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The Gospel of Judas

The  Gospel of Judas lost for nearly 1,700 years, was discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the 1970s near El Minya, Egypt It has since been restored and authenticated. Due to political environment the Church leaders had to make the New Testament represent what would best suit their needs and that is why some ancient writings were left out.

Want to see what’s in the Writings. Okay, lets dedective28    investigate things.  

The Gospel of consists of conversations between Judas and Jesus and is different from what’s taught in your Bible.  The Bible has a different Judas that is a bad guy.

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The Bible tells you Judas betrayed Jesus after taking money for delivering him  to the authorities.

In the Gospel of Judas, quite different from the Bible, you are told it was Jesus himself that planned his own death and NOT Judas. You know what, when ever there is more than one opinion, how can you really know what’s true or not?

You are told that Judas, along with Mary,  was a favorite of Jesus and Jesus taught him things that he did not teach the others.  Jesus tells Judas to  “Step away from the others and I shall tell you the mysteries of the kingdom..’The Gospel  tell us that  Judas was taught by Jesus  the true meaning of his messages, the same thing he told Mary.  And in doing so,  it angered  the other disciples.  So why would Jesus chose only two of his followers to reveal his secrets?

 Judas tells you that man believes in the imperfect physical universe, as the only universe.Whereas Jesus tells of an inner realm as the only true realm. Strange the Churches    t_Preachers020      do not make the inner realm, the realm Jesus tells is the  only place that’s real, more important. Does your Church make the inner part of you , the most important thing they teach you? If not why? Pretty obvious that they would lose control if you knew the TRUTH that Jesus talked about.

Did the Religious leaders and the political men not want the mass of people to know that they did not have to be under the rule of  anyone? That by understanding that all was and is…is found within themselves, and that’s the ONLY place man ever needed to look.

Think what would happen if man did understand. He would be free of THEM. And no more monies would have to be given to the Church. The Church and its leaders who live like kings, while the church members go hungry all over the world.  It seems  the Lost Gospel writers understood what real freedom is and that’s why the Gospels were forbidden. God forbid that the Church and Government could lose the money they take from their people.

  And all the threats of the Church brain washing its people that if they didn’t do as they were told, they would be sent to hell. Take a minute to really think about what you are TOLD over and over by your religious leaders. Your religious books. If you do not do as they say you are a sinner.

Okay…. In The Gospel of Judas, you are told that Jesus said, by man believing this imperfect physical universe,  was the only one, it led to the loss of his knowledge of God and the real realm where all things exist.

 genesis_lThe Gospel of Judas tells you that Jesus was here to show that your real salvation was found only ‘within you.’ It was the only way to experience God, and was the only way to reconnect and get back within…into (heaven). Its amazing how many times Jesus states that the only place to find God and His Kingdom, is if you go ‘within you.’

Why are not the Churches stressing this point more? WHY?  And why is not anyone obeying Jesus? The disciples did not get it. Just like man today does not get it? Why/ Because like then, man is obsessed with his worldly desires.

 Judas again tells us that we can know God if only we look deep ‘within’ and as your understanding matures, you find that death is really not a bad thing. How could it be a good thing?

3950739615_8526152bb1  Because according to the writings,  your death forces you out of the imperfect physical realm and returns you to where you came from. God. Consciousness. Found only WITHIN you.

Judas writes, ‘ One day he was with his disciples in Judea, and he found them gathered together and seated in pious observance. When he  approached  his disciples, gathered together and seated and offering a prayer of thanksgiving over the bread,  he laughed.

‘The disciples said to  him , “Master, why are you laughing at  our prayer of thanksgiving? We have done what is right.” He answered and said to them,  “I am not laughing at you.  You  are not doing this because of your own will but because it is through this that your god  will be  praised.” Does your Church teach you to give a prayer of thanksgiving so your God will be pleased with you? 

 Okay, think about this. Do you give thanksgiving to God? Who taught you that’s what God wanted from you?  The Religious leaders of the world? And why would Jesus think doing so, was funnyCould it be because Jesus understood that there is NO GOD like the one the Churches teach? 

Now lets see how Jesus felt about sacrificing is the same  your religious leaders  teach you.

 Okay, this is a really good one. Jesus told Judas that the real God does not make anyone sacrifice. Anything. 

 23715-truth The dictionary defends sacrifice as , ‘offering your material possessions to a deity.’

Think now. Does God really need any of your ‘material possessions? Of course not. BUT…the Churches do. They really need and want your ‘material possessions,’ especially your money. Because it was not God who told you to tithe….Do not the religions of the world have many sacrifices you must make if you want to get to Heaven? But remember this demand was not from the real God.

Next we read,’Jesus said  to them,  “Stop sacarificing …] which you have  over the altar, since they are over your stars and your angels and have already come to their conclusion there…’

When his  disciples heard this, they each were troubled in spirit. They could not say a word. God has received your sacrifice from the hands of a priest’—that is, a minister of error. But it is the Lord, the Lord of the universe, who commands, ‘On the last day they will be put to shame.’

WOW…Stop sacrificing at your alter. The Churches alter?  God has received your sacrifice from the hands of a priest’—that is, a minister of error. A minister of error? Again I say WOW.

So if you think about that, if the religious leaders and politicians let that in the New Testament, they would no longer be able to get your sacrifices. Your money. Your time. Your anything.

The Church want you to fear God, the God in Gen.2 who demanded constantly for sacrifices?

 Last, and this just goes along with all else I have found about the ancient God.

The final words on the last page of the codex read: Gospel of Judas.His disciples said to him, “Lord, what is the great generation that is superior to us and holier than us, that is not now in these realms?” Not here on earth.

 Jesus said, “ Come , that I may teach you about  secrets no person  has ever seen. For there exists a great and boundless realm, whose extent no generation of angels has seen,  in which  there is   a  great invisible  Spirit , which no eye of an angel has ever seen, no thought of the heart has ever comprehended, and it was never called by any name.’

Well…God is invisible. And God/Consciousness is a boundless realm. And God is not found in thoughts. Prayers.  ‘No thought of the heart has ever comprehended and God was never called by any name. Who was it that has taught man that the name of God, was God?

How about this part.

“And a luminous cloud appeared there. He said, ‘Let an angel come into being as my attendant.’

   A cloud comes down and “A great angel, the enlightened divine Self-Generated, emerged from the cloud. Because of him, four other angels came into being from another cloud, and they became attendants for the angelic Self-Generated…’

Were they Aliens?

The Gospel of Judus

If you want to read the writings. 


If you want more on the  Lost Gnosic Gospels and the  Dead Sea Scrolls,  you will have to do your own dedective29 investigating.

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  1. chicagoja

    The Greek philosopher Democritus said that, “Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.”
    Seems like that’s especially true of theology.

  2. babarahs

    Yes, and I think that in that empty space is MUSIC…I will look into that later…AND I am almost ready to post how I feel about OPINIONS and Beliefs. I really like YOUR comments.

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