Good.

So…How could your God create you in, His image and likenesses and then have you be lame or blind? How could He create you poor and unhappy? How could He create you to kill each other, if you were, made in His image and likeness?

If all God made was good and if God was pleased with all He had made, then why later does God becomes angry with the people who are made in His image and His likeness? And according to the Bible, that god did become angry and he did punish his people and God also killed, his people. Why would this god want to punish his image and his likeness?

If you believe in God, why then wouldn’t you want to find out who, what and where God really is, instead of just accepting what has been handed down?  Why wouldn’t you want to find your OWN answers about the mysterious Cause of All things?

Maybe its time to begin your own dedective28 investigating and find a Real God…not mans idea of God.


And a good, in fact the only starting place is within your own self.




Looking For Something Different



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God or Consciousness

Acts 17:28 Inspirational Image

What do you think Paul meant when he said that? 

Then Paul said, ‘We are the offspring of God.’  And what exactly is an ‘offspring? The dictionary tells us, an ‘offspring’ is the ‘outcome.’  Okay, but what and where is the ‘outcome…’ from?

Lets look at the word, ‘spring,’ which means ‘to come into being.’ So  what does that mean?  And how do we ‘come into being?

Lets investigate.dedective28

Okay, if  you are the ‘outcome’, where are YOU coming ‘out’ from? Think now, where are you right now, ‘living, moving and having your ‘being? Take a second and think about that. You will find that you can trace your being back to your thinking, the source of your ‘living, moving and being.’

That tells you, your ‘being’ Is  your own Consciousness. Your thoughts are what are ‘ coming out.’  And it is the  thoughts ‘  coming out ‘ that ‘come into being.’ That would mean, you are the ‘outcome’ of your own Consciousness. It means it is your Consciousness  where you ‘live and move and have your being.’  Right?

So how can that be right, if we ‘live and move and have our being in Him?

Being all there is, Consciousness is being you and all that comprises your world.  Consciousness is all there is…in your world. Nothing would exist for you without your own Consciousness.  So….if that is true, then what and where is God?

It seems that Paul must have understood  Consciousness  as he wrote, “For in him we live, and move, and have our being…” HIM-Consciousness. Because Consciousness is filling all space, then we do ‘live, and move, and have our being in Him...’ Him which has to be…Consciousness.

Can it be any plainer that we and all forms are the ‘outcome’ of our own  Consciousness? All that you see is YOU. You are THAT… which you are seeing. You are THAT because what you are seeing is ‘coming out’  ‘ from your Consciousness. Nothing can exist for you unless it comes ‘out’ from YOUR own Consciousness.

Elipse of Time and Consciousness photo eclipsegeomanblite.jpg

How could you ever know God if you didn’t have a Consciousness? And where is it you look for God?  Think of God? Pray to God?  Is it not in your own Consciousness?

Try using the word Consciousness for the word God when you read your Bible, and all those ancient sayings will make so much more sense.

Jesus himself must have known this when he told us ‘…the kingdom of heaven is found within you.’ The kingdom of God is within you.  If you think of the kingdom within you, you find that all that is…is found within your…CONSCIOUSNESS.

Is God, Consciousness?

There is no life without consciousness there is no consciousness without life.


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   Ego is known as the self.’  A perfect dictionary meaning for ‘self‘, is  ‘something  separated and apart from.’

What is it the ‘ego’ wants you to believe you are  ‘something  separated and apart from?  God? Yes, because ‘ego’, means ’conceit.’ The ‘ego’ is very ‘conceited.‘ The ‘ego’ will do anything and everything to stay in control. ‘Ego‘ does not want you to worship anyone or anything but it.

Conceit is to‘ conceive’ and ‘conceive’ is to ‘imagine.’  The ‘ego’ ‘imagines‘ it is God. Your God. “Ego‘ will make you believe all kinds of  good and bad things.

Because ‘ego’ is known as the selfit identifies as you, the ‘person.‘ You as a ‘person‘ are  controlled by the ‘ego,’ and the ‘ego’ does want you the ‘person’ to believe you are  ‘separated and apart ’ from God.

Okay, then who or what is this ‘self’ that believes it is ‘separate and apart’ from God? The ‘self’ that is known as a  ‘person?

What is a meaning for ‘person?  dedective28    Investigating some dictionary meanings, you find,  one of the origins of the word ‘person’ is a ‘mask.’  What??? We as a person are a ‘mask?’ 

mask photo: Animated Drama Mask drama2.gif

Lets keep going and see some  meanings for the word ‘mask‘ since that is a meaning for ‘self’.

A ’mask’ is to ‘change the appearance so as to conceal identity by means of deceptive garb.’  Just what could the ‘deceptive garb’ be?

Deceive means to, ‘mislead by a false appearance’ and ‘garb’   means,‘the outward appearance.’ Is that how ‘ego’ can be your God. By ‘misleading‘ you? By making sure you believe you are ‘separate and apart’ from God?

That of course is impossible if you believe  ‘…Greater is He that is in you….’ One would assume that the ‘He’, is God. If so, then there would not be a way for you to ever be ‘separated and apart’ from God. If God, the ‘HE’ is within you.

That would mean that the ‘mask‘ you wear is to ‘mislead’ you, by having you believe the ‘garb’, the ‘outward appearance’ is you. Is it possible that the ‘deceptive garb’ is your body? Is the ‘ego/self?

Could that be the reason we are told, ‘Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement.’ 

Is the  ‘mask‘ what ‘conceals  your real identity?

A ‘mask’ is to, ‘ disguise.‘   When something is’ disguised’, it ‘conceals the truth’ and in this case the truth is, you are not ‘separate and apart’ from God. You are not the ‘appearance’, the form that shows forth as your ‘self.’

Your ‘ego‘ controls you by giving you what you want. Having what you want keeps your mind off God. Your desires edge you apart and you spend your time bowing to your little ‘ego,’ enjoying your ‘self’.

The same is true when things go bad and you face ‘lack.’ Lack of health, money, home, ect.  The bad like the good keeps you busy either enjoying your ‘self’ or trying to help your ‘self’. Either way ‘ego’ wins, because you are focused on ‘self’. Not God.

Don’t let your ‘ego’ edge you out from God, by deceiving  you into believing you are ‘separate and apart‘ from God. God that is the ‘ HE’ within you?

By removing the ‘mask,‘ that ‘deceptive garb’, your body, that ‘appearance’ known as your ‘ego/self,’ that ‘conceals  your real identity,’  you will find only Gods qualities remain. Qualities that reveal your ‘ true identity.’  God Being.

Is it not time for you  to remove your ‘mask’, that thing your ‘ego’ calls you? That thing you call your ‘self’… so the real you can come forth for the world to see? The real you that was  created to reflect God in all your ways. Once the ‘mask’ is removed there will be

Something to think about and to investigate.

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Was Mary A Virgin


In the Bible you are told that God was SEEN many different times?

Did you know that lots of people saw God?

And did you know  God eats and drinks with people all through the Bible”

Here are a few examples of men and women who SAW God. TALKED with GOD and ATE with God.

The Bible tells us that on many occasions Moses saw God and talked with him. In the place where God lived.

And not only Moses, but  ‘The lord appeared to unto Abram.’    Notice, the word ‘appeared’ is used twice. So God was seen. He had a form.

  The LORD appears before Isaac’.    Isaac was looking at something.  God must have had a body, if He could be seen.

The Prophet Micaiah saw God sitting on His throne.  Can it be said any plainer? Nope. God had a form. He had a body. Like any other MAN.

Amos saw the Lord standing by the altar and spoke to him.   Isaiah  ‘saw God sitting on a throne.    How many people have to tell you….God could be seen?

Matthew says “..and lo the heavens (the doors to the adobe) opened and he saw the spirit of the Lord descending.

Picture of Selective focus on the word "God". Many more word photos in my portfolio... Were people really able to ‘see’ a spirit?

According to the dictionary a ‘spirit is another name for God.’ 

If  God was ‘seen’ he must have had a form. If we are to believe what the Bible tells us, then we have to believe God had a body. That means that God was just like any other man, He eats, drinks, sleeps, has a place he lives in. Point is…if God does everything else  man does, why then would he not also have sex?

Think about that and lets go do some investigating. dedective28

Was Mary a Virgin when she gave birth? Is there even the slightest chance, she was not?  Just the slightest?  You decide, but do so with the known facts, not what you have programed to believe.   Matthew  informs you that Mary was pregnant before she and Joseph got married. Most religions believe Mary was a pregnant virgin. But could they be wrong?

Joseph decided he would put Mary somewhere private so she could avoid public shame.

Okay…think about this. If Joseph  was planning on marrying Mary, why would they not just go ahead and get married…a little sooner than planned? Who would know or care? If Joseph loved Mary and felt she did nothing wrong, wouldn’t he marry her. Wouldn’t he?

BUT…what  if the child was not his. What might he do?

Yep…he would not want to marry her if it was not his baby. He would find her a place to stay where they would be safe…because we are told he was a good man.

Lets keep going and see what else we find.

File:Eustache Le Sueur.jpg  It was the angel of God that told Joseph to marry Mary and to take her away.

So the question is, why did someone have to tell Joseph to marry her? Could he have been ‘made’ to marry because he was afraid of Gods angel? Gods soldier?  Seems that could have happened.

If God had a form, and if God could be seen and if God walked, talked, ate, drank, slept and killed his  people…like any man….then why could God not have been with Mary and fathered Jesus?  You have to admit, it is possible…at least according to the Bible.

And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.’   The people SAW God and his Son, Jesus. So why would it be so unbelievable the God was not the biological father of Jesus?  There are just too many times that God was seen by man, for ‘that’ God, not to have been a man. And so it is possible, he did have sex with Mary. Probably by force, since she was going to marry Joseph.

”And a voice from heaven, the ‘adobe’ said, this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” Is it possible that God, the man descending down to earth to see his ‘son’ was the real father of Jesus, since we know Joseph was not?

Again If God had a form, and if God could be seen and if God walked and talked with the people….why could he not have been with Mary and fathered Jesus? Remember he did all the other things men do…so YES, it is possible. I think.

In fact ALL through the Bible God is seen by so many different people, you have to believe God had a body. That God was a man with lots of power.

So was Mary a virgin when she gave birth?

And was God, a man who fathered Jesus?

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