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Do You Know How To Pray

  What exactly is prayer? What does prayer do?    What does prayer mean? Who taught you how to pray? What exactly can prayer do for YOU?  Are you really praying the right way?

Do you want to know if you are praying ‘aright? Then come on  and lets see if we can do some dedective28 investigating to see what we can find out about praying.

The dictionary tells us prayer means

any act of communion.’

Prayer is getting into perfect ‘communion’ with God.’

That means, ‘participating.’ And your part of ‘participating’ is to listen only.

Prayer is how YOU, not your teacher or leader, not anyone but YOU, discover and get to know God. Aright.

  To know God?  Or do you need or want something?

Some people pray just to pray and some people pray to know God. –Andrew Murray

Prayer is the secret place within you,  where YOU alone, go to listen to God. 

Prayer is where YOU, are face to face with God.  Prayer is where YOU trust God more than anything or anyone else. Prayer is where YOU, are away from the material senses and are in tune  with the Spiritual senses.

Prayer is where YOU  place radical reliance in and on God. Prayer is where self love, self importance, self will, self justification  and all aspects of the selfish little conceited i are silenced.

In Praying YOU, must know who You are. Gods beloved Self. Gods perfect Thought.  Gods Idea. Gods Thinking. Prayer is where YOU, find your refuge from Your fears.

Prayer is the place YOU, go to find what changes are needed in your life. Prayer is where YOU, refuse to listen to anything your own self is saying…but where YOU only Hear what God is saying to YOU. Remember, it does ever matter what God is saying to ANYONE else, because what matters is what  God is saying to YOU. So by you doing your ‘participating’  of LISTENING, God speaks.

Prayer is where  YOU understand that YOU, have only the Mind of God. That there is no other mind to ever influence YOU. Prayer is where YOU, learn to go beyond YOUR human beliefs and YOUR limiting senses, and to see without eyes and to hear without ears.

Prayer is where YOU, forget all your self’s material ways and find all that is truly important is God. Prayer is where YOU, find total Peace.  Prayer is where YOU find YOUR God. The Real and Only God. This kind of Praying is the only way to God.

We look upon prayer as a means for getting something for ourselves; the Bible idea of prayer is that we may get to know God Himself. –Oswald Chambers

 Are YOU, beginning to understand why YOUR  prayers are not answered? When you pray and do not receive an answer, it is because, “ye ask, and receive not, because you ask amiss,that you may consume it upon your lusts, in this world. Your prayers can  not be answered because God does not function, nor does God exist in this world.  God is no part of the old mans delusional’ world.

I Am… is Consciousness. Pure Consciousness. Every Idea God has, YOU, God maintains. So why would YOU, think YOU  have to care for one of Gods Ideas…YOU?  In Prayer, YOU do not. In Prayer YOU, give up ALL thoughts and  YOU listen for the STILL SMALL VOICE of God.  And as  YOU, silently pray, listen,  know that God IS. And YOU like Moses, are the ...I am that, I Am. Know that, I Am is ALL. And IT’S ALL.

No, Gods Kingdom is not of this external world of optical delusions.  God has His Own World.His OWN REALM. Do YOU, understand’ Gods Realm? If not, try praying.

You may be surprised to find that  Just like Jesus told you.

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