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Ten Plagues and a Volcano



Okay…here we are again with the story of an angry God. Or…was the Volcano responsible?

It may be a good time to dedective28 investigate this silly story…Silly if your God would not do such a thing. My God would never cause bad things. Ever. Anyway, lets see what we can find out about the Plagues. The First Plague (Exodus 7:14-24) Plague of Blood tells that all the waters turned to blood. The PROOF found by modern archeology shows that it was gas that led to rust like particles and these colored the water red and killed fish. It was not an angry God.




783193714_4eed43a5af_mThe Second Plague of Frogs  consisted of     hordes of frogs that overran Egypt. Since the frogs could hop out of the water, they did and there were thousands of them. Again it was no angry God sending frogs, it was survival that they left the contaminated water.



Pediculus humanus capitisThe Third  Vast swarms of gnats tormented people and animals because they were hungry since all food was ruined.



The Fourth   273734405_eae372c3f0_m. Vast swarms of flies through the land looking for food and spreading disease as they too looked for food and water.



2546264698_a49e1682dd_m  The Fifth Plague of Pestilence  All animals were affected by the poisoned air.



5cbcac720e2bd92e9156263df13c3e63 The Sixth  Plague of Boils. This was caused by the carbon dioxide mixing with air, causing the people to fall into a coma like condition and for lack of circulation, boils developed.



5002211641_01c715b0c8_m   The Seventh  Plague of Hail. When the volcanic ash cloud goes high enough it turns into volcanic hail and falls back down.



4779098521_3f571709b3_bThe Eighth   Plague of Locusts.  The locust were seeking safety from the ash and hail, and were not sent by an angry God.




11765156444_a7735ec73a_m   The Ninth  Plague of Darkness tells us that for three day the entire land was covered in darkness. Yes it was, but because of any god . The darkness was caused by the thick ASH from the volcano eruptions. The Tenth  Plague Death of the Firstborn was due to the FACT that in the Pharaohs palace there was a low chamber for all the fist born baby boys associated with the palace. Due to the volcano, carbon dioxide was seeping up and into the lower chambers and it did kill all the first born in the chamber.

Archeologist uncovered another tablet that shows the parting of the Red Sea. The actual volcano has been found that caused the break in the earth that caused the water to part, in a manner like that of a somatic cause. Proof was found that the waves parting were as tall as the Empire State Building. As the water parted it left a sink hole and Moses led his people across it and as the Egyptians entered the sink hole the waves came back down and killed them. It had nothing to do with God or Moses, it was a natural disaster caused by the erupting volcano.

All of this happened 3500 years ago. And it had NOTHING to do with some angry god.


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