Who Changed The Truth

Romans 1:25Ancient Paul asked, “Who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served the creature (man) more than the creator?” Do you know? Want to see what we can find?

Starting with Moses, to the end of the Bible, we find him and many others who tell  us that man has walked after his ‘imagination.’ Then near the end we have Paul who tells us toCast down your imaginations…’ What did all these ancient men know about ‘imagination

Could it be our ‘imaginations’ that changed the truth of God into a lie?  Is that what these men were trying to tell us?  And that’s why  they tell us to get rid of our ‘imaginations? 

Get you dictionary and lets see what we can find out with some good dedective28 investigating.

5161068210_fbd000fea9_mImagination means, ‘to form mental images that are not real nor present.’

Paul, along with many others  said, “The creature (man) was made to vanity.“ And Solomon felt the same way when he told us,  ‘Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.’

So how does  ‘vanity’ have anything to with ‘imaginations? Well ‘vanity’  means, vain.’ And one meaning for ‘vain’ is to, ‘forsake God completely.’

  Did Paul understand this when he said,  “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” Fool means, ‘deficient in understanding.’ Fools because man did not understand anything about the Real God.

Did men became ‘fools’ when they ‘forsake God completely,’ when he started having ‘to high opinion of himself? Did man feel god like because he too could create. His proof, his children, make in his image and likeness? Think about that for a minute.

 Man become a ‘fool’ when he calls his ‘series of images  in his mind’ which are nothing more that the ‘fantasies of his imagination’, his reality? That could well be true because Paul told man, “Cast down all your imaginations.” Cast down those ‘mental images which are not real nor present.’ Because according to Paul, “It is now high time to awake out of your sleep,”

What do we do when we sleep? We form ‘mental images of something not real or present’. But while we sleep, those ‘mental images’ are real to us. isn’t that what we do when we sleep?  We form ‘mental images of what is not real nor present.’ 

Paul was serious when he told us, ‘Behold, now is the accepted time’.   For …”Awake thou that sleepest…’ Remember, ‘sleep’ means, ‘not being aware.’ Not being ‘aware’ of God.

Are you ready to stop being a ‘fool’ and’ wake up’ and stop...’forsaking God? But how? By stopping the ‘worshiping and serving the creature (you) more than the creator? God. But how?

King Solomon said it best.


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God or Man




And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled.’

God’s descent…or the Man’s descent  would be consistent in describing a rocket ship landing. Or taking off.  Doesn’t it?

God said, ‘ The third day the LORD will come down in the sight of all the people upon mount Sinai.’  The people were going to see the God that came down in a thick cloud. Or…were the people going to see a mighty Man?

 Think. This God or this Man would get out of the flying machine. God or the Man would be in full sight of all the people.  Even better…this God talked to the people. This God talked just like any Man would. Come on now….Try reading this account and really think about what it is saying. What else can it mean….other than God was in a space ship and came DOWN…in the sight of all the people’? 

The Bible says Moses ‘ talked with God face to face,’ as if speaking to his friend.’ Was it God Moses talked with? Or a Man? You are told that God was friends with other  men and they were allowed into his vehicle in which he lived. Sometimes for long periods of time.  So you would assume God talked to them also. But was it the Real God? Or a mighty Man? And God, or the Man plainly said, ‘…I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.’  Moses was ‘flown’ up to the place in which God? or the Man lived. Read it yourself.

Next we find in the Holy Bible  that ….

God told Moses to tell the people that he wanted offerings of silver, gold, brass, fine linen, spices, sweet incenses, along with the best foods.  Really now, was it really the Real God who wanted these things? Or was it a Man? Its true,   men like these things…But God?

God had the people build Him and a shrine and told them exactly how he wanted it, even to the details of the throne he would sit on. It had to be pure gold. It’s all right there in your Bible. So if you believe everything in your Bible, then you believe that your God flew around the sky. You believe he showed his self to people. You believe  God  likes foods and houses and gold, ect.ect.  Just  like any MAN.  Here it is to read.

Then God told the people that when they had finished doing all God wanted…or was it what the Man wanted?  He would meet with them and give them some new commandments.

The new commands God wanted include, how God wants the people how to look.  How to dress a certain way. God told them he wanted them to eat and sleep according to His laws…’ They could not take God’s name in vain…‘ God told the people if they did not follow his laws he would destroy them …’  plus a lot of other laws.  Now does that sound  like a God or a Man? ‘And when the people complained, it displeased God and God used the fire (machine guns?) and killed most of the camp…’  Did God or Man do this?

When God was finished, ‘…the cloud departed from off the tabernacle;“ And God flew away. Or was it a Man?

Okay…Is this God or is this a high powered Man? Can you have any doubt? This God…this Man comes to earth in some kind of vehicle…He had the people bring him all the things a MAN would want, including a house. Really now. Its almost comical. No it is COMICAL. To me.

It seems so logical that this ancient God was nothing more than some Commander of an army. A Man, who acts exactly like any high powered man who had  an assignment from his superior, would act.

Your question is….Did/Does God the Creator of ALL…really need to fly around the sky? Does God need  wear fine clothes and eat fine foods? Does God kill when displeased? Can anyone see or hear God? Does God really live in a house?  He was NOT, is NOT the Real God.

Do you really believe the God in the Bible is the God you want to love and believe in???????…Because the Bible God does not seem to be  a Good, Loving God. He’s more like a hardened Military Leader.

So, the choice is yours. Continue to worship this Bible god…or is he just a MAN? Or…forget what you have read and been ‘taught’ because just like a  you were taught wrong. And you know this because Jesus told you exactly were to find God. ‘ Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.’

Have you ever wondered why things like this are not taught in Sunday Schools, or in the Religious Building?  Why not go talk with your Preacher, Priest or whoever does the explaining and see what they have to say about all the BIBLE WEIRDNESS stuff.

Who Were The Other Gods

An ancient tablet discovered, shows historical evidence  that originally the earth was ruled by many ‘gods. In fact ‘elohim’ originally meant ‘gods’. ‘Elohim’ is a plural word, which is strange since you are taught…God is ONE. You have been ‘taught’ that one Hebrew God rules the universe even though the Hebrew word Elohim means ’gods.’ So  when you read, “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:’ Gen 1:26, it makes sense. Using OUR. Our image and likeness…Doesn’t it?

      Just remember, these ancient stories were passed down stories verbally from generation to generation -then written. So one can assume  the whole meanings were changed as modern men did translations in line with their views of God.  So maybe that’s why  there are many different ‘gods’ mentioned in the Bible.

Might be a good time to dedective28 investigate some words.

Starting with the word Elohim. Elohim; is the common word for God, gods, judges or mighty ones with mighty powers. Elohim is considered a ‘deity’. The word ‘deity’ comes from a root in Sanskrit and means, ‘sky.’ The original Hebrew for Elohim, meant those who came down from the sky. ”  DOWN FROM THE SKY????

 There are many, many stories of a God and ‘gods‘ from the ‘sky.’  Gods who could at great speed fly around in,  glowing, flashing, spinning, metallic objects, which appear dark and solid like low clouds in daylight, while brightly lit, with beams of light at night, and could and did shoot down hailstones, (bombs) on the people and who had the ability to destroy entire cities with fire from their place in the skies. These Gods, had wars among themselves. In the sky.

We are told the Gods, the Deities are frequently expressed as having human form. They are assumed to have personalities, desires, and emotions similar to those of humans. Remember, the God of the Bible was a ‘deity.’ It seem likely the ‘gods‘ of the Bible were advanced humans.

The God of Israel admitted that he was ‘supreme among other gods.’  Sounds  like an American President, or any world leader, who believes he and his country are supreme among all ‘other gods’.

God told the people ‘against all the ‘gods‘ of Egypt he will execute judgment.’ Exodus 12:12  If God tells you that there are many different ‘gods’…That must be.  Right?

What gods were the people talking about when they said…‘Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods?’ Or, what gods was God talking   about when He said, “Ye shall not go after other gods, of the gods of the people which are round about you.”Deuteronomy 6:14      And… “Thou shalt not go after other gods to serve them.” Deuteronomy 6:14   What Gods?

  What ‘gods’?  Haven’t you been ‘taught’ that there is only ONE GOD?  Were you ‘taught’ wrong? Sure seems like it. DOESN’T IT?

It seems that not much has changed for men over the last few thousand years. There are still GODS…LEADERS who tell you they are the ones to obey and fear. The Bible God seems to be like any other leader…and He certainly can not be the God man is suppose to worship…because the God found in the Bible is a God who breaks his own commandment of, THOU SHALL NOT KILL. And the Bible God kills everyone who displeases him. Who are these Gods?

Since it was man to told you about God, is there a change he, they, got it wrong? Of course they did. Just re read the above.

So the big question is…. WHO IS GOD

There is only ONE way to know.You have to go to God directly and let It explain Itself to you.

Because it is not this god.         

For     those      who      want     to     investigate    more  ideas.. Here you go.

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It seems that in those days, all over the earth,  much was going on that God called, ‘abomination.’ That means, God and the Rulers did not allow,actions that are vicious and vile.’ 

So what are things that man does that are… ‘vicious and vile?’

dedective28Investigating time.

What God did not want in Sodom, and what he said was, ‘It is an abomination…and  You shall not lie with any animal and so make yourself unclean with it, neither shall any woman give herself to an animal to lie with it: it is perversion.’ Leviticus 18:22

god angry at tom brady

So the angry God decided to destroy some cities.

This is the Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Gen.19 reports that two Angles were at Lot’s house in Sodom. Lot called these two Angles, Lords. Why would Lot call Angels, Lord? Lord was the name that was used for the Rulers. Those men that were in charge. So it’s possible angels were just high powered men of their day. Makes much more sense. To me.

Lot took the Angels/Men  in his house and treated them like any human men. They a  were given food and shelter and a place to sleep. Did Angels need food and drink and a place to sleep? Or were the ‘angels’ just ‘men’?  High powered men, but still men. Were the Bible angels nothing more than mere man? Sounds like it.

The townsmen came to Lots house and demanded that he turn over the Angels. The Men.  Lot refused. Instead of giving the townsmen the Angels, the Men,  he offered his two virgin daughters Behold I have two daughters which have not yet known man; let me bring them out to you and you do as you see fit with them.”Gen 19.8,    Gosh, what a father.

These Angels/ Men were more important to Lot than his own daughters. Why? Was it because the Angles or Men were really the POLICE of their day?

As the townsmen tried to break down Lot’s door the Angels/Men came out holding weapons in their hands and these weapons had the power to cause the townsmen to go blind.Were the weapons, laser?

These two Angels/Men told Lot…”we will destroy this place…”The Angles/Men told Lot to take his family away from the city because they were going to destroy the city of Sodom.

As Lot and his family fled ‘the Lord (some commander up in a flying machine) rained brimstone’s and fire out of heaven.’ As Lot looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah  all he could see  ‘the smoke of a furnace.’  And the city was gone.

Lets think for a moment. First you have two Angels who were most likely Men, that had the power to blind people. So they must have had some kind of gun or weapon that they used, which would not be known for thousands of years later. Unless these Angels/Men were from the ‘flying  machines’ in the sky and were far advanced.

Second you have something up in the skies that could shoot down brimstone’s. More  probably the brimstone’s  were bombs. And when dropped, would cause the land to look like a furnace and destroy it for miles around. Sounds exactly like what goes on today in the Middle East.

Read it and then YOU decide what it means to YOU…because it is rather weird that back then there were things up in the sky that could send down something that causes the town to disappear. Anyway, does an all Loving, Good God really take sides and destroys cities and its people?

Or was there something else? Not God. Not bombs   BUT

Now lets think. If in fact, it was a natural disaster…how did the two Angels/Men know that the city was about to be destroyed? And that God was the one going to destroy it. According to the Bible, the Angel/Men KNEW before the supposed natural occurrence.

So, the Bible was maybe right that there was an angry God up in the sky who could and did shoot down ‘things’ to destroy the cities.



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Do You Pray Like Jesus Told You

 Do you know how to Pray?  Were you ‘taught‘ how? Most of us were. But…were we ‘taught’ the right way to pray? I wasn’t. Were you?   Read on and find out.

 ChurchDo you go to Church…to pray?  Why? Jesus never prayed in a church. And he never told anyone to. Did you know that?

Do you pray in public?  Did Jesus?  No. This is what Jesus did.

Then Jesus went with his disciples to a place call Gethsemane, and he said to them, “Sit here while I go over there and pray.”Matt.23:3

Jesus went to be ‘alone.’ Is that what you do?

Well none of those ways seem be the right way ‘pray.‘ Even though that’s how you were ‘taught‘. You were absolutely ‘taught’ wrong….In my opinion. And why is that? Well, I guess because Jesus told us NOT to pray those ways?


This is how Jesus wanted us to pray.  ‘And when you pray, you shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.  But thou, when you pray,  enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which see’s in secret shall reward thee openly.’Matthew 6:5

Do you not understand how Jesus wanted us to ‘pray? It could not be any clearer. Could it?

 To ‘pray‘ like Jesus…..   Is this how you Pray? Like Jesus told you? If not….why?

Now think.   Is it possible you are  a  ‘hypocrite?

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Man Corrupts His Self

God told Moses many times, ‘ man has corrupted themselves…’   

What did God mean?

How did man  corrupted his self? What does ‘corrupt’ mean?

I don’t know. So…  Yes…its time to   dedective28investigate.

Corrupt means’ altered from the original.’ So, was God telling Moses  we have somehow been ‘altered? And that  we are no more like the ‘original ‘ man of Gods creating…in the Begining?

That makes sense as man is NOT like the ‘very good original’ man make by God. The question then is…who or what was the ‘original’ man?

A meaning for the word original is ‘first’. So what was the  ‘first’ man before we ‘corrupted ourselves? What was man…’first? If you think about it, what is ‘first’ before anything else?

God Consciousness. God/Consciousness is always the ‘first’ thing there is. Nothing can be, unless it is ‘first’ in or from God/ Consciousness. Is it not true that Consciousness is like a Void? And is it not true that Consciousness does not have forms? So it seems then, that the ‘original’ man was ‘first’ an…Idea. An ‘idea’ in the Void of Gods/Consciousness…and not a form.

The ‘original’ man was made from the ‘idea’ in the Void of God?Consciousness. Man was made in the image and likeness of  the ‘idea’ found in the Void of Gods/Consciousness.

Now remember, the original,’ first’ man was brought forth from the Void, not from the dust of the earth. So we will assume that before man’ corrupted his self,’ before he was changed, the’ original’ man was that of a formless ‘idea’, existing in the vast Void of God/ Consciousness. Is that mans ‘original’ form?  An ‘idea’?

Was this what God was telling Moses? Is that what He meant when he said we ‘corrupted ourselves?’ Was he saying that it was the sleeping man made of dust…and ‘dust’ means, ‘something of no worth, it means, ‘confused,’ was the man who could not know reality because it had been ‘concealed in the mist,; that went up before man was created? Mist means to ‘conceal.’

And was God  saying the man of dust, who was of no worth, and who was created confused, had ‘corrupted himself’ while dreaming?

   And since there is only one ‘original’ man,that means the ‘sleeping man made of dust,’ who has sought out of his dreams many thought created’ images.’  And it is the ‘images’ in his dream, that he takes for his reality.

As man dreams, he becomes confused by his dreams. He gives names and labels to the forms that came from his dreams.   And in his confusion he calls them real.

 And one of the best dreams man has is that he is like God and can created life. And what is this based on? What proof is there?

The woman. The woman made FROM him? Not made from any God, but from him. From his own rib. Think about that one. Woman was made from Adams rib. Believing that, Adam and all man thinks he is a creator of mankind. Man does believes he can create life.  Don’t we call man…father?

Well, either there is one Creator of all life, God/Consciousness or there are many creators of life. which would mean there is more than ONE God. More than one ALL KNOWING consciousness. So which is it?

Since there is only one ‘first original man, that means the sleeping man made of dust is NOT…the original man created from the Void. If so, then God was right, ‘we have corrupted ourselves.  Corrupted ourselves by dreaming. ‘

Daniel said, “And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake…’

Lets keep going.

Look…In Gen. 3, Moses told the world of sleeping men made of dust that God had said, ‘Let there be light. Light means AWARENESS. So was  God  saying man he needed to be ‘aware? Aware because ‘awareness’ means’ having knowledge’.  And that ‘knowledge‘ is, man has been existing in a dream world.  And what is that statement based on?

King Solomon said, ‘Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.‘ Wake up and God will give you ‘knowledge.’

So, ‘How long will you sleep, O sluggard? when will you arise out of your sleep? 

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Do You Know How To Pray

  What exactly is prayer? What does prayer do?    What does prayer mean? Who taught you how to pray? What exactly can prayer do for YOU?  Are you really praying the right way?

Do you want to know if you are praying ‘aright? Then come on  and lets see if we can do some dedective28 investigating to see what we can find out about praying.

The dictionary tells us prayer means

any act of communion.’

Prayer is getting into perfect ‘communion’ with God.’

That means, ‘participating.’ And your part of ‘participating’ is to listen only.

Prayer is how YOU, not your teacher or leader, not anyone but YOU, discover and get to know God. Aright.

  To know God?  Or do you need or want something?

Some people pray just to pray and some people pray to know God. –Andrew Murray

Prayer is the secret place within you,  where YOU alone, go to listen to God. 

Prayer is where YOU, are face to face with God.  Prayer is where YOU trust God more than anything or anyone else. Prayer is where YOU, are away from the material senses and are in tune  with the Spiritual senses.

Prayer is where YOU  place radical reliance in and on God. Prayer is where self love, self importance, self will, self justification  and all aspects of the selfish little conceited i are silenced.

In Praying YOU, must know who You are. Gods beloved Self. Gods perfect Thought.  Gods Idea. Gods Thinking. Prayer is where YOU, find your refuge from Your fears.

Prayer is the place YOU, go to find what changes are needed in your life. Prayer is where YOU, refuse to listen to anything your own self is saying…but where YOU only Hear what God is saying to YOU. Remember, it does ever matter what God is saying to ANYONE else, because what matters is what  God is saying to YOU. So by you doing your ‘participating’  of LISTENING, God speaks.

Prayer is where  YOU understand that YOU, have only the Mind of God. That there is no other mind to ever influence YOU. Prayer is where YOU, learn to go beyond YOUR human beliefs and YOUR limiting senses, and to see without eyes and to hear without ears.

Prayer is where YOU, forget all your self’s material ways and find all that is truly important is God. Prayer is where YOU, find total Peace.  Prayer is where YOU find YOUR God. The Real and Only God. This kind of Praying is the only way to God.

We look upon prayer as a means for getting something for ourselves; the Bible idea of prayer is that we may get to know God Himself. –Oswald Chambers

 Are YOU, beginning to understand why YOUR  prayers are not answered? When you pray and do not receive an answer, it is because, “ye ask, and receive not, because you ask amiss,that you may consume it upon your lusts, in this world. Your prayers can  not be answered because God does not function, nor does God exist in this world.  God is no part of the old mans delusional’ world.

I Am… is Consciousness. Pure Consciousness. Every Idea God has, YOU, God maintains. So why would YOU, think YOU  have to care for one of Gods Ideas…YOU?  In Prayer, YOU do not. In Prayer YOU, give up ALL thoughts and  YOU listen for the STILL SMALL VOICE of God.  And as  YOU, silently pray, listen,  know that God IS. And YOU like Moses, are the ...I am that, I Am. Know that, I Am is ALL. And IT’S ALL.

No, Gods Kingdom is not of this external world of optical delusions.  God has His Own World.His OWN REALM. Do YOU, understand’ Gods Realm? If not, try praying.

You may be surprised to find that  Just like Jesus told you.

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Ten Plagues and a Volcano




Okay…here we are again with the story of an angry God. Or…was the Volcano responsible?

It may be a good time to dedective28 investigate this silly story…Silly if your God would not do such a thing. My God would never cause bad things. Ever. Anyway, lets see what we can find out about the Plagues.



https://s-media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/2d/1d/e2/2d1de284ddd31a45377df3dded1c5fb9.jpg The First Plague (Exodus 7:14-24) Plague of Blood tells that all the waters turned to blood. The PROOF found by modern archeology shows that it was gas that led to rust like particles and these colored the water red and killed fish. It was not an angry God.




783193714_4eed43a5af_mThe Second Plague of Frogs  consisted of     hordes of frogs that overran Egypt. Since the frogs could hop out of the water, they did and there were thousands of them. Again it was no angry God sending frogs, it was survival that they left the contaminated water.



Pediculus humanus capitisThe Third  Vast swarms of gnats tormented people and animals because they were hungry since all food was ruined.



The Fourth   273734405_eae372c3f0_m. Vast swarms of flies through the land looking for food and spreading disease as they too looked for food and water.



2546264698_a49e1682dd_m  The Fifth Plague of Pestilence  All animals were affected by the poisoned air.



5cbcac720e2bd92e9156263df13c3e63 The Sixth  Plague of Boils. This was caused by the carbon dioxide mixing with air, causing the people to fall into a coma like condition and for lack of circulation, boils developed.



5002211641_01c715b0c8_m   The Seventh  Plague of Hail. When the volcanic ash cloud goes high enough it turns into volcanic hail and falls back down.



4779098521_3f571709b3_bThe Eighth   Plague of Locusts.  The locust were seeking safety from the ash and hail, and were not sent by an angry God.




11765156444_a7735ec73a_m   The Ninth  Plague of Darkness tells us that for three day the entire land was covered in darkness. Yes it was, but because of any god . The darkness was caused by the thick ASH from the volcano eruptions.



https://i1.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/Foster_Bible_Pictures_0063-1_The_Death_of_the_Firstborn.jpg The Tenth  Plague Death of the Firstborn was due to the FACT that in the Pharaohs palace there was a low chamber for all the fist born baby boys associated with the palace. Due to the volcano, carbon dioxide was seeping up and into the lower chambers and it did kill all the first born in the chamber.

Archeologist uncovered another tablet that shows the parting of the Red Sea. The actual volcano has been found that caused the break in the earth that caused the water to part, in a manner like that of a somatic cause. Proof was found that the waves parting were as tall as the Empire State Building. As the water parted it left a sink hole and Moses led his people across it and as the Egyptians entered the sink hole the waves came back down and killed them. It had nothing to do with God or Moses, it was a natural disaster caused by the erupting volcano.

All of this happened 3500 years ago. And it had NOTHING to do with some angry god.


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  There was ancient man named  King Solomon, who said, ‘ Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding.’

 Job said,  ‘But where shall wisdom be found  and where is this place of understanding’?

Job must have known that the man made from the dust of the earth, dust that means ‘something of no worth and who is confused’ would not be able to know how or where to look for his understanding. So Job ends up answering his own question when he tells man that ‘wisdom and understanding… it is not’ ...Job said..’.it is not found in the land of the living.’

3972355470_0846a5e446_mWhat was Job talking about? Did he believe there was some other land?   Some other world where there were no living human beings? He must have, or why would he say such a thing as’ wisdom and understanding are not found in the land of the living?’ Is there some other world? Some sort of dimension that we do not know about but Job did? Just where is the place that Job was referring to?

Great. So if we are not to find ‘wisdom and understanding’ in the ‘land of the living, our world, where then?


Well maybe if we do some good dedective28 investigating, then maybe we can find out where and how to get our wisdom and our understanding.

Maybe we should ask our Preacher, our Priest, or whoever teaches us, or maybe look in some books, to see if they can tell  us where to find our wisdom and  understanding?

No. No because Isaiah told us, ‘Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?

  Job said, ‘… man is of yesterday and he knows nothing’.

Man knows, ‘nothing.‘ So there would be no point in going to him for’ wisdom and understanding.’

6504917483_0a39e83c4e_m ob said…we…man… ‘knows nothing, because our days on the earth are like a shadow.’   A shadow means ‘an area that is not.’

Job believed we and our world are nothing but ‘shadows.’  Existing in ‘areas that do not really exist.’   Is that why he told us do not go to man… because man is not a real thing…he only exist as a ‘shadow image’… in his dream realm? Dream, because Adam has yet to awaken.  At least the Bible  never said he did.

Job told us exactly where we could find our ‘wisdom and our understanding,’ He said ‘ there is a Spirit in man… A ‘spirit’ is, ‘ an intelligent animating force possessing the only real power and authority.’ According to the dictionary.

Job said it was the ‘inspiration,’ which means the ‘arousal’ of this ‘intelligent living force which gives us wisdom and understanding.’  And  ‘arousal…’ now get this…‘arousal’ means’ awakening from sleep and having conscious activity of this inner intelligence.’

As man sleeps, he dreams. Dreams consist of a’ series of mental images in thought during sleep.’ The sleeping man is living his life from his dreams. Is that what Job means?

Remember,  Adam  is still sleeping, therefore he is not consciously being aware of possessing nor exercising his’ inner intelligence.’

No thland of the living’ is not the place to find our ‘wisdom and understanding’. Because...Looking at the word living, we see one of the meanings is, lifelike. Not real living, but lifelike.

Job was right wisdom and understanding cannot be found in a lifelike world. Job must have known this and that is why he warned man to’ get wisdom and understanding ‘so that he could wake up from his self induced dream and experience reality that can only be found within the inner VOID…of  Consciousness and not in some kind lifelike world of his dreams.

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Judge Not By Appearances


Judge not according to the appearance, but  judge righteous judgement.’

What did John mean? How else can you judge, if not by the appearances?

First, if we are not to ‘judge’ we need to know what ‘judge‘ means. So, Let’s dedective28 investigate the word.

Judge  is an,  ‘opinion.’  Opinion is a, ‘belief,‘  and ‘beliefs‘ are usually ‘not first hand.‘ If not ‘first hand’ that means its not really your ‘opinion or your belief.’

Did John understand that when you ‘judge‘ something, that it is not your ‘judgement‘ but the judgements of others?  The ‘opinions and beliefs’ that you have been taught about things?

Did John mean, do not use the ‘beliefs and opinions’ you have been taught, but instead to form your own ‘opinions? Your own ‘beliefs’ according to ‘righteous judgements?

Since it is ‘appearances’  John didn’t want you to ‘judge‘ it might help if you understood what ‘appearances’ are and why you shouldn’t judge them.

The dictionary has many meanings for the word ‘appearance.’ We will look at a few of them to see if we can understand what John might have understood when he told us not to judge, and not to   have an opinion or a belief about them…at least not the ones we have been taught.

 Appearance’ is a’ mental representation’. Mental, is something ‘performed in the mind.’ Knowing that, you now have to know what it is that is ‘performed’ in your mind. Well, what goes go on in your mind? Thinking. Agreeing. Accepting and Believing. That’s all that goes on in your mind.

Appearance is also know as a ‘mental image.’ An image is a ‘mental picture of something not real or present.’ Is that what John wanted you to know? That ‘appearances’ are NOT REAL AND PRESENT? And what you think you are seeing, is really your own ‘mental images?

 Since John said to judge, ‘righteous judgement,’ we need to know how.  Righteous is,  ‘factual, true.’ Did John believe appearances were not, ‘factual and true? NOT REAL AND PRESENT? But were only your Thinking. Agreeing. Accepting and Believing...your ‘mental images.’ Seems like it.

Judgement is also ‘ wisdom.’ Wisdom is ‘understanding what’s true.’ Which means, that ‘appearances’ can not be true, because  the word ‘appearance,’ also means a ‘false showing.’ False showing of your ‘mental images ‘ that seem to be real and present. And anything ‘false’ means it is ‘not true,’ Not real or present. Only a wrong opinion. A wrong belief.

So if ‘appearances’ are  a ‘false showing,’  then to ‘judge righteous judgement’ would mean, not to judge the ‘appearances/false showings as something real and present.

Is that what John means, that a ‘mental image’ is not an ‘actual thing.’ A ‘mental image‘ is a show without reality. If so, then your ‘appearances’ are really just your ‘mental pictures ‘and therefore they can have no reality to them, outside of your handed down ‘opinions and beliefs.

Did  John know all this and wanted us to know that there is only ONE cause? God? And where is God? Well, according to Jesus, God is within you. And what’s within you? Consciousness. And what goes on in Consciousness? Thinking. Agreeing. Accepting and Believing... which produces ‘mental images.’ That are NOT REAL and PRESENT.

imagination photo MindBOdysize1.jpg   Things in  Consciousness can not be seen? Everything in God/Consciousness is comprised of ‘mental images’ that are NOT REAL AND PRESENT. And have NO power to be or do anything of their own. They need your  Thinking. Agreeing. Accepting and Believing…before they appear outwardly.

Righteous Judgement would then be, to ‘judge’ the’ mental images’ as God would. Not as man, who has yet to understand…All things, ALL things were created by  God/ Consciousness,  And if you judge by the ‘appearances’ you judge wrongly because God did not create sin, sickness, disease, wars, ect. ect.

Righteous judgement’ is Thinking, Agreeing, Accepting, and Believing that YES, God is the only cause, therefore the ‘appearances’ can not be real or present.


  “In respect to the form of appearances, much may be said a priori, whilst of the thing in itself, which may lie at the foundation of these appearances, it is impossible to say anything.” And, ” Judgement never exhibits strict and absolute, but only assumed…”

And, ‘Thus the reality of the external sense is necessarily connected with that of the internal, in order to the possibility of experience.”  And “If we take away the subject (Humans) and that these, as appearances, cannot exist in themselves, but only in us.

(Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, 1781)



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