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Judge Not By Appearances


Judge not according to the appearance, but  judge righteous judgement.’

What did John mean? How else can you judge, if not by the appearances?

First, if we are not to ‘judge’ we need to know what ‘judge‘ means. So, Let’s dedective28 investigate the word.

Judge  is an,  ‘opinion.’  Opinion is a, ‘belief,‘  and ‘beliefs‘ are usually ‘not first hand.‘ If not ‘first hand’ that means its not really your ‘opinion or your belief.’

Did John understand that when you ‘judge‘ something, that it is not your ‘judgement‘ but the judgements of others?  The ‘opinions and beliefs’ that you have been taught about things?

Did John mean, do not use the ‘beliefs and opinions’ you have been taught, but instead to form your own ‘opinions? Your own ‘beliefs’ according to ‘righteous judgements?

Since it is ‘appearances’  John didn’t want you to ‘judge‘ it might help if you understood what ‘appearances’ are and why you shouldn’t judge them.

The dictionary has many meanings for the word ‘appearance.’ We will look at a few of them to see if we can understand what John might have understood when he told us not to judge, and not to   have an opinion or a belief about them…at least not the ones we have been taught.

 Appearance’ is a’ mental representation’. Mental, is something ‘performed in the mind.’ Knowing that, you now have to know what it is that is ‘performed’ in your mind. Well, what goes go on in your mind? Thinking. Agreeing. Accepting and Believing. That’s all that goes on in your mind.

Appearance is also know as a ‘mental image.’ An image is a ‘mental picture of something not real or present.’ Is that what John wanted you to know? That ‘appearances’ are NOT REAL AND PRESENT? And what you think you are seeing, is really your own ‘mental images?

 Since John said to judge, ‘righteous judgement,’ we need to know how.  Righteous is,  ‘factual, true.’ Did John believe appearances were not, ‘factual and true? NOT REAL AND PRESENT? But were only your Thinking. Agreeing. Accepting and Believing...your ‘mental images.’ Seems like it.

Judgement is also ‘ wisdom.’ Wisdom is ‘understanding what’s true.’ Which means, that ‘appearances’ can not be true, because  the word ‘appearance,’ also means a ‘false showing.’ False showing of your ‘mental images ‘ that seem to be real and present. And anything ‘false’ means it is ‘not true,’ Not real or present. Only a wrong opinion. A wrong belief.

So if ‘appearances’ are  a ‘false showing,’  then to ‘judge righteous judgement’ would mean, not to judge the ‘appearances/false showings as something real and present.

Is that what John means, that a ‘mental image’ is not an ‘actual thing.’ A ‘mental image‘ is a show without reality. If so, then your ‘appearances’ are really just your ‘mental pictures ‘and therefore they can have no reality to them, outside of your handed down ‘opinions and beliefs.

Did  John know all this and wanted us to know that there is only ONE cause? God? And where is God? Well, according to Jesus, God is within you. And what’s within you? Consciousness. And what goes on in Consciousness? Thinking. Agreeing. Accepting and Believing... which produces ‘mental images.’ That are NOT REAL and PRESENT.

imagination photo MindBOdysize1.jpg   Things in  Consciousness can not be seen? Everything in God/Consciousness is comprised of ‘mental images’ that are NOT REAL AND PRESENT. And have NO power to be or do anything of their own. They need your  Thinking. Agreeing. Accepting and Believing…before they appear outwardly.

Righteous Judgement would then be, to ‘judge’ the’ mental images’ as God would. Not as man, who has yet to understand…All things, ALL things were created by  God/ Consciousness,  And if you judge by the ‘appearances’ you judge wrongly because God did not create sin, sickness, disease, wars, ect. ect.

Righteous judgement’ is Thinking, Agreeing, Accepting, and Believing that YES, God is the only cause, therefore the ‘appearances’ can not be real or present.


th  “In respect to the form of appearances, much may be said a priori, whilst of the thing in itself, which may lie at the foundation of these appearances, it is impossible to say anything.” And, ” Judgement never exhibits strict and absolute, but only assumed…”

And, ‘Thus the reality of the external sense is necessarily connected with that of the internal, in order to the possibility of experience.”  And “If we take away the subject (Humans) and that these, as appearances, cannot exist in themselves, but only in us.

(Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, 1781)


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