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Life and Death



So, do you think you understand life and death? If you do, what is it you believe you understand? How did you get your information to form your belief? Or, is what you understand of life and death that which you have been programmed with? Isn’t it true, your concept of life and death is the concept of what those before you understood about it? Isn’t it?

Well before you decide to stay in your prison of the beliefs of others about death, you may want to consider some different kind of thinking about life and death. You may be surprised at what you find. Or not.

Did you know you have experienced your own life and death many times since your birth? Most likely not. But you certainly have. And why is it you have chosen the beliefs you have instead of the beliefs of the non death believers? Could you, would you even want to rethink life and death and what they are, from a different view point? You never know what you can find when you decide to open your mind and do your own  dedective28      investigating into things.So lets take a deeper look at the words life and death.

Did you know the word ‘life’ means ‘to continue. And did you know the word ‘death’ means to ‘shut out.’ So what are you or anyone facing death, ‘shutting out?’ Wouldn’t your death be the ‘shutting‘ you out of this present experience?

Look at it this way. Death  has nothing to do with you dying. You are not dying, or ‘shutting out’ your God. Your Consciousness. No you are being ‘reincarnated‘ which means ‘to give another body’ of some kind. So it seems when someone dies all they are doing is ‘shutting out’ one form for another and then… continue on.‘ Could that really be possible? Yes. Yes it could and most likely is. But how?

Let’s look at some of  life and death examples…And this is…

human embryo photo: human-embryo-and-placenta human-embryo-and-placenta_zps40e68ebc.gif

We first start ‘life’ as an tiny ’embryo.’ This is how we exist and we are completely unaware of anything other than how and where we are now existing. In our mothers womb. The womb is our entire world and we know nothing else.

Then one day everything changes. Death has come to us. Our death, as an ’embryo‘ has been ‘shut out’ and  our experience as an embryo has ended. Our entire life and everything we experienced in our embryo state is now gone. We as an embryo are gone. Where did you, the embryo go? Did you die? Has death, the ‘shutting out’ overtaken you? Surely it has for you the ’embryo’ is gone.

The death, the ’shutting out’ of the ‘embryo’  has led us into a  new body.

We have been reincarnated. Remember reincarnated means ‘to give another body. ’ Our life will now ‘continue on’ in the body of a small baby. We do not remember the death, the ‘shutting out’ of us as an ’embryo’. ‘All we now know is that we ‘continue on’ in the experience of being a little baby.

So our death, the ’shutting out’ as an ’embryo‘ was a GOOD thing. Was it not? If there was no death, no ’shutting out’  the ’embryo‘… there would be no way for us to have life, to ‘continue on’ as a baby.

Then… it happens again.

Death, the ‘shutting out’ comes to the little baby.  The death of the baby us, has ‘shut out’ the baby and once again we are reincarnated…which means ‘to give another body. ’

As the child  our life  ‘continues on’.

Then one day we again face’ life and death’. This time the death, the ’shutting out’ is of the child. With the death, the ’shutting out’ of the child we again become reincarnated, into the body of a  teen.

figma Adult Asahina Mikuru

So with the death, the ‘shutting out’ of the child, we ‘continue on’ as a teenager.

But then we must  face death again…and ‘shut out’ the

Bu then we must face death again, and we now ‘shut out’ the teenfigma Adult Asahina Mikurufor the adult.

   And now we live, ‘continue on’  our life as an adult.

And so it goes. until our next death will ‘shut out’   the adult and we reincarnate into the body of what is called middle age.

The Youth of Old Age

But we still live, as we ‘continue on’ as a middle aged person.

Then one day we find that death of the middle aged you has been ‘shut out’ and we now find we have been reincarnated into a very old body and will live, ‘continue on’ as an old person.

Then one day death again arrives again and now we are ‘shut out’ from the very old us. We are so mourned. But to us, we  once again  will be reincarnated and find we  still live. We still  ‘continue on.’  

Nothing has changed except we have ‘shut out’ the person experience, died to it and are living, ‘continuing on’ as the same US…only with a different body of which we now are not aware of. Not yet aware because we have not yet died, have not yet ‘shut out’ the old, old us. Just like  the embryo, the baby, little child, the teen, the adult and the old person stayed unaware of what was next in their life….


No matter how many times a person faces ‘life and death’, meaning, facing the ‘shutting out’ of one body experience for another, we still will always live, ‘continue on’ as the same US. Each death, each ‘shutting out’  gives  us more understanding of the actual cause of all things.  Which is, in my opinion,


Which most people call God.

There is no death to fear, if we understand death to simply be the‘shutting out’ of one experience so we can move on and have our life ‘continue on’ in a new experience. And this is true no matter what age we  are when we face death. 

‘In the way of righteousness is life: and in the pathway thereof there is no death.’

’ Righteous means, ‘wise,’ and wise is ‘having knowledge or information as to facts.’

And the facts are…

There is no ‘shutting out’ Consciousness.

Why? Because there is no outside of Consciousness, also kn ow as God.

Cosmic Consciousness

 Since we can’t shut out Consciousness, God,  then we  somehow  after our death, after  our ‘shutting out’ our current body, we must still have ‘life.’ And since ’life’ is ’to continue on’ then somehow and some way we  do  ‘continue’ on. And since God/ Consciousness is all there is, then we must still have ‘life….’ And ‘continue on.’ Someway. Somewhere.

Just something to think about.


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  1. chicagoja

    Or to say it another way: In the Circle of Life there is no beginning and no end.

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