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Man Corrupts His Self

God told Moses many times, ‘ man has corrupted themselves…’   

What did God mean?

How did man  corrupted his self? What does ‘corrupt’ mean?

I don’t know. So…  Yes…its time to   dedective28investigate.

Corrupt means’ altered from the original.’ So, was God telling Moses  we have somehow been ‘altered? And that  we are no more like the ‘original ‘ man of Gods creating…in the Begining?

That makes sense as man is NOT like the ‘very good original’ man make by God. The question then is…who or what was the ‘original’ man?

A meaning for the word original is ‘first’. So what was the  ‘first’ man before we ‘corrupted ourselves? What was man…’first? If you think about it, what is ‘first’ before anything else?

God Consciousness. God/Consciousness is always the ‘first’ thing there is. Nothing can be, unless it is ‘first’ in or from God/ Consciousness. Is it not true that Consciousness is like a Void? And is it not true that Consciousness does not have forms? So it seems then, that the ‘original’ man was ‘first’ an…Idea. An ‘idea’ in the Void of Gods/Consciousness…and not a form.

The ‘original’ man was made from the ‘idea’ in the Void of God?Consciousness. Man was made in the image and likeness of  the ‘idea’ found in the Void of Gods/Consciousness.

Now remember, the original,’ first’ man was brought forth from the Void, not from the dust of the earth. So we will assume that before man’ corrupted his self,’ before he was changed, the’ original’ man was that of a formless ‘idea’, existing in the vast Void of God/ Consciousness. Is that mans ‘original’ form?  An ‘idea’?

Was this what God was telling Moses? Is that what He meant when he said we ‘corrupted ourselves?’ Was he saying that it was the sleeping man made of dust…and ‘dust’ means, ‘something of no worth, it means, ‘confused,’ was the man who could not know reality because it had been ‘concealed in the mist,; that went up before man was created? Mist means to ‘conceal.’

And was God  saying the man of dust, who was of no worth, and who was created confused, had ‘corrupted himself’ while dreaming?

   And since there is only one ‘original’ man,that means the ‘sleeping man made of dust,’ who has sought out of his dreams many thought created’ images.’  And it is the ‘images’ in his dream, that he takes for his reality.

As man dreams, he becomes confused by his dreams. He gives names and labels to the forms that came from his dreams.   And in his confusion he calls them real.

 And one of the best dreams man has is that he is like God and can created life. And what is this based on? What proof is there?

The woman. The woman made FROM him? Not made from any God, but from him. From his own rib. Think about that one. Woman was made from Adams rib. Believing that, Adam and all man thinks he is a creator of mankind. Man does believes he can create life.  Don’t we call man…father?

Well, either there is one Creator of all life, God/Consciousness or there are many creators of life. which would mean there is more than ONE God. More than one ALL KNOWING consciousness. So which is it?

Since there is only one ‘first original man, that means the sleeping man made of dust is NOT…the original man created from the Void. If so, then God was right, ‘we have corrupted ourselves.  Corrupted ourselves by dreaming. ‘

Daniel said, “And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake…’

Lets keep going.

Look…In Gen. 3, Moses told the world of sleeping men made of dust that God had said, ‘Let there be light. Light means AWARENESS. So was  God  saying man he needed to be ‘aware? Aware because ‘awareness’ means’ having knowledge’.  And that ‘knowledge‘ is, man has been existing in a dream world.  And what is that statement based on?

King Solomon said, ‘Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.‘ Wake up and God will give you ‘knowledge.’

So, ‘How long will you sleep, O sluggard? when will you arise out of your sleep? 

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