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It is not exactly known where the concept of demons started. It could have been the Persian  and Assyrian empires as they are the most ancient civilizations that we are aware of today. We do know that it is through ancient mythologies,  that myths, exist and that we have those who today, believe in them.

dedective28 Lets find out what a ‘myth’ really is.

Myths are, ‘handed down beliefs and stories that pertain to some being or hero, and is based not on facts, especially those concerned with deities and demons.We are investigating the myths of Demons and how they came into existence at the beginning of mans existence. Each tribe had its leaders, and the leaders were looked to as the ones for answers and protection. So when terrible things would occur, and the leaders could do nothing to help the people they, had to come up with a reason why.

So to keep the people in line they created demons. These demons were then explained to the people as the cause for all the problems of the earth. In those ancient times of a flat earth, the leaders told the people that the natural events of the world were caused by demons.

For example, when there were floods, thunder, lightning, any event of nature, and the leaders could do nothing, they blamed them on a demon they had named Alrinach. They even told the people that it was Alrinach who caused all the ship wreaks. Do you think it’s a demon causing floods, thunder, lightning, earthquakes and ship wrecks?

 Another example of the ancient leaders concealing the truth of events was the invention of the demon, Anamalech. It was told to the people that Anamelech was the controller of the health and care of cattle.  So if something was wrong with the cattle, it never occurred to those ancients that it was not due to some demon called Anamalech, but to some kind of illness that they could not understand, so the problems were blamed on the demon.

And anytime anyone had bad news told to them, it was because the demon Anamalech brought it, for he was also known as the demon of bad news. Think now, when animals get sick, or the weather goes wild or you get bad news, do you believe its caused by a ‘demon?


  The ‘demons’ in Hebrew mythology were believed to be the cause of diseases. It was believed that headaches, epilepsy, and nightmares were caused by a demon. Mental illnesses once believed to be caused by a demon, has now been found to have chemical, electrical, and emotional origins.

Why are ‘demons,’ those ancient un provable myths still feared? But remember, all demons are based on the mythologies and beliefs tracing back thousands of years, and not based on anything factual.

Think about this one…The original Greek word ‘daimon’ does not have the negative meaning and does not have any connotations of evil or malevolence. Rather the original meaning for ‘demon’ was ‘shining one.’  And a ‘thing of divine nature.’ 

And how about this original meaning, ‘happiness.’ Happiness. Very interesting how a word for ‘shining one,  thing of divine nature and  happiness, all end up being a word for anything that goes wrong in someone’s world. And someone named the wrong things… DEMONS.

“They are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, they shall not rise: therefore hast thou visited and destroyed them, and made all their memory to perish.” Isaiah 26:14    Maybe Isaiah GOT IT.

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