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It seems that in those days, all over the earth,  much was going on that God called, ‘abomination.’ That means, God and the Rulers did not allow,actions that are vicious and vile.’ 

So what are things that man does that are… ‘vicious and vile?’

dedective28Investigating time.

What God did not want in Sodom, and what he said was, ‘It is an abomination…and  You shall not lie with any animal and so make yourself unclean with it, neither shall any woman give herself to an animal to lie with it: it is perversion.’ Leviticus 18:22

god angry at tom brady

So the angry God decided to destroy some cities.

This is the Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Gen.19 reports that two Angles were at Lot’s house in Sodom. Lot called these two Angles, Lords. Why would Lot call Angels, Lord? Lord was the name that was used for the Rulers. Those men that were in charge. So it’s possible angels were just high powered men of their day. Makes much more sense. To me.

Lot took the Angels/Men  in his house and treated them like any human men. They a  were given food and shelter and a place to sleep. Did Angels need food and drink and a place to sleep? Or were the ‘angels’ just ‘men’?  High powered men, but still men. Were the Bible angels nothing more than mere man? Sounds like it.

The townsmen came to Lots house and demanded that he turn over the Angels. The Men.  Lot refused. Instead of giving the townsmen the Angels, the Men,  he offered his two virgin daughters Behold I have two daughters which have not yet known man; let me bring them out to you and you do as you see fit with them.”Gen 19.8,    Gosh, what a father.

These Angels/ Men were more important to Lot than his own daughters. Why? Was it because the Angles or Men were really the POLICE of their day?

As the townsmen tried to break down Lot’s door the Angels/Men came out holding weapons in their hands and these weapons had the power to cause the townsmen to go blind.Were the weapons, laser?

These two Angels/Men told Lot…”we will destroy this place…”The Angles/Men told Lot to take his family away from the city because they were going to destroy the city of Sodom.

As Lot and his family fled ‘the Lord (some commander up in a flying machine) rained brimstone’s and fire out of heaven.’ As Lot looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah  all he could see  ‘the smoke of a furnace.’  And the city was gone.

Lets think for a moment. First you have two Angels who were most likely Men, that had the power to blind people. So they must have had some kind of gun or weapon that they used, which would not be known for thousands of years later. Unless these Angels/Men were from the ‘flying  machines’ in the sky and were far advanced.

Second you have something up in the skies that could shoot down brimstone’s. More  probably the brimstone’s  were bombs. And when dropped, would cause the land to look like a furnace and destroy it for miles around. Sounds exactly like what goes on today in the Middle East.

Read it and then YOU decide what it means to YOU…because it is rather weird that back then there were things up in the sky that could send down something that causes the town to disappear. Anyway, does an all Loving, Good God really take sides and destroys cities and its people?

Or was there something else? Not God. Not bombs   BUT

Now lets think. If in fact, it was a natural disaster…how did the two Angels/Men know that the city was about to be destroyed? And that God was the one going to destroy it. According to the Bible, the Angel/Men KNEW before the supposed natural occurrence.

So, the Bible was maybe right that there was an angry God up in the sky who could and did shoot down ‘things’ to destroy the cities.



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