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Psalms through Malachi

I won’t stop on this topic until I run out of Bible passages. SO….More Bible passages of the God who flies around the sky, killing people.

Not only does Moses tell us about the God who flies around the sky, so does David. David tells you,God came down and as he landed the earth shook.

Then you are told that God  ‘… rode upon a cherub and did fly yea he (God) did fly upon the wind.” So…what did

God fly in or on? A Cherb. Do you know what a cherb is? I didn’t. That means I have to do some dedective28 investigating.

One meaning in the Bible dictionary for cherub is a, ‘divine abode’. An abode is a place one ‘lives.‘God is often described as being in something that flies around the skies, known as a  cherubim. All through the Bible, God  flies around the skies.

Oh, then God must be a man of some sort??? Not the All loving, invisible God we have been taught. Why do you think no one in ANY church ever talks about God being so MAN LIKE? Weird, since it’s mentioned so often in the Bible.

In those times a ‘cherub’ was believed to be ‘something an unknown king being carried on his throne by hybrid winged-creatures.’ Also cherub is known as a chariot.    ‘… the chariot formed by the two cherubs on the mercy-seat on which the Lord rides”  You see, God rides in or on something.

Do you know what a ‘mercy seat’ is?   Why not?  A ‘ mercy seat’ is known as the ‘throne of God where he accepted sacrifices and gave commandments.’  There are so many different Bible passes telling you

Do you know what a ‘mercy seat’ is? If not, why? A ‘mercy seat’ is known as the ‘throne of God. A places were he accepts sacrifices and gives commands.’ There are so many different Bible passages telling of God sitting on a  ‘mercy seat.’

      But it diffidently say’s… RIDES. Only someone with a form would need a place to live and something to ride on as they came ‘down’ to the earth and went ‘up’  to the heavens.

David speaks of how ‘the Lord made great noises in the sky and he sent down coals of fire and he sent down arrows  and he shot out lightening  and he destroyed things.‘ Kind of like what we do today in our wars against those we disagree with?

In  Isaiah    ‘The angels of God were sent forth and killed 5000 people.’ It seems Gods angels are not the good guys we are taught they are. Why are we not taught these things? Why are the Churches so ‘selective’ in what they teach?

Moving on to Ezekiel as you read  try to  see what he could have been talking about as he wrote about the flying things in the sky,  ‘ …and the creatures were lifted up from the earth and the wheels….”   And when they went I heard the noise of their wings…”

Does this not sound EXACTLY like what is happening today when men get into a space craft and are lifted up from the earth? And do not our modern flying ships shoot down weapons that destroy the people? And is not the war being fought today in the same place as it was all those thousands of years ago? Weird.

  All the way thru, Daniel, Hosea, Amos, Jonah, Micah, Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Malachi you find the same angry, killing God. The God who flies around the sky  shooting down weapons of destruction on  his people. And this angry, killing God is who the churches teach us to love and bow down to. WEIRD, really WEIRD

Remember the people back then did not have the proper words to describe the strange things that were flying around shooting out fire that could instantly destroy everything. They did their best to describe what they saw and that is why someone should really think about what it was he was talking about instead of just assuming it was nothing important enough to wonder about, because all through the Bible you are told of a God who literally walks and talks with the people, sometimes in person and sometimes from his abode, called heaven.

Who and what was this God? What does your church  tell you? Or have you not asked?


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